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Dale W. Mason                                      26 Sep 2000 

Dr Frank Turner was a doctor in Monroe City, MO. He was born in Shelby Co, MO in 1868, the son of Abel Turner.  He died March 13, 1906 in Monroe City and is buried there. Can anyone supply additional information on Dr Frank Turner?  

Terri Paige                                              26 Sep 2000 
I am looking for information on the following:
Samuel C. Kincheloe, born in Shelbina, Shelby Cnty, MO(1855) married Sara F. Mann, born in Chetopa,  Labette Cnty, KS (1856).  Their children are:

Looking for information on Sara Francis Mann and her family. (Daphna Ruby is my G-grandmother)
This Kincheloe family branch seems not to have moved out of Missouri right away. George, Archibald, Elias. Philip, Robert, and Thomas Kincheloe all owned property in Missouri 1835 thru 1912.
Believe Samuel C. Kincheloe is son of George Kincheloe.  Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Dale W. Mason                                      25 Sep 2000 
Daniel K. Yowell was born January 24, 1856, the son of John Beverly Yowell and Mary Ann Turner. He was married twice, Susan Styles was his first wife and they had one child Emmett.   Daniel was married a second time to Pauline Leean Young. Daniel's children by his second marriage were: J.D., Eugenia, Stella May, and Marvin. Can anyone supply additional information on Daniel's family and descendents?

Emmet Yowell was the only son of Daniel Kirtley Yowell and Mary Susan Styles. Emmett married Minnie Willis and they had children, J.D., Eugenia, Stella May, and Marvin. Can anyone supply additional information on this family?

Gertrude Newton Searcy married Joseph Orrin Yowell, April 13, 1892.  Gertrude died Feb 20, 1927. Can anyone supply the names of Gertrude's  parents?  Is Gertrude buried in the Stoutsville Cemetery?

Lelia Wormhoudt                                      20 Sep 2000  

It was said that John Harrington (maybe Herrington) Anderson came to Monroe County from Kentucky where he had raised tobacco. I don't know WHEN he came, whether he was married in Kentucky or Missouri, or whether the first of his seven children was born in Kentucky or Missouri. Robert Miller Anderson, the second child,  was born July 3rd, 1862-- so that is the first date I KNOW for SURE that they were in Monroe Co. 

John Harrington (Herrington) Anderson
 + His wife was Isobel (Isabel ?) Gilmour, and I've found no trace of her in either Kentucky or Missouri.
        James Anderson, the oldest--who 
          + Married ?
                Freda. Anderson
        Robert Miller Anderson b. 7/3/1862 Monroe Co. moved to Carrollton where he met and married 
          + Emma Jane Holman in 1891. (These were my grandparents)
        John Anderson b. in Monroe Co. (Never married-stayed on the family farm near Florida )
        Mary Anderson b. in Monroe Co.
              (Never married-stayed on the family farm near Florida, where Mary kept house for her two brothers. )
        Thomas Anderson b. in Monroe Co 
          + Married  ? 
                Nelson Anderson 
        Mathilda Anderson b. in Monroe Co
          + Fred Utterback of Monroe Co..
                Roy Utterback,    both lived and were raised on a farm near Stoutsville
                Virgil Utterback
        George Anderson b. in Monroe Co.  (Never married-stayed on the family farm near Florida )

Of these seven, I only know the order of birth of the first four.

George and Mary were still living "on the old home place" where the family gathered for a reunion in the very early 1930's, according to a newspaper clipping that I have. I was there with my sister and mother (though I don't remember it).  Also present were Thomas Anderson, and son Nelson (apparently from the Monroe Co. area) and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Utterback (Mathilda Anderson), Stoutsville area, plus other cousins that I don't know about, named Crabtree and Greening.

So all these relatives were around in Monroe County in the thirties---I just can't turn up anyone who might have more information than I do.

Looking for anyone who has information on the parents or siblings of John Harrington Anderson and wife Isobel Gilmour Anderson who were living in Monroe County, MO by about 1860.  Thanks 

Nancy Brandli, Liberty, TX                      18 Sep 2000  

Ford family in Monroe County
I am attempting to search for Jacob Ford, Sr, died 1845 in this county.  His wife was named Lucretia Maxey, death date/place unknown.  Jacob was born 1759 in Buckingham county, Va, his son Samuel was born
1799 in Madison Co, Ky, and was married in Howard co, Mo. to Margaret Higgins/Higgens in 1825. He died 1884 in Platte City, Platte Co, Mo, if my cousin is correct.  If not, I have to keep looking!  Thank you.

Paul R. Jackson                                     13 Sep 2000 

Thomas J. Jackson

Researching my Great Uncle, Thomas Jonathan Jackson b-1828 Monroe Co Mo s/o James Jackson & Ann M. Matthews who were married 1824 in Caswell Co NC.  The book "History of Monroe & Shelby Co MO" (pub 1884) states that early in the Civil War Thomas got up a Company of men at Paris to fight for the South & was elected their Capt. but that he did not long survive, dying of typhoid fever.  I would like to find when & where he died and was buried.  Any data on this family will be appreciated. Thanks.

Susie Denes                                          11 Sep 2000 

Dunaway Cemetery, Madison, Monroe Co, MO

Is there anyone who can look up burial names at the Dunaway Cemetery in Madison, Monroe Co, MO?   My GG Grandparents are Mary Ellen Dunaway b 5-10-1843 married to Joseph Davis b November 19, 1840.  I only know that
they were born in MO, but their son Victor C Davis lived in Madison, MO.  It is a great possibility that they could be buried at the Dunaway Cemetery.  Thank you for any help. 

JOEY DUNIVAN                                       11 Sep 2000 



Ann                                                        8 Sep 2000 

Searching for Bolins in Monroe Co. MO.  Mountford Mack, was my GGgrandfather.  Family came from Huntingburg, IN Dubois Co. Spencer Co IN.  I have family info will share.

Peggy Dick                                             8 Sep 2000 

Miller--Paris MO

Leah May (Bish) Miller and husband, Josephus Merle Miller, were living in Paris MO in 1954. Her mother, Mrs. Franklin, died at that time in the Miller home, and was returned to Marion IN for burial. Any information on the Miller family would be appreciated. 

Dorothy McGowan                                   2 Sep 2000

Several months ago, while surfing the web, I found a story of two brothers, Phil and Eagan Herndon, as well as some lists of early church members in Monroe County.  I did not bookmark the site at that time and have been unable to find it again.  Can any one help me find that information again.  Thank you.

James Donovan                                      26 Jul 2000 

I think some of my ancestors are buried in the Long Branch cemetery. 
Any plans to add this to your list?

        Co. Coordinator: Would anyone like to make a donation?

Sue Willis                                              24 Aug 2000  

I am trying to find the parents of Elizabeth Burnett, born in KY about 1833. She married Delaware McCreery
in 1854. She may have had a brother Theo.

Also looking for the parents of Mildred Fitzpatrick, married first to Jeremiah Upton and second to Thomas
Donaldson. She died around 1880.

Barbara A. Langlois                                 23 Aug 2000

I have a friend who is trying to locate the graveyard where her great-great grandparents are buried. She remembers being there many years ago and to the best of her recollection it was on private property, located between Paris and Holiday. The names of the ancestors are Cumley (Hiram and Nancy Jane). She'd like to locate the graveyard and try to find the graves. Any ideas on how we can go about locating the site?

Vernoy Willis                                          18 Aug 2000

Clark in Madison, late 1800s
Was there an Absalom B. Clark, who died on 24 Jan 1892 ?  
Would like more info about this man and his family. Can anyone refer me?   Thanks

Gary Veach                                             14 Aug 2000 

My GGG-Grandfather Enos Allen Veach died in Monroe Co MO in between 1875 and 1877 any information would be helpful. What were the newspapers in print at the time and are they still available on film? Has anyone every seen his name an abstract of title or on a tombstone? His wife's name was Mahalia.

Susie Denes                                           9 Aug 2000  

I am researching information on the Davis family from Madison, MO. I know that Frank and Alice Embree Davis are buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery, Madison, MO. Here is an outline descendant tree of their family. Thank you for any help. 

Descendants of Joseph Davis

1 Joseph Davis 1840 -
.. +Mary Ellen Dunnaway 1843 -
......... 2 Frank Davis 1861 - 1950
............. +Alice Elizabeth Embree 1869 - 1946
.................... 3 Paul Davis - Unknown
.................... 3 Victor Clare Davis 1892 - 1945
........................ +Ruby Lee Sparkman 1895 - 1973
.................... 3 Myrna Mae Davis 1894 - 1970
........................ +Brown
.................... *2nd Husband of Myrna Mae Davis:
........................ +Ernest Barden Guinall 1879 - 1966
.................... 3 Pauline Davis 1897 - 1978
........................ +Frank O'Neil
.................... *2nd Husband of Pauline Davis:
........................ +Louis Constance Barbas 1896 - 1970
.................... 3 Macie Nadine Davis 1898 - 1984
........................ +John Thomas Garnett 1892 - 1966
.................... 3 Harry Blair Davis 1904 - 1984
........................ +Ruby Howell
.................... *2nd Wife of Harry Blair Davis:
........................ +Mary ?
.................... 3 Truth Davis 1911 -
........................ +2nd Husband of Truth Davis -Jack Harris Lukens 1916 - 1968
.................... *1st Husband of Truth Davis:
........................ +Elmer Harrington - Unknown
......... 2 Fannie Davis 1867 -
......... 2 Charles Davis 1869 -
......... 2 Nell Davis 1871 -
......... 2 Blaine Haye Davis 1876 -
......... 2 Maude Marie Davis 1878 -

Ernie Padgett                                          6 Aug 2000 

Looking for information on parents of my G.Grandfather, Henry Clay Padgett.  He was born in 1842 in Monroe County. He married Margaret Cottingham in 1870.  I am also looking for information on her parents. Thanks

Jim LowAry                                             30 Jul 2000            

I'm looking for ties to the following families;
Ashley SMITH listed in the 1900 Monroe Co. census a living in Madison with Mary E. his wife. He is listed as being born in Dec 1868 in MO and her in Feb. 1875 in MO.  They have 3 children at the time; Robert E.
(but really C.) b: Nov 1893 in MO (my step grandfather), Wyatt R. b: Sep. 1895 in MO, and John H. b: Feb. 1897 in TX.

Then in 1910 Census Ashley is listed with Lizzie M. as wife age 36, born in MO. Their children are; Robert 19 - MO; Wyatt R. 16 - MO; Helen J. 14 - MO; Russell D. 7 - MO.

Although on Robert's SSN application he lists his mother as Lide DAVIS? and I can't find Ashley, Lizzie, Mary E. or Robert C. in the 1920 census although he and Mary E. YOHE from the family listed below were married
in 5 Apr 1930 in Madison. Mary died in 1945 after them having 4 children; James Ralph, Robert Davis, Betty Jean, and William Ashley.

The Family that Robert Clark married into was Ramond YOHE, found in the 1920 Census married to Eva A. both at age 42 and born in IA. Their children are: Mary E. 10 - IA; Fay 17 - IA; Paul A. 14 - KS; Claude 12 -
KS; Ruth A. 11 - MO; and Ramon 9/12 - MO. Eva A. YOHE is listed in a Cemetery Book for Monroe Co (Vol III) as born: 1877 and died: 1947. Also so is Mary E. SMITH as born: 1900 and died: 1935

On 25 May 1940 Robert married my grandmother Cora Belle (ALLISON) COURTNEY in Moberly, MO and on his SSN application he listed his place of employment as N.L. Brownfield in Madison.

I would like to exchange information with anyone researching any of these families. Thanks for your time,                             29 Jul 2000


Perry Rice and wife Edith Fairchild-Gabbert-Rice lived in Paris, MO in 1910. 
They should show in Directories there.  Any help would be much appreciated,.                                 11 Jul 2000

Trying to locate information on Samuel H. Painter and Wife, America Nesbit. 
They were listed as living in Florida in Monroe County on 1870 census. Would also like information were they are buried. 

Judy McCann                                          9 Jul 2000 

Looking for any information on the Walter Pleasant McCann family that lived in Monroe Co.   Walter had a pig farm in Paris, MO.  He was born in Paris 2/5/1873, and is buried in Walnut Grove . First married to Ann Elizabeth Rogers, then her sister Emma Bell Rogers.  I have our Family Bible that is over 100 years old.

Most of our McCann's lived in Paris, MO. Monroe Co., starting with Pleasant McCann, Jr., 1801 and died in Paris Mo., in 1869.  His son Robert McCann is buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery.  Most of our McCann's are buried in Walnut Grove

Looking for anyone with the surnames of McCann, WILLIS, BATSELL, CROW, GARRISON. they are all from the Paris MO area Monroe Co.

I have lots of information on this line, willing to share.  Thanks.

Peggy Dick                                             6 Jul 2000 

Moses Tissue d 1912, Duncan's Bridge, Monroe Co MO. His wife, Elinore, d 1911. Buried Phelp's cemetery, where is this cemetery?. Not in list of cemeteries in Monroe Co. Had children: Marion Francis, Margaret A., John Michael, Cora Ellen, James Jefferson, Silas Hanger, Rebecca Huldah, Charles E., and Frances Tissue.

Craig Marks                                            2 Jul 2000 

I are searching for information on the gravesite of an ancestor of ours, Cptn. George Edward Cecil Marks (CSA). We understand from our family records that he was killed in June of July, 1862 in a skirmish b/t Union and Confederate forces in Florida, Mo. Two men were killed. We found a reference in a Civil War 
magazine article on the CSA campaign to a Cptn. Marks as one of the dead.

Unfortunately, in the one book written on the campaign (written by a doctor who was on the campaign and written almost 50 yrs later), the Cptn is referenced as John Marks, our ancestor's brother. George Cecil's wife wrote that it was her husband killed there.

Nonetheless, the article we found suggests the grave site is still there in Florida although the city is apparently gone. Can you help us determine what is on the headstone for "Cptn. Marks"? Is there someone we can contact/call to get this info? Any assistance you can give would greatly be appreciated.  Thank you.

James F. Ridley                                      1 Jul 2000  

I am looking for any information on my great grandfather, Crittenden Neale who was married to Missouri Belle (Stevens). Born 1848-died 1925.
His son was Roy Neale, my grandfather born in Middle Grove, Mo. in 1877 or 1880.  Thank you for any help.

Howard Martin                                         20 Jun 2000 

Looking for several Medley's moved from Ohio to Monroe, MO after 1840. Love to make contact.

Peggy Heseltine                                      19 Jun 2000 

Looking for birth information for GARNETT L. RIGGS born 12 March 1828 in Monroe County, MO. to Jonathan RIGGS and Mary Polly (BURTON) RIGGS.    

Audrey                                                   14 Jun 2000    
I am researching BARTON, SPARKS, CRIM, DULANEY, these families married into each other.....
I am trying to find a Louisa A. Sparks who married James Stephen Barton.. I have a photo of these two for they are my ggggrandparents.  He was well known in the Paris community as Uncle Jim.. I found his obituary in the local paper there and it said that everyone called him Uncle Jim.. Well Jim died in the county poor farm in 1904.. But he is not buried there as far as I can tell.. I think he is buried in the Holliday (Bethel Cemetery) with his brothers Thomas, Wesley, and Elizah..  
I need to find where his wife is buried and confirm who her parents are...
Her name is Louisa A. Sparks.. She was born in Ky. in 1822 and married James in Monroe co. in 1841. She is in the 1850 census,1880 census but not in the 1900 census with James nor is James.. So 1880 is the last time I found her.. I need her death year... I was hoping someone could search the newspapers for her death.. Or if anyone has come across her name.. There were a lot of Sparks in the area back then around Holliday.. I need to find where their farm was maybe there is a cemetery there.. For I think her parents are James and Nancy Sparks.. this is one of many of my mysteries I can't seem to solve.. But if I could have a death date of her it would really help me a lot to close this chapter..
For I am wondering why my ggrandfather left home early in his life and never went back. I am thinking it's because his mother died and they were poor and he went to seek his own way of survival.. Please help..
The Bartons, Sparks, and Dulaneys came from Bourbon Co. Ky. Thanks

Randy Quinn                                           11 Jun 2000 

I am looking for a relative by the name of William Oswald Moran. William was listed in my last known information I have for him as a resident of Monroe City in 1969. He died in 1974. He went by the name "Ozzie" and was last known to be a photographer. Any information on him would be a great help.

Meta Gunn                                              8 Jun 2000 

I am looking for my grandmother - Helen Anna Abell (Able- Abel). She married Earl Douglas Hohimer in Paris, MO.   Had two children: Ester Fay born 1-21-29 - now deceased - (Helen spelt her last name Able and she was 19 yrs) and Jimmie Junior Hohimer born 5-19-30 - now deceased  - (Helen spelt her last name Abell and she was 20 yrs).   She up and left when my mother was 9 mo old.   My mother was raised by Earl and his family.   Jimmie was raised by Helen's sister (no name) in Chicago - later Earl's family went and got him and raised him.   No documents were ever posted that they were divorced.   I found papers where a Helen Hohimer married a Leon Hines in Memphis, MO.   She left him and 3 yrs later he divorced her - no children. I would like to know if she is alive or dead.   If dead where buried, her parents name and any siblings. If alive - where living?

  Mark White                                           5 Jun 2000   

Need information, if any, on a William B. White. Listed 1870 Census with two daughters, Monroe City.    He was a carpenter born in Kentucky.  Also, information on cemetery inscription Monroe County.

Betty Overfelt                                           5 Jun 2000 

Does anyone know how to get information on old church records from the Primitive Baptist Church in Monroe Co., near Holliday MO? In an obituary for Berry Overfelt, it states that he was a member for many years. He was buried in the Overfelt Cemetery which is very near the current location of the church. Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

 Kris Elsbury                                           28 May 2000

Elsberry, Elsbury

Looking for information on Jesse Elsberry, settled in Monroe County around Madison 1830's. Married (1)Sarah Weatherford 1840.  Had three boys.   (2) Mary Thomas 1850 . Had seven more children. Looking for parents of either Sarah or Jesse and what part of KY they supposedly came from. Have lots of information from this time forward. Willing to share.

Meta Gunn                                              28 May 2000 

I am looking for the graves some of my ancestors - Catholic Cemetery -

I found listed Frank Walker 1881 -1919 - ( he died 11-2-1919 )

I had Johanna Loretta Lillis Hays - 7-25-1895 - 7-7-1978 buried in this cemetery also but she is not listed?

All my notes say that this cemetery is called St. Andrews's Catholic Cemetery of Stoutsville, MO. Is this true?

Where is St. Stephen's Catholic Cemetery and Holy Rosary Cemetery located? Where can I get info on who is buried where?   Thanks

Candi Beard Nation                                  26 May 2000 

I'm researching the HOWELL family, known to have resided in Monroe County.
    Marriage: Mary Wyatt HOWELL to Ferdinand BEARD, 11 Jan 1841.
    Will: Samuel HOWELL, 1841
    Death: Samuel HOWELL, 14 May 1842
                Sarah PEARL HOWELL

I'm researching the BEARD family (Robert F. and Ferdinand W.), known to have resided in Monroe County. 
    Census: 1850-District 59, 1860-Clay Township.
    Marriage record: Ferdinand W BEARD - Mary Wyatt HOWELL 1841.

I don't know what "registering the surname" entails, but I'm happy to share with potential family members, and, as always, any information will be deeply appreciated.   Thanks

Pamela Shrake                                        25 May 2000 


Looking for information on Thomas Lee Ayers, b: January 09, 1878 (Rock Bridge County, VA), d: October 08, 1957 (Hunnewell, MO). He married Virdie Wilson, b: November 24, 1881 (Monroe County, unknown) d: January 28, 1960 (Monroe City Nursing Home). They had one child that I know of, Ora
Virginia Ayers (my grandmother).

City of Birth is unknown. Ancestors are unknown. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


I am looking for information on Bridge/Bridgewater Utterback. B: 1891, D: 2/23/1927. Lived and died (suicide) in Hunnewell MO. He was son of Columbus Utterback. He married Ora Virginia Ayers. Together they had one child (my mother). I don't know much more that this. He would have been my grandfather. My mother doesn't really know anything about him either.  She was only two years old when he died. She was raised by her mothers parents.

Any information, obituary, name of someone I could contact that may have heard stories about him.

Rick White                                              18 May 2000 

I am researching the Walker Surname, and need to find the location of the Capp Cemetery in Clarence, MO and the Phillips Cemetery, Monroe City. Sarah Elizabeth Capp is buried in the Capp Cemetery, and John Jack Walker is buried in the Phillips Cemetery. Can you tell me where they are or where I might search for additional information?

Ronnie                                                    17 May 2000 


Judy Smith                                              8 May 2000

I am searching for record of William Isaac Wilcoxen and Prudence Smith Wilcoxen.
They were married 1825 Ralls County, MO.   Prudence born Mercer Co., Kentucky.   

W. Isaac Wilcoxen and Prudence are listed in the 1830 census of Monroe County, but not in the 1840 census.   W. Isaac Wilcoxen may have been a son of William W. Wilcoxen.   Prudence, daughter of James Harvey and Prudence McGee Smith.   The Wilcoxen's and the Smiths may have been neighbors abt 1830, in Monroe County. Prudence Smith Wilcoxen may have died 1845/1855.
W. Isaac and Prudence may have had the following children:  Leah Ann, who may have married an Austine,  Prudence J., who may have married an Edward Austine from St. Louis,  William, Jefferson, James G., Ephraim H., Sarah and Rebecca.

Any and all information on this family most welcome. 

Carole A. Lange                                       6 May 2000 

Powers in Monroe Co. MO

I recently came across information in Dana's History of Woodstock VT that two sons of Stephen Powers, Philander and William P. Powers went to MO c1818 and died there in 1834. Can anyone add to this information? 

Sharon Leon                                            28 Apr 2000  

Seeking information on the family of Ephraim & Tersia/Fersia (SPURGEON) SKINNER, which was in the 1850 Marion Twp., Monroe Co. census with children:
Rebecca SKINNER b. ca 1841 OH,  William J. SKINNER b. ca 1843 OH, Girelda SKINNER b. ca 1845 OH, James N. SKINNER b. ca 1847 OH and Ephraim's father Richard SKINNER b. 1775 Fayette Co., PA, and a Mary SKINNER b. ca 1800 PA, who was probably Ephraim's older unmarried sister. 

They came to MO from Perry Co., OH. Ephraim was b. 16 Jan. 1813 Fayette Co., PA; d. 11 Feb. 1888 Monroe Co., MO; bur. Ridings Cemetery, Randolph Co., MO. Ephraim & Tersia SKINNER were m. 21 Dec. 1839 Perry Co., OH. Ephraim's sister Margaret (b. 1802) and her husband Jesse JENNINGS also came to Monroe Co., MO and I was told that Margaret d. there 7 Nov. 1875. Ephraim & Tersia (SPURGEON) SKINNER in 1840 were listed in the census in Saltlick twp., Perry Co., OH next to my Eli & Emma (ALLEN) SKINNER. I've been looking at if Eli might have been Ephraim's brother Zebal SKINNER b. 1815 PA. After Eli SKINNER d. his widow m. Reuben SPURGEON, who may have been a brother of Tersia (SPURGEON) SKINNER.

Roy A. Milner                                           28 Apr 2000 

Milner Cemetery in Woodlawn

I would like to know if Leonard Dale Milner, born 1851, died 1917, married to Amanda Hudson, married a second time to unknown spouse, is buried in this cemetery.  If not, could someone tell me where?   And can anyone give me any information on him or his family?   Any help is appreciated. "Roy A. Milner" 

Jim Morris                                               23 Apr 2000 

I am looking for information on Harrison Carr Morris. He moved to Monroe County from Kentucky in 1850s. He brought a wife, Jemima Phillips, and three children: Joshua, Anne and David. Jemima died shortly after arrival and Harrison remarried, this time to Sarah Willis. Joshua may have moved to St. Louis;  Anne married George Crowe and lived in Paris, Mo.; while David moved to Texas in 1870s. Harrison died around 1883. 

I would be glad to exchange information with anyone related to this family. Jim Morris

Steven HURD                                           13 Apr 2000 


My GG-Grandfather, Robert O. HURD married Sara (Laura) SMELSER. I know they one son, William Fenton (b. 9/18/1878 Sante Fe, Monroe Co., MO).  William Fenton married Cora Etta HAGAN (b. 7/18/1880 Florida, Monroe Co., MO) on 6/16/1903 Stoutville, Monroe Co., MO.  William and Cora had four sons, the last three of which I believe were born in Stoutsville, Monroe Co., MO.   Leslie Gilbert (b. 4/18/1904), Francis Fenton (b. 4/18/1907), Oliver Paul (b.2/27/1910), and Thomas Nolan (b. 8/22/1917).  I am not certain where Leslie was born.   Any information on Robert or Sara would be appreciated. 

Connie                                                     12 Apr 2000

Miles Haden/Hayden

Looking for info on Miles Haden/Hayden who resided in the Monroe Co Mo area.
This is what I have so far.

    Miles Haden
        marr Laura Jane Ragsdale Long on 12-25-1907

        John Thomas b: 11-02-1908

Was told Miles left one day when John was small & never returned.  Heard he had moved to Moberly Mo and died in the 1940's. Any info on Miles or his family would be greatly appreciated.

Jeanne Gart                                             5 Apr 2000 

I have a record that says Sarah Lyda (1842-1907) is buried in Weatherford Cemetery in Monroe County. Can anyone verify this?     Thanks for your help. 

Lisa                                                          5 Apr 2000 

I am looking for information on Samuel O. ADAMS. He died June, 1897 near Paris, Monroe Co., MO. He married Sallie Ann MOUNCE in Monroe Co., MO, April 23, 1865 at the United Baptist Church. She died before 1897. Their children were Maggie May, b:1865, Annie Lee, Molly, and Thomas. Any information on 
his family would be helpful. Thank you.

Donald E. West                                        2 Apr 2000

Peyton West

My name is Don West. Still looking for the final resting place of my G-g-grandfather Peyton West who's last known census record was 1870 in Woodlawn township, Monroe Co. He had married Cresia Rigsby and they had a daughter Laura West who married Henry Long.  Would also like to know her final resting place and information regarding descendants of Laura (West and Henry Clay Long. THANK YOU 

Elizabeth Garrett                                      31 Mar 2000 

I am seeking information on Anna Beauregard SEARCY who was the first woman to graduate with an MD degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia medical school in 1900. Her hometown was listed as Woodlawn, Monroe County. We are planning a celebration in honor of her graduation and 100 years of women in medicine but we don't know anything else about her or her family. Any help much

 John F. Eisenberg                                    31 Mar 2000 


In the 1850 Monroe Co census there is Henry SPARKS and wife Nancy THRELKELD who married 12/9/1830 in Shelby Co, KY. Nearby is Robinson THRELKELD and wife Eliza T. REED who married 12/31/1835 Shelby Co, KY. Robinson is the son of John THRELKELD and Jane ROBINSON. Is Nancy THRELKELD a sister to Robinson THRELKELD.  Henry SPARKS had a son Oliver, born 1833 who married 10/12/1854 Henry Co, KY Susan A. MADDOX. They appear in the 1860 Monroe Co, Clay Twp, census.
Who were the parents of Henry SPARKS and Susan A. MADDOX?  The MAGRUDER families of Monroe & Shelby Co, MO appear to be associated with the SPARKS & MADDOX families in Henry Co, KY before 1850.
There sure are a lot of SPARKS in Monroe Co, MO and a few in Marion Co.
Notley seems to be a MADDOX family given name which was later used in the SPARKS family.

Betty Overfelt                                            28 Mar 2000 

OVERFELT family of Monroe Co, MO

Looking for any information on the following: Charles Overfelt, died 1847 in Monroe Co, Berry Overfelt, died 8 Feb 1879 in Monroe Co, buried in Overfelt Cemetery near Holiday, Moses Divers Overfelt, born 4 Dec 1846, married Chlora Helms, died 1931, buried in Bethel Cemetery and Willard Ross Overfelt, born 4 Nov 1869, died 28 Aug 1942, buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Paris. Any information would be appreciated.

Dene Segrest                                            27 Mar 2000 

Am looking for info on the Ben & Rosie Huggins' family. I have been told that one (or both) of them (?) was of Indian Ancestry, possibly Navaho.  That their daughter Minnie Missouri Huggins Adams was named for the state of Missouri because that was where the Indian Tribe originated. Can't confirm whether either one was in fact Indian but really would like to know anything in this regard. Thanks

Judy Smith                                               25 Mar 2000  

I am searching for information on the family of EPHRAIM SMITH, who married [1] Polly Bryant and [2] Lucinda Powers. Ephraim and family were in Monroe County, Jackson township; in the1860 and 1870 census record. Ephraim farmed about 600 acres in Monroe county, had a Paris Post Office. He was still living in 1880. He may have died May 1, 1893. Are there any property records or a probate available for this Ephraim Smith? He was born abt 1810 in Mercer county, Ky.  Thank You                                                 ------------------------------

I am researching the family of Ephraim Smith, born in Mercer Co, Ky abt 1810. He moved with his family to Ralls/Monroe County, abt 1822/23. After losing his parents when he was about 17, {James H. and Prudence McGee Smith}, he stayed in Monroe County, buying abt 600 acres of land in Jackson township. I know he died after 1880, but ? A possibility may be 1 May 1893.   Since he had a Paris P.O. Box in 1870, I am assuming he would have had an obit in the Paris Newspaper. One of his sons was named John W. I would appreciate very much if someone could find an obituary. I am researching the Smith family, so any help in sorting out the Smith's is really appreciated. His obit or a county history may tell also what happened to his parents. 

J. Johnson                                               19 Mar 2000 

Seeking information on John Longsdale/LONSDALE who can be found in the 1870 Monroe Co. census index.  Thanks

Marilyn J. Kowalski                                  19 Mar 2000 

I am searching for inf. for my G. Grandmothers sister, Sarah Shafer DAVIS. She was born app. 1854. Daughter of Mariah Ralls MYERS SHAFER and Phillip SHAFER. Sarah married William T. DAVIS Nov. 3, 1870. She died May 9th, 1932. She died 2 weeks after her husband died. She is buried at Sunset Hill cemetery at Madison, Mo. They had 2 sons, and 2 daughters. Names given in her ob. are sons; Ira and Arthur L. Davis of near Madison, Mo. Daughters are listed as Mrs. Claude Haley and Mrs. Tom Riggs both of Moberly, Mo. I have a studio photo of my G. grandmother and 4 other ladies. I Know G. Grandma had 3 full sisters; plus a half or step sister. I will share copies of this photo with relatives of my G. Grandma. I would also appreciate any id. for the remaining 4 ladies. My g. grandma's known 3 sisters are Maggie, married to John H. Mitchell. and Martha, married to James Martin SETTLES. also Sarah who married Wm Davis. Thanks for any help on any of these ladies. 

 Judy Smith                                             14 Mar 2000 

I am searching for census record of related ancestor George W. Smith. He was living in Polk Co at the 1860 census with one of his brothers. But he is not at that household in 1870. As he had been judged as mentally incapable of handling his own affairs earlier in Monroe Co., {abt 1835} thought perhaps he went to live with brother Ephraim after the death in 1867 of his Polk County brother.  George W., born abt 1814 in Mercer Co., Ky. May have been living with brother Ephraim in 1870 census. Ephraim born abt 1810 also in Mercer Co, Ky. Ephraim may have been married to wife Lucinda Powers at that time, always lived in Monroe Co, MO.


In researching the Smith and McGee families, my question is: Are there any records of the Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Cemetery? I may have several relations buried there. Thank You. 

Mae Sue Mardres                                     12 Mar 2000 

Looking for information re Nathan H. Marders, a merchant in Paris, may have died ca 1853. Originally from Kentucky. Children, wife, parents?   Might have had a brother Anderson who went to Calif. Any help

Scott A Burton                                         12 Mar 2000 

John Newton Burton (b. about 1807)
Seeking information on parent and siblings of John Newton Burton, who married Sally (Salley) Allred of Bedford County TN on 15 Nov 1832 in Monroe County, Missouri. Sally apparently died on 2 Dec 1834 giving birth to Leona Elizabeth Burton (b. 3 Dec 1834).   John Newton Burton married his second wife, Susan McCord of Christian County, KY on 24 May 1835 in Pike County, Missouri.
John Newton and Susan McCord Burton had two sons, William Parley Burton (b. 8 Mar 1836) and Sidney Rigdon Burton (b. 8 Jan 1838 my gg-grandfather) both born in Missouri. The family moved to Ray County, Missouri 1838. John Newton Burton died about 1839 in Missouri.

There are many Burton Familes living in Monroe County 1824 to 1840. Do you know anything about them?

Sandra Buckley                                       4 Mar 2000  

Does anyone know anything about the LASLEY Cemetery located in Monroe County?

I'm looking for the burial site of NELSON & SARAH JANE LASLEY.  Thank you 

Candi Beard Nation                                  29 Feb 2000 

I am researching surname BEARD, and specifically right now, Ferdinand W. Beard.
Following is info for your Monroe County Missouri surname list, which I obtained from the Kansas City Missouri branch of the National Archives. I have hard copies of the following: 

    1850 Monroe County, District MO 59 Census 
    BEARD, Ferdinan -- lists wife and children.
        Note: Incorrect spelling of first name Ferdinand. 

    1860 Monroe County, Clay Township, Granville Post Office Census
    BEARD, Ferdinand -- lists wife and children.

Family rumor has it that Ferdinand W. Beard married Mary Wyatt Howell January 11, 1841, in Monroe County, but I have no solid proof of that as yet.  Thanks 

Dale W. Mason                                      24 Feb 2000  

Eliza Jane Baker, daughter of Elisha Baker and Nancy Bradley was born July 23, 1852 at Madison, Monroe Co Missouri. She married John T. Bailey, ca 1872. Eliza is buried at Shelbina, Shelby Co MO. Can anyone supply additional information on John and Eliza?

Scott A Burton                                       16 Feb 2000 

John Newton Burton
Seeking information on John Newton Burton, who married Sally (Salley) Allred of Bedford County TN on 15 Nov 1832 in Monroe County, Missouri. Captain John Newton Burton was a wealthy plantation owner and slave owner. Sally apparently died on 2 Dec 1834 giving birth to Leona Elizabeth Burton (b. 3 Dec 1834). John Newton Burton married his second wife, Susan McCord of Christian County, KY on 24 May 1835 in Pike County, Missouri. John Newton and Susan McCord Burton had two sons, William Parley Burton (b. 8 Mar 1836) and Sidney Rigdon Burton (b. 8 Jan 1838) both born in Missouri.

Who are the parents of John Newton Burton?
When and where was John Newton Burton born?
Why was he called Captain?
When did John Newton Burton come to Missouri?
Where was the plantation located?
When and where did John Newton Burton die?

Pat D Pickett                                         15 Feb 2000

Turner, Dye, and Godnight Families

My grandparents were Richard D Turner wife was Margaret?  Edward Goodnight wife name was Darah Dye they lived in Jefferson township, Monroe Mo. in 1840's

Lorene Fort                                            5 Feb 2000 

We are searching for descendants of George (Ge.) NORTON living in Monroe County, Missouri during the 1840 census. We are especially interested in the names of any children born between 1835 and 1840.

Terri McRae                                           4 Feb 2000

Farrell and Mason families in Monroe, Mo.
James Preston Farrell married Millie H. Mason in 1870 in Monroe, Mo.  They moved to the Dallas, Tx. area.   I'd like to share information on the Farrell and Mason families.  Thank you!!

Judy Smith                                             2 Feb 2000 

Un-located Monroe County Tombstones/graves

I am searching for the location of the graves, tombstones, death records of ancestors James Harvey Smith and wife Prudence McGee Smith. It may be an unfound farm cemetery.

James Harvey Smith filed for 2 parcels of land in 1823, formerly in Ralls County, but since 1831 in Monroe County.  The location of the land is 100 acres in section 23 and 80 acres in section 22. James Harvey Smith died before Feb of 1829, as at the date his eldest son James. H.M. was made guardian of his 3 younger unmarried brothers.
Prudence McGee Smith may have died before 1855, and at her husbands death may have gone to live with her daughter and son-in-law, Molly and John L. McGee. A Jane Smith was made a ward of John L. McGee. In 1832 the Monroe County circuit court ordered the land of James H. Smith sold and the proceeds given to his heirs, including a Jane Smith, whose guardian was John L. McGee. 
We had been thinking that Jane Smith was a small child of James Harvey and Prudence, but could Prudence have used the name of Jane and been a ward of John L and Molly McGee at that time period? Jane Smith's death is recorded as before November 1845, as in November of 1845 a E.G.B McNutt was named the administrator of her estate, Jane Smith being deceased.
Some of the McGee family, i.e. a brother to Prudence, and her mother, lived in the Paris, Mo area, and are buried at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church cemetery.   Thank You for any and all help.

 Frank D. Heckart                                  27 Jan 2000


I am seeking information on Cornelius Brashears who Married Mary Jane Strean December 11, 1849, in Monroe County. Later they move to Ormanville, Green Township, Wapello County Iowa. I am interested in their parents and any children.

Brian L. Gadson                                   27 Jan 2000 

The Gadson surname appears on the 1870 Missouri Census Index for Monroe County. As a matter of fact,
the individuals listed are: for (Jackson Township); Belle Gadson, Bud Gadson, George Gadson, and
Mary Gadson; for (Jefferson Township); Hiram Gadson, and Sophia Gadson. Lastly, just by chance,
has anyone come across this particular surname?

Jack Mount                                          17 Jan 2000 

Seeking information about Joseph BRYAN Jr. who died in Monroe Co., MO in 1844.  Would like 
to know his birth date.  Would also like to know the name of his wife (some undocumented 
sources give is wife as Susan CALLAWAY).  Would also like to know the name of his mother 
(some undocumented sources give his mother as Alice "Alyee" LINVILLE or Hester SIMPSON).  
His father was Joseph BRYAN Sr. who died in 1805 in Jefferson Co., KY.

Seeking the parents of James LOVE (born about 1775?) who died in 1847 in Monroe Co., MO.  
Some undocumented sources give his birth place as North Carolina.  His wife was Alice BRYAN 
(born about 1787 in KY).  James resided in Jefferson & Shelby Cos., KY, then in Sullivan Co., 
IN, and finally in Monroe Co., MO.

John D. Bell                                          14 Jan 2000
Thomsa J. HORD married Margaret DeYOUNG in Monroe County in 1855.  Seeking information on 
the parents of Thomas and his ancestry.  Later obit on Thomas states that the family was 
living in Monroe County.

Silas and Susan DeYOUNG came to Monroe County about 1841.  Present as family in 1850 census.
1860-80 shows only Susan and family. Were located in Holiday twp. Susan is buried there.  
Seeking information on the fate of Silas DeYOUNG

Paul E. Veach                                         11 Jan 2000 
My Great-Great Grandfather was Enos Allen Veach died Oct. 10 1877 in Monroe county Missouri
I would like to know which cemetery he was buried in.  Can anyone help?  

CHARLES HESS                                     10 Jan 2000 
I am looking for any info on the Cullifer Families that resided in Monroe County around 1900.