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Beverly Easley Dec 22 1999


I am looking for descendants of Samuel Blackwell & Deborah (Jacobs) Blackwell. Married Oct 27, 1852, Monroe Co, MO.
John F. Blackwell
Lucy Olive "Ollie" Blackwell (my grandmother married Peyton L. Johnston)
Mary Bell Blackwell
George R. Blackwell
Julia Alice Blackwell
James Blackwell

Samuel was the son of Nancy Blackwell, I don't know the name of Samuel's father. Nancy is on the 1850 Census Monroe Co., MO with four sons. John, George R. or B.?, Samuel and Benjamin F.

Deborah (Jacobs) Blackwell is the daughter of Lucy Jacobs. They are connected to an Alfred Jones, possibly a grandson or nephew of Lucy Jacobs. Lucy Jacobs and her four children were living with Alfred Jones age 30 on the 1850 Census Monroe
Co., MO. Children: Mary I. Jacobs, Deborah Jacobs, Tabitha Jacobs, John G. Jacobs.
I found the Jacobs family on Family Tree #2009, Vol 1. Other families on that tree Hill, Jones, Long, Mills, Mudd, Painter, Powers, and Whelan.

Does anyone have information on any of these people. I will be happy to exchange my information with you.

Bob Coogan			Dec 29 1999 

Looking for info on James Hall living in Marion township,Monroe county in the 1880 census. 
Need 1st wife's name.Need NC county of birth of James in 1816. ch: by 1st wife- Henry 1840, 
John 1843, Fannie 1846, ch: by Catherine Johns-Martha 1856, William 1859, Peter 1862, 
Amanda 1872.  Martha married Edward White of Monroe couty and Fannie married Francis Dry of 
the same county.  Henry, John, and Fannie were born in IN or John may have been OH.
Any info is greatly appreciated.

Joyce A. Wiley    		Dec 24 1999 
Hello, I am looking for Jewel M. Wiley. b nov.25, 1925.  She died I am guess before she was 
5 years old about 1930. As the family story goes she died in Santa fe.  
thank you for your time.

Beverly Easley			Dec 22 1999 
I am looking for descendants of Samuel Blackwell & Deborah (Jacobs) Blackwell.  
Married Oct 27, 1852, Monroe Co.,MO.
    John F. Blackwell
    Lucy Olive "Ollie" Blackwell (my grandmother married Peyton L. Johnston)
    Mary Bell Blackwell
    George R. Blackwell
    Julia Alice Blackwell
    James Blackwell
Samuel was the son of Nancy Blackwell, I don't know the name of Samuel's father.  Nancy is on 
the 1850 Census Monroe Co., MO with four sons.  John, George R.orB.?, Samuel and Benjamin F.
Deborah (Jacobs) Blackwell is the daughter of Lucy Jacobs.  They are connected to an 
Alfred Jones, possibly a grandson or nephew of Lucy Jacobs.  Lucy Jacobs and her four children
were living with Alfred Jones age 30 on the 1850 Census Monroe Co., MO.  Children:  
Mary I. Jacobs, Deborah Jacobs, Tabitha Jacobs, John G. Jacobs.
I found the Jacobs family on Family Tree #2009, Vol 1.  Other families on that tree Hill, 
Jones, Long, Mills, Mudd, Painter, Powers, and Whelan.
Does anyone have information on any of these people.  
I will be happy to exchange my information with you.

Susan R. Smith  		Dec 17 1999 

Creasman and Carr families in Monroe County Missouri

I am looking for information on my family. My great-great grandfather Joseph N. Creasman 
married Ollie Carr on 9/26/1892. He was born in 1858, I believe.  They had five children. 
The first child Callie May was born in 1893, followed by Ruth, Brack, Francis, and Jack. 
Callie married Luther Angell, a rural mail carrier, who was born in Audrain County. 
Any information would be greatly appreciated.   Thank You

Joel Hord 			Dec 16 1999 

My entire lineage begins in Monroe County with:
 1.W. Hord, buried at Ash, MO 
 2.m. Mary Simpson, buried at Ash, MO 
 3.children: William Hord, b. 22 Sept 1822, d. 15 Sept 1896 at Clarence, MO, 
			   buried at Holliday, MO
  m. Margaret Weatherford, born 14 Feb 1826 John Quincy Christian and Sallie Johnston 
			   Blackwood of Monroe County, d. 7 Jul 1898 at Clarence, MO, 
			   buried at Holliday, MO
   children: Joel Robert Hord, b. 5 May 1861, d. 21 Jul 1905
          m. Mary McKamey Christian, b. 23 May 1868, d. 14 Oct 1945
          children: Frankie Lucile, John Robert, Harold Christian

This information was gathered from Frankie Lucile Hord, my aunt, and from a letter to her 
from her cousin, Lura and John Towles of Paris, MO. Lucile has died, but I have lost all 
data on the Towles.
I would appreciate any and all information on any of the above persons.

Also, I am looking for my relative Hugh Engle, who last lived at Route 2, Paris,
MO Thank you

Harriette (Hill) Anderson        Dec 14 1998 
African American Residents of Paris, MO

I am searching for descendants of my father.  His name was Harry Franklin Hill; his father's 
name was James Hill; his mother's name was Nellie (Troy) Hill.  There were  seven siblings; 
all raised in Paris, MO; however, they relocated to other states.  One sister, Bessie, did 
not leave until the late 60's or early 70's.  She married Ray Lasley, who was also from Paris.  The
Hill siblings were born approximately between 1900 and 1918, and all are deceased.  Are their 
marriage and birth records of African Americans?  Are there any records of slave ownership or 
manumission papers?  Any help you can provide will be helpful.

DURWOOD J GARRITY   		Dec 2 1999

I am looking for information on the Giles Whitaker of Monroe County and his son Amos.  
I found Amos with his father in the 1850 census living in Hannibel.  Sarah (wife of  Giles ) 
disappears by the 1860 census of Monroe county where Giles was then living--so does Amos.  
Amos marries Sarah Montague Stephens in Monroe Co. on July 26, 1860---and I have no further 
information except that Sarah died April 20, 1878 and Amos lived until 1893.  He married Nancy
Abagail Hardin in 1881.  Any information about Whitaker/Stephens would be appreciated.

Pam Gregory     		Nov 27 1999

Wesley ROBY,Elmira LEE, and Edward M. HOLLOWAY
I would like any information on the family of Wesley ROBY and Elmira LEE.
They married on November 27, 1847 in Monroe Co., MO. 

Wesley ROBY was b. abt 1809 had ROBY children prior to this marriage.  Their names were 
John T. ROBY b. 1838 KY;  William ROBY b. 1842 Monroe Co, MO; Sarah E. Roby b. 1844 Monroe Co.
MO  and  Eleanor ROBY b. 1847 Monroe Co., MO.

Elmira LEE b. 1812 KY also had children of her own prior to this marriage.  
Her children were Celia A. LEE abt 1836 MO;  John W. LEE b. 1838 MO;  David E. LEE b. 1840 MO;
Benjamin F. LEE b. 1842 MO and  Henry L. LEE b. 1846 MO.

Living with this ROBY family according to the Monroe Co., MO 1850 Federal Census in what 
appears to be District #59 were a Caroline A. (formerly LEE) HOLLOWAY b. 1833 KY and husband 
Edward M. HOLLOWAY b. 1826 KY and a Thomas McCuin(?) b. 1831 MO listed as a teacher.

Jim LowAry          		Nov 24 1999
Looking for more info on my step-granfather: Robert "Bob" Clark SMITH. 
Would like to find out if there are more children in the Ashley SMITH family, and also 
interested in finding out more on Mary YOHE and Lide DAVIS as well.

This is the information that I have on them


1.  Ashley Carter SMITH.  

He was married to Lide DAVIS.  Ashley Carter SMITH and Lide DAVIS had
the following children:

i.      Robert Clark SMITH.


2.  Robert Clark SMITH was born on 26 Nov 1893 in Holliday, Monroe Co,
Missouri.  He was living on 16 Aug 1938 in Madison, Monroe Co.,
Missouri; Jefferson St..  He died in Apr 1972 in Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa. 
He was a Coal Miner til ~ 1940 in Madison, Missouri.

He was married to Mary YOHE on 5 Apr 1920 in Madison, Missouri.  Mary
YOHE died in 1935 in Madison, Missouri.  Robert Clark SMITH and Mary
YOHE had the following children:

i.      James Ralph SMITH was living on 3 Jul 1968 in Hannibal, Marion Co., 
Missouri.  He served in the military in Norfolk, VA; US Navy.
ii.     Robert Davis SMITH was also known as Bobbie.
iii.    Betty Jean SMITH.
iv.     William Ashley SMITH.

He was married to Cora Belle ALLISON (daughter of William M. ALLISON and
Hattie M. NORTH) on 24 May 1940 in Moberly, Missouri.  Cora Belle
ALLISON was born on 6 Apr 1901 in Ashely, Pike Co., Missouri.  She died
on 29 Jul 1968 in Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa; Graham Hospital.  She was
buried on 31 Jul 1968 in Hannibal, Marion Co., Missouri; Grand View
Burial Park.  Her nick name was Cozzy.  

Thanks for any help you can give!  Willing to share what additional info
I have.  -- Jim LowAry

Jim Clark    			Nov 23 1999
I am looking for info on Exan Tippie Lambert b: 1864 Monroe co, MO d:5/30/1924 Monroe Co, MO. 
Married John Robert Johnston 2/28/1883 Monroe Co, MO. Buried at Oak Grove Cemetery north of 
Madison, MO.  Any thing on her parents would be great.  I have info on her husbands side that 
I would be glad to share. 

Dale W. Mason       		Nov 21 1999
I believe George Ash of Monroe Co was the father of Nancy Ash (b. April 18,1827) and 
George W. Ash (b.1836).  Nancy Ash married (July 31, 1855) Jasper Turner of Marion Co, 
and George W. Ash married (June 2, 1858) Priscilla Turner of Marion Co Missouri. 
Can anyone provide information on the children of Nancy Ash and George W. Ash?            	Nov 18 1999

Seeking info re J. Higbee or Higby who later moved to AR and married Emeline McCurdy in 
Crawford Co. AR in 1887.  Any info appreciated.

BILL BROWN                  	Nov 14, 1999      
Do you know anything about the Fisher family who settled around Granville about the turn of 
the century? 

My grand mother was Elizabeth Elleander Fisher-Brown.  The old Fisher house is still standing 
out side of town about 3 miles.  

If you have any information about the Fisher family please e-mail me. 

Gary James  			Nov  13 1999

William JAMES family    

I'm trying to confirm a family rumor that the rest of my great-great grandfather's 
(William James SR.) family emigrated from Iowa to the Macon Co. Mo. area. Consequently, 
because of vagueness, I am including Monroe Co. in my blanket inquiry of Macon Co. and its 
contiguous neighbors.
It has been reported that his date of death was 1876, but that is unconfirmed.

A widower-emigrant from Wales, he brought his six children to America ---
The children: William Jr., David, Stephen, John, Gad & Mary.

Arriving in NY in 1852, he then traveled west (about a year later) through Utica, NY, to 
West Liberty, Ia. to the Macon Co.(???) area - where the Iowa family lost them.

Gad and Mary stayed in Iowa. She married and he set himself up in farming (after a trip to 
the mines in Virgina City, Mt. to raise a stake). It has been suggested that Stephen went 
with him, but that has not been confirmed.

Anyway the Iowa family has lost all track of William Sr., William Jr., David, Stephen & 
John - thus the reason for this query.

Thanks in advance for your effort. G. James

Marla Andrus   			Nov 9, 1999
My DAVIS line runs into the James R. Abernathy Line by marriage....twice!
James R. ABERNATHY, founder and prominent man of Madison, MO (Monroe County) was married 3 
times.....and 2 wives are said to be DAVIS sisters.  I wish to confirm this.

  wife 1.)  Jennie Winn-4children
  wife 2.)  Rosana/Rosannah DAVIS-9 children
  wife 3.)  Jane DAVIS-3 children all whom died in childhood

My G-Grandfather was Monroe DAVIS born and raised 3 miles northwest of Madison.  His parents 
were James "Madison" DAVIS and Elizabeth (Evans) DAVIS.  Need to proove who were the parents 
of my "Madison" DAVIS.

  *  It is believed that Rosannah and Jane DAVIS were sisters of "Madison"
  DAVIS...but who was their father?  I have seen the possibilty of Thomas
  DAVIS and of William DAVIS and Nancy (Swinney) DAVIS.   HELP PLEASE!

Marla's Tree House

Marla Andrus    		Nov 9, 1999
Madison 1836-1986 Special Sesquicentennial provides the following;

  Early Day "DAVIS" settlers of Madison, MO who came from Oldham, KY were
  Evan DAVIS, William DAVIS and Thomas DAVIS.  Would like to learn more of
  these people, their ancestors & decendents.

  Trying to find the father of my James "Madison" DAVIS who was a resident
  of Madison, MO as of 1833.

Searching for more about this DAVIS family of Madison, Monroe County MO 

1840 Monroe Co. Census provides;  
DAVIS, Madison

1850 Monroe Co. Census provides;
 Madison, 39, M, born KY
 Betsy, 39, F, born KY
Hanson J./Harmon ?, 10, M, born MO
Joseph J., 9, M, born MO
Arthur B., 7, M, born MO
Thomas, 3, M, born MO
Joel, 1/12, M., born MO
QUESTION:  Where is my GG-Grandfather, Monroe DAVIS?  He was born 1843 at
Madison, MO

1860 monroe Co. Census provides;
Madison, M, 47
Elizabeth, F, 48
Arma J. (Harmon)? F, 17
Joseph, M, 16
Arthur, M, 14
Lewis, M, 12
Uriah, M, 4
NOTE:  Joel is no longer listed, nor is Thomas.  Did they die between the
1850 and this 1860 Census?  Also my Monroe DAVIS should be about 17 at
this time, and again he is not listed.
Grateful for any additional information-Happy to share!
Marla's Tree House

Marla Andrus                 Nov 8, 1999 

Early Madison News and other resources provide the following names re:
DAVIS and I wish to learn more about each.

1.)  Dr. DAVIS at Madison, Monroe Co.

2.)  Middle Grove Christian Church-Early Day Pastor H.B. DAVIS

3.)  In 1875 a Tobacco Factory operated by:  CHOWNING, BASSETT & James
DAVIS, for many years.

4.) Masonic Lodge # 91-Madison;  October 1847 an Oficer of the Lodge
named Henderson DAVIS

5.)  Odd Fellows Lodge #195 Shows a photo of many men, and refers to the
Forming of this Lodge in 1887.  Listed and photographed with the men is
an Arthur DAVIS.  (My "Madison" & Elizabeth DAVIS had a son named Arthur
b abt 1846).

6.)  Write up of James R. ABERNATHY provides the name Charly DAVIS as a
nephew of James R. & Jane (Davis) ABERNATHY.  Who were the parents of
this Charly DAVIS?

Grateful for any info-Happy to share!

Marla's Tree House
Davis, Harrod, McHenry, Evans, Salisbury, Bradford, Goodale, Smith,
Jenkins, McCaslin, Devolt/Duvall/Newball, Bickfield/Bincfield,
Fillebaum/Fillerbraum, Cranford/Granford

James Donovan   		Nov 7 1999
Looking for living decendants of Arthur C Donovan and family. Wife: Levenia Bassett Donovan, 
died in Monroe Co. 1901.  Arthur died in Monroe Co. 1906.  Had four sons: Richard S. of 
Audrain Co., John Gilbert, my Great Grandfather, Charles T. and Oscar.  Census data shows 
Richard had three sons and one daughter.  Sons: John (Monroe Co. resident, died in
Feb 1975), Charles and Allen.

Robert S. McGee, Jr		Nov 5 1999 

MCGEE, Robert, 1850 Monroe County census

Looking for information and connection on the McGee family line from 1850 Monroe County census.  The census lists the following:
	Robert McGee, 57, M, Farmer, $300 real estate owned, b Kentucky
	Nancy A. McGee, 47, F, b Kentucky
	John McGee, 20, M, Blacksmith, b Missouri
	David McGee, 19, M, Blacksmith, b Missouri
	Mary M. McGee, 16, F, b. Missouri, attended school
	Josef McGee, 13, M, b. Missouri, attended school
	Robert McGee, 12, M, b. Missouri, attended school

My research suggests that Robert, age 12, is my gr-gr grandfather.  Robert and his brother, 
Joseph (Joshua) went west to Oregon via the Oregon Trail in 1856.  I then find Robert and 
Joseph (Joshua) listed in the 1860 Oregon census in Marion Co.  Robert (b 14 Nov 1836, 
d 19 Aug 1912) was thought to be born in Cooper Co., MO but I found only 3 McGee families in 
Cooper Co, none of which contain a Robert and Joseph(Joshua).  I only find a McGee family here
in Monroe with the combined male children of  Robert and Joseph (Joshua) living in the same
household, and with approximate ages for 1850.  Robert married Martha Drinkwater (possibly 
from Cooper Co., MO) on  8 July 1860 in Marion Co.,OR.  Joseph (Joshua) married Martha's older
sister, Amanda Drinkwater, on 11 Sept 1860 in Marion Co., OR.  I have the complete McGee 
lineage from Robert almost completed.  I have just started to work on Joseph (Joshua).  
Any connections, leads, or tie-ins would be greatly appreciated.

Charles Foreman			Nov 2 1999 
Am seeking the names of the 6 siblings of ISAAC HAYDEN b Aug 13, 1831 Monroe Co., MO. 
Father was JOHN G. and mother was MARY (BAKER) HAYDEN.  Thank you for any clues.

Carl Shuey			Oct 25 1999 
I am seeking information on C. M. Smith and is family. They lived in Monroe City at the turn 
of the century. Their children was Mrs. Matt Hedges, Mrs. Thomas Batsell, Mrs.John Utterback
Mrs. Julie Crow, Charles Smith, and W. B  Smith.  Anything will be helpful. Thanks 

Barbara Barker			Oct 19 1999 
Groves--Looking for information to connecting to the Groves from Chariton  Co., MO or the 
Ringgold, Iowa.  Found a couple of Grove marriages in Monroe county.

Terri Borkman			Oct 11 1999 
I have been researching my GGrandmother Ida Belle Pugh in your county for awhile. I am still 
trying to find her parents. Her Maternal grandparents were John M. and Frances A. Conner 
Furnish. They were living in Clay twp, Monroe Co in 1880 with Ida Belle Pugh, she was seven 
during the 1880 census.  As far as I know they were raising Ida. 

David McCann			Oct 11 1999 
William Cowherd married Celia Estes 1809 in Woodford Co., Ky.  By 1840 they were living in 
Monroe Co., Mo.  They had a daughter Sarah, who married William Vandeventer.  Can anyone tell 
me when and where William and Ceclia Cowherd died, and where they are buried?  Thanks.

Sally Watts Haithman  		Oct 9, 1999
I am looking for a needle in a hay stack. My great great great-grandfather,
JAMES WILSON HAITHMAN (a variant of HEATHMAN) was an enslaved half-Native American.
He met his wife in Monroe County, in Paris. Since he has two last names, I assume he was owned
by someone named Wilson, and sold to someone named Heathman or Haithman.  
Since he was born in Lexington, KY, I can't be sure whether he was sold before or after moving 
to Missouri. I am hoping to find information about the Monroe County Heathmans (and Wilsons), 
in order to straighten this out.  Many thanks.

Marla Andrus      		Sep 25 1999 

My GG-Grandfather was Monroe DAVIS, the son of James Madison & Elizabeth (Evans) DAVIS.  
Monroe DAVIS was born Nov 8, 1843 at Monroe County.

I would like to learn more about his parents known as "Mat & Betsy" DAVIS, and about their 
parents.  It is believed that William DAVIS & Nancy (Swinney) DAVIS were the parents of 
James Madison DAVIS.  James Madison DAVIS had a sister named Rosana DAVIS who married an 

James Madison & Elizabeth DAVIS settled in 1833 about 3 miles northwest of Madison, where 
their son was born and raised.  They were married Dec 9, 1833 in Shelby Co., KY, prior to 
settling in Missouri.

This family appears to have originated from Shelby County, Kentucky.  Other related surnames 
are EVANS, SWINNEY, ABERNATHY and to Monroe DAVIS, his wife was Sarah MCHENRY and they married 
abt 1865.

I would appreciate any additional information and I am happy to share all I have.  
My confirmed genealogy can be viewed at my web site:
Marla's Tree House:

Thank you....

Debra L. Burton     		Sep 26 1999
I am interested in connecting with anyone who are researching these surnames:
The Shepherd part of my family came to Paris, Monroe Co. MO in 1845.
George and Catherine Shepherd came from Bourbon County, Kentucky, along with their family, 
which included their daughter Rebecca Shepherd (my g-g-g grandmother, b. Sept 28, 1827; 
d. Aug. 9, 1925).  Two years later, in 1847, Rebecca Shepherd married John William Brown 
(my g-g-g grandfather, b. June 6, 1823; d. Jan 14, 1900), who had moved to Paris from 
Mercer County, Kentucky with his parents, Frederick and Eady Riley Brown.  
John William and Rebecca Shepherd Brown's oldest daughter, Sarah Catherine Brown 
(b. between 1848 and 1851, in Paris Missouri; d. July 01, 1893 in Paris), married 
Henry Clay Burton (b. June 27, 1844 in Paris; d. June 25, 1932; son
of John and Patsy Schumaker Burton of Paris, MO), on May 05, 1868 in Paris Missouri. John and
Patsy were most likely originally from Kentucky like the other two families.  After Sarah 
Catherine Brown Burton died, Henry Clay Burton left Paris and settled in Idaho, along with at 
least one of his sons, Frederick McNutt Burton (my g-g grandfather, b. March 30, 1872, in
Paris). Sarah and Henry had 10 children, of which I have names and most dates.
I also have children and dates for John William and Rebecca Shepherd Brown.
All of the children in both families were born in Monroe County.  

TAMMIE                     	Sep 24 1999   


CHARLES HESS 			Sep 22 1999

I am looking for any info on James and Catherine Hall who lived in Marion Township in the 
1880 census.They had several children including Pete,William L,Amanda,Martha,Charles,Fannie.  
One of these boys reportedly ran hotel in Holliday Mo.  I am grateful for any assistance. 

Lerton Dawson 			Sep 16, 1999

John W. Dawson Family
John W. Dawson moved to Madison, Monroe Co.,Mo in 1828 from Shelby County Kentucky. 
He was married four times; 
1. Malinda Todd  
2. Sally Wilson  
3. Mary Anne Welch
4. Ellizabeth Noel

With his third wife he had nine children William Edward, John Isaiah, Martha Jane, 
Charles Alexander, Benjamin Elisha, Robert Fdrancis, Eli Fountain, John Fdranklin and 
Perry Tucker. All Dawsons. The family lived on a large farm. John operated a wool, flour and 
grist mill. He was seriously injured by a head wound during a scrimmage with Union Army 
deserters and never fully recovered.  The mill was sold and part of the farm.  John spent
the subsequent years in the home of his son Dr. Benjamin E. Dawson.  He died at Longwood, 
Missouri , July 18, 1889.   Dr. Benjamin Dawson was my grandfather. He was born July 10, 1852. 
Any information appreciated.

Pat Bounds         	      Sep 15, 1999

I am looking for any information on a THOMAS J. BOUNDS who died at MONROE CO. on 02 Nov 1853 
leaving a wife and 7 children. They may have resided at one time in MARION CO.  
Any information would be most appreciated! Thank you   

James L. Lowary      		Sep 15, 1999 

SMITH, Robert Clark; 26 Nov 1893 - Apr 1972

Looking for the family of Robert Clark SMITH who was born 26 Nov 1893 in Holliday, MO 
according to a note in a bible. He married a Mary YOHE 5 Apr 1920 in Madison, MO and they had
at least 4 children. She died in 1935 in Madison, MO. Robert til about 1940 work in the coal 
mines in Madison. On 24 May 1940 he married my grandmother Cora Belle ALLISON/ARDREY/COURTNEY.
She had two daughters Winifred Marcelline COURTNEY/CAMPBELL (husband - Harley CAMPBELL),
and Norma Jean "Betty" COURTNEY/COULTER (husband - Harold Arthur COULTER), as both would have 
been married at that time. "Grampa" Bob as we knew him, died in 1972 in Keokuk, IA, after 
living in Hannibal and Frankford, MO. Would be interested in exchanging infomation with anyone
interested in these families, and contacts from anyone related to anyone listed above. 

Beth Abel Jones                 Sep 15, 1999

MD-KY Abells in Indian Creek MO
I am looking for info on the following people, who were descendants of Abells who moved from 
Maryland to Nelson/Washington Co KY abt 1790-1800. I know some members moved to Indian Creek, 
but not sure abt these:
James Alexander Abell b. 1832 Washington Co KY

Enoch Abell b. 1837 Marion Co KY

William David Abell, b. 1841 Marion Co KY(was in Christian Co IL abt 1858-1870, then?)

Francis Lloyd Abell b. 1843 Marion Co KY

All sons of John and Dorothy Bowles Abell, m 1/21/1825 Washington Co KY.
Any info greatly appreciated! 

Kevin Williams  		Sep 9, 1999

Christopher Columbus Acuff
I am searching for death date and burial place for Christopher Columbus Acuff from Monroe 
County, Missouri. The Probate records for his estate were dated May 10, 1841. 
Any information on Christopher will be greatly appreciated.  

Sally Haithman                  Sep 8 1999

SHROPSHIRE (1840-1870)
I am descended from a Missouri slave (or freewoman, possibly) named MILLIE SHROPSHIRE. 
I'm trying to find out which member of the very large slave-holding SHROPSHIRE family may be 
a gggf, or greater.  
After searching the Missouri Census Index, between 1840 and 1870, I have found seven 
JAMES SHROPSHIRES, with middle initials A, P,S,H, and J (there are three S's). James A. 
resided in Monroe County in 1870. Can someone help me figure out which of the Jameses are 
fathers, sons, or brothers? 

Sharon Miller      		Sep 8, 1999

I am looking for info for Sarah(Sadie)Young, she married Kisor Ashford in 1889 in Monroe
Co. Mo. Any help will be appreciated. 

Charlotte Haris    		Sep 8 1999

MONROE, SCOTT, ADAIR, MACON COUNTIES, Caleb William Mills, Keren Happuch Mills                Sep 7, 1999

I just received information that my GGGrandmother Mary Jane Kimberlain Love d  c 1885 is 
buried in Monroe Co MO. She was married to Andrew E Love 27 Nov 1879 in Magoffin Co KY. 
Andrew worked for lumber companies in the MO and AR areas. A son from a previous marriage,
Andrew Love Jr, who married Mahala Crace may have moved to MO with them and stayed there. 
Any info will be appreciated.

James Donovan             	Sep 4, 1999

I am seeking information on the family of Arthur C. Donovan who married Lovina Bassett in 
Coles County, Missouri, 19 May 1855. They moved to Monroe County, Missouri sometime between 
1860 and 1867. They had at least four sons, Dick Donovan, John Gilbert Donovan, Charles F. 
Donovan and Oscar Donovan.
I am a descendant of John Gilbert Donovan who married Mildred Jane Turnbough, 30 Sep 1880. 
They had two girls, Daisy and Minnie. John Gilbert remarried to Laura Bassett, 26 Dec 1893. 
The two girls and new wife went with him to live in Longton, Kansas. I'm trying to find out 
what happened to Mildred Jane "Millie" Turnbough, his first wife. If she died sometime between
1890 and 1892, she should be buried in Monroe County.
Also I am looking for descendants of Charles, Dick or Oscar. Arthur Donovan died in early 
September 1906. Is he buried there? Is Lovina buried with him?      	        Sep 3, 1999

Donaldson, Eugene, born 1870 or 71, Monroe Co. MO.  (Don't know the town)   
Father: Jedediah Donaldson .  Mother: Jennie E (Lewis) Donaldson 

Martha Martin    		Aug 31, 1999


Marla Andrus      		Aug 30, 1999

Searching for additional information on the DAVIS and EVANS families.
James DAVIS and Elizabeth (Evans) DAVIS, had a son, Monroe DAVIS, born Nov 8, 1834 at Monroe 
County, MO.  I have quite a bit of info on Monroe DAVIS in later years. I am happy to share. 
I would like to obtain more info about James & Elizabeth DAVIS, and any other children they 
may have had.  Thank you.    		Aug 28, 1999

I am searching for the family of William Palmer.
He and his wife Martha A. (unknown) had the following children: 
Margaret, Alfred, Lizzie, Lonah B., Stella, Mattie, Mirtle, Sidny.   
Any help would be appreciated. 

Edward L. Adams, Jr    		Aug 25, 1999

HOLDER families of Woodlawn Twp., Monroe co., MO
I'm gathering information on the desc. of the Holders of Monroe co., MO.  Fielding Holder of 
Fauquier Co., VA married 22 Sept. 1803 Jaley Nugent.  Jaley Nugent Holder d/o of Edward
Nugent and Elizabeth Garner of Fauquier co., VA. children include Edward Davis Holder 
(most Holders came out of his line!!);William Holder m. Mary Ann Pickett; and John Morning 
Holder.  Some Holders left Monroe county for Cedar county, MO.  Like some info on Jefferson 
Davis Holder 1861-1920, wife Eugenia ______ 1862-1936. He had a large family and was a son of 
the above Edward Davis Family. 

Joyce          			Aug 22, 1999    
Looking for information on grandfather George Henry TANKSLEY born June 26, 1892-1894 in 
Missouri and died March 28, 1929, in Davenport, Iowa, mother Lilie WRIGHT, father Robert 
TANKSLEY. Henry Tanksley (spelled Tanhsley), his mother, stepfather and half brothers and
sisters were on the 1910 census for Monroe County. Lilie is listed as wife of G. L. Haskins 
with the following children: HASKINS, Ida M.; Bennie W; Ines P; Mabel E; Albert R and Tanhsley,
Henry SS age 16. I know Henry married someone around Hannibal and had 2 daughters Silvia and 
Virginia that lived there when he died. I would like any information on this TANKSLEY family
especially Robert and George Henry. Thank you, 

Carla Williams Noffsinger       Aug 22, 1999
I am trying to locate my family . My grandmother's name was Cordelia Weger. She married Daniel
Williams in Paris Mo. This was Dec. 29, 1884.  I think the Weger's lived there at that time. 
I don't know much else . Thank you, Carla Williams Noffsinger 

Paul M. Woods      		Aug 21, 1999

Would be interested to know if anyone is doing any research on the Witherspoon ( Weatherspoon )
family?  We are just starting on this for some friends so any info at all could give us a 
starting point.   Thanks 

Dale W. Mason			Aug 17 1999
Andrew Baker and his wife Phoebe migrated to Monroe Co from Henry Co Kentucky, 1828-1830.  
They lived near Madison.  I am looking to make contact with any person that has information 
on the descendents of two of Andrew and Phoebe's daughters, Mary Ann Baker and Elizabeth Baker.
Mary Ann was married to John G. Hayden, June 26, 1823 in Owens Co Kentucky.  She is believed 
to have married second a Mr Davis.  She possibly died as early as 1843, but had at least one 
son, Isaac Hayden by her first marriage.  Elizabeth Baker married Charles P. Parish, 
May 21, 1840 in Monroe Co.  No additional information is known on Charles and Elizabeth.

Kate 				Jul 17, 1999

I am looking for a marriage record on Samuel D.	Rigler and Emma	Miller between 1888 & 1890. 
They were the parents of 2 sons Warren born Feb 1890 in Monroe co. and Roy born 11 March
1891 in Shelby Co. Mo. Roy married Edith Lack and died in Wapello, Ia  15 June 1938. 
Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. 

Colette Conley Steiner    	Aug 13, 1999

Have just begun trying to locate information on a Francis W. Conley. My cousin has a deed 
dated 1874 for 40 acres in Monroe County to the fore mentioned. My grandfather was born
to him sometime around 1881, and the land may have been sold sometime around 1894 as the 
family moved to Iowa around that time. Francis' wife may have died before the move.  

Pamela Creighton 	        Aug 11, 1999

I am researching the RICE, DUNCAN, and SUMPTER families of early(1832-1850) Monroe Co, Mo.
Please contact me if these names are in your family.

Virginia Wilson Thomas   	Aug 11, 1999


I am trying to trace the Hobbs, Cox, Sumner and Kendall lines in Monroe County. If anyone has any information or ideas, please let me know! (granddaughter of Ann Cox Kendall)

Descendants of Shrader Kendall

 1   Shrader Kendall Unknown - Unknown
..  +Mary Sumner Unknown - Unknown
......... 2   Nelson Kendall Unknown - Unknown
.............  +Sarah Ann Hobbs Unknown - Unknown
.................... 3   James Taylor Kendall 1869 - Unknown
........................  +Stella Snyder 1868 - 1955
.................... 3   Mary Catherine Kendall 1872 - 1954
........................  +Alexis T Smelser 1866 - 1939
.................... 3   Sally Elizabeth Kendall 1875 - Unknown
........................  +Jabe Smelser Unknown - Unknown
.................... 3   Joseph Nelson Kendall 1877 -
.................... 3   Ann Cox Kendall 1880 - 1965
........................  +Edward Preston Wilson 1874 - 1933
.................... 3   William Henry Kendall 1884 - Unknown
........................  +Ethel Malony Unknown - Unknown
......... 2   Kate Kendall Unknown - Unknown
.............  +Unknown Scott Unknown - Unknown
......... 2   Mary Kendall Unknown - Unknown
.............  +Unknown Humphrey Unknown - Unknown
......... 2   Ed Kendall Unknown - Unknown
......... 2   William Kendall Unknown - Unknown
......... 2   James Kendall Unknown - Unknown

Descendants of James Hobbs

 1   James Hobbs Unknown - Unknown
..  +Sarah Ann Cox Unknown - Unknown
......... 2   Sarah Ann Hobbs Unknown - Unknown
.............  +Nelson Kendall Unknown - Unknown
.................... 3   James Taylor Kendall 1869 - Unknown
........................  +Stella Snyder 1868 - 1955
............................... 4   Dale Kendall 1909 - 1991
...................................  +Mildred Lorene Dry 1921 -
............................... 4   Estil Kendall Unknown - Unknown
.................... 3   Mary Catherine Kendall 1872 - 1954
........................  +Alexis T Smelser 1866 - 1939
............................... 4   Naomi Smelser 1896 - 1900
............................... 4   Joseph Nelson Smelser 1897 - 1975
...................................  +Sue Hess Unknown - Unknown
............................... 4   Anna Laura Smelser 1899 - 1968
...................................  +James Menefee 1898 - 1971
............................... 4   Ruth Marie Smelser 1903 - 1904
............................... 4   Sidney Alexis Smelser 1907 - 1977
...................................  +Pauline Opal Norris 1913 - 1983
.................... 3   Sally Elizabeth Kendall 1875 - Unknown
........................  +Jabe Smelser Unknown - Unknown
............................... 4   Belle Smelser Unknown - Unknown
...................................  +? Donaldson Unknown - Unknown
............................... 4   Joseph Edward Smelser Unknown - Unknown
............................... 4   Pauline Smelser Unknown - Unknown
............................... 4   John Smelser 1893 - 1970
...................................  +Mary Unknown Unknown - Unknown
............................... 4   Leona Smelser Unknown - Unknown
............................... 4   Merle Smelser Unknown - Unknown
............................... 4   Laura Pearl Smelser Unknown - Unknown
............................... 4   Edith Smelser Unknown - Unknown
.................... 3   Joseph Nelson Kendall 1877 -
.................... 3   Ann Cox Kendall 1880 - 1965
........................  +Edward Preston Wilson 1874 - 1933
............................... 4   Joseph Edward Wilson 1920 -
...................................  +Dorothy Louise Herman 1925 -
.................... 3   William Henry Kendall 1884 - Unknown
........................  +Ethel Malony Unknown - Unknown
......... 2   Joseph Hobbs Unknown - Unknown
......... 2   Mary Belle Hobbs Unknown - Unknown
.............  +William Vanschoiack Unknown - Unknown

Virgil Freels                  Aug 11, 1999
Hi Looking for info on FREELS in Monroe County.

Linda Byers                    Aug 10, 1999

Looking for information on James Monroe Yager, b. 1814 in KY. Moved to Monroe County with his wife Ruth Staples. They had the following children:

John Henderson Yager, Robert Snyder Yager, Ann Elizabeth Yager, Columbia Francis Yager, Henry Liter Yager, Mary Virginia Yager and Sarah Ruth Yager. Ruth Staples Yager died abt. 1844. James Monroe Yager died abt 1850.

Any info would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Don Hutchinson  		Aug 9, 1999

My grandmother, Cora Love Hutchinson, b. 6-13-1886, and her parents James Thomas Love, 
b. 2-6-1846, and Sara Elizabeth (Betty) Snell, b. 4-20-1851 came from the Holliday Mo area. 
I am trying to find out the names of Sarah's parents. I only have them down as Father Snell, 
born in Kentucky in 1814 and died 4-16-1884; and Mother Snell, born in Kentucky in 1827 died 
June 3, 1851 soon after Sarah was born. I was told Sarah was an orphan but if her father died 
in 1884 this is not true. However I did find a Sarah E. Snell age 8 living in the household of
George Jones age 66 on page 229 of the 1860 census for Paris and Jackson township. 
Any help would be appreciated.  

Kate         			Aug 5, 1999

I am looking for any information on Samuel D. Rigler and his 2nd wife Emma Hubert Miller Rigler.
They were in Woodlawn Twp., Monroe Co on the 1900 census. I believe Emma died between 
Oct. 29 1902 and April 1903. I would like a death date & burial place for her. I know 
Rev. M.L. Heifner, a Baptist minister, did her funeral service.  I found a short note taped to
a page in Rev. M.L. Heifner's journal that leads me to believe he officiated at her funeral.
She was entry 89. entry 88 was for Oct. 29, 1902 and entry 90 was for April 1903, which leads 
me to believe she died between those dates.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Earl Miles                      Aug 2,1999

I am looking for information on a John Riley Painter born Nov. 11, 1881, died July 29, 1945
buried in Holliday, Monroe Co., MO. He married Myrtle Caroline Grunwalt on Dec. 28, 1904 in 
Stoutsville, Monroe Co., MO. She was born Oct. 18, 1888 in IL, died June 28, 1951 and also 
buried in Holliday, MO. Information on them would be greatly appreciated. 

Cindy Wills   		        Jul 27, 1999

Do you know who the father of John Hawkins was that married Isabella Wills in about 1848. 
Isabella died in childbirth about 1851, but had one son, William Hawkins who survived.

Debra Branigan       		Jul 27 1999

The MATTOX family arrived Monore Co., ca. 1832 and are allied with the families of WILLIS, 

Jim McBride                	Jul 15, 1999

I am researching the family of Ebenezer Walker McBRIDE, b 1803 in Tn?, d.1867 in the 
Mississippi River below Memphis. Ebenezer dec.. were

        Thomas McBride b. abt 1830 d. abt 1900
                m. Martha S. Drake

        John Cumberland McBride b abt 1831, Monroe Co. d. 1899, Monroe Co.
                m. Susan Margaret Kerr in Lawrence Co.
                        Julia S. McBride, b abt 1856, Monroe C.
                                m. Granville Snell Hoss
                        Ella McBride, b abt 1858, Monroe Co.
                        Maggie McBride, b. abt 1860, Monroe Co.
                        Thomas Walker McBride, b abt 1862, Monroe Co.

                John C. m.2nd Georgia A. Hollingsworth, 11 Nov. 1863
                        John McBride, b abt 1865, Monroe Co.
                        Charlie McBride, b 1867 Paris, Monroe Co
                        David Emerson McBride, b14 Jan 1869, Monroe Co
                        Smith McBride, b abt 1871, Monroe Co.

        Mary E. McBride, b abt 1836, Monroe Co
                m. Humphrey McVeigh     

        Eliza Ann McBride, b abt 1838, Jackson twp, Monroe Co
                m. Cicero Alexander 1857
                        Eben J Alexander
                        Mary Alexander
                        John Alexander

        Ella McBride, b  abt 1841
                m. Thomas H. Rubey 24 Sep 1861
                        Eugenie Rubey, b abt 1863
                        Frank Rubey, b abt 1865
                        Judah C, Rubey, b abt 1867      
                        Mary R. Rubey, b abt 1869

        Albina Jane McBride, b 28 Apr 1844, Paris, Monroe Co.
                m. William Stone Woods 10 Jul 1866
                        Julia Stone Woods, b 25 Mar 1874

        Almeda Naomi McBride, 5 Mar 1849, Paris, Monroe Co
                m. Edward West Smith 11 Jun 1868

        Walker E. McBride, b abt 1851, Monroe Co.
                m. Ida Cooper 17 Sep 1872

        Frances McBride, b 2 Sep 1853
                m. Samuel J. Fitzhugh

John Stater      		Jul 12, 1999

John STEWART of Monroe Co.
I am looking for information on a Stewart family that lived in Monroe county during and after 
the Civil War. The "patriarch" was John STEWART, born in 1808 in either Kentucky or Virginia. 
John's father was also John STEWART, born 1782 in Virginia. John Jr. was married to Melinda
WOODS. This was his second marriage. From his first wife he had several children, including 
Hugh STEWART, who served as a captain in the CSA during the Civil War. Some of the children 
from his second marriage include Franklin STEWART (b. 1860), Henry Clay STEWART and Sterling 
Price STEWART. Most of the boys were hell-raisers, who always carried side-arms. At times they
claimed to have killed people, and from some of the stories I've heard, that might indeed be 
true.  Franklin later moved to Nodaway Co. Missouri, and his descendants lived in Daviess Co.Mo.
I would appreciate any leads to where John or his father were born, who John STEWART Sr.'s 
parents might have been, or the identity of John STEWART Jr's first wife. Thanks!  

Vicki A. Goode Jul 5 1999

I am looking for any information on Michael Young who m: Lucinda Goodnight 3 Sept 1829 (place unknown). He/They moved to Monroe Co., MO. Michael is said to be buried in Florida Cemetery (Florida, Monroe Co., MO). He died 3 Sept 1877. Also, would like to find Henry Young b/o Michael. B: ca. 1810 D: 12 Oct 1861, m: Sarah Lewis (unknown date or place). Henry is said to be buried in Florida Cemetery, also.

Would like to share info with any one who may help and would appreciate any info. or leads. Thank You.

David McCann    	       Jul 5 1999

Joseph WHITE and Lucy LEATHERS were not on the 1850 Monroe Co. census, but they were living 
there when he died about 21 Jul 1851. His will listed his wife Lucy, and children James M., 
Barlett G., Joseph, and daughter Sarah L CLAYTON. What happened to his wife Lucy? When and 
where did she die? His daughter Sarah (Sallie) married #1 John T. Grigsby, and 2nd to George 
Washington CLAYTON.  Any information on this WHITE line would be appreciated.
William COWHERD married his second wife, Celia ESTES in 1809 in Woodford Co., Ky. They were
living in Monroe Co., Mo. before 1840. They had a daughter Sarah who married William M 
VANDEVENTER. Were there any other children besides Sarah? William is believed to have died in 
1852 in Monroe Co. When did Celia die? Where are they buried? 

G. Freeman                                            Jul 4 1999

I am looking for information about the death of my great great grandfather John Jacob Young born Feb 19, 1857-Ralls Co. MO, died July 18, 1886 in Monroe Co.-Monroe City, MO. Buried July 20, 1886. It has been a rumor in the family that John Jacob was murdred. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I may find info of this nature, for that time period? Thank you.

Carol Fleming   		Jul 3 1999
Looking for Leonard A Higgs family. Wife Sarah Francis. 
Daughter Ruby Ellen Higgs born Monroe Mo. 1898.

Lillian Eddy       		Jul 3 1999

My GG Grandfather Jonathan Bayard MORGAN was living in Monroe Co Missouri prior to his second 
marriage in Monongalia Co VA(WV) 1857. His first wife was ? KIMES/KYMES.
Jonathan Morgan was b. Monongalia Co VA (WV) and returned there in 1857. He later died in the 
Civil War.
My query is this:  Has anyone researching in this County ever run on to this family? Were 
there Kimes in the area at this time? Morgans? Would anyone know of the area's history before 
1857? My G Grandfather and Jonathan's son by this first marr was born abt 1853. Any help 
concerning this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

John Underwood      		Jul 1 1999

I am researching my ggf Daniel Underwood's line and have info that he was born in Monroe Co, 
MO, on 12 Mar 1852. His father was a Reuben Underwood as stated on Daniel's death certificate

in Williamson CO, IL, on 29 Nov 1914. I have info on a Reuben that was born in VA or KY on 
10 Dec 1805, m. Nancy Fry on 10 Nov 1836 in Monroe Co MO, and d.16 Aug 1890 in Monroe Co. MO. 
However, the info I have on this Reuben does not list Daniel as one of his children, and I 
cannot find any references to a Daniel in MO records anywhere. Info on Daniel's death cert. 
and the Williamson Co IL 1880 & 1900 census state that Daniel was born in MO.  Any help in 
making a tie between Daniel and his parents would be appreciated.

Jim LowAry                      Jun 30, 1999

Would you have info on a Robert Clark SMITH who would fit the info below (not sure of spelling of his first wife's name), or any of the others mentioned below. Cora Belle was my grandmother, so that is my relationship to Robert or "Grandpa Bob" as we called him even though he really was our grandpa. Thanks.

1.  Robert Clark SMITH was a Coal Miner til ~ 1940 in Madison, Missouri.
    He was married to Mary YOHE on 5 Apr 1920 in Madison, Missouri.  Mary YOHE died in 1935
    in Madison, Missouri.  Robert Clark SMITH and Mary YOHE had the following children:
    2       i.      James R. SMITH was living on 3 Jul 1968 in Hannibal, Marion Co.,
		    Missouri.  He served in the military in Norfolk, VA; US Navy.
    +3      ii.     William Ashley SMITH.
    +4      iii.    Betty Jean SMITH.

He was married to Cora Belle ALLISON (daughter of William M. ALLISON and Hattie M. NORTH) 
on 24 May 1940 in Moberly, Missouri.  Cora Belle ALLISON was born on 6 Apr 1901 in Ashely, 
Pike Co., Missouri.  She was living in 1918 in Curryville, Pike Co., Missouri.  She was 
living on 18 Mar 1945 in Byrch Street, (Hannibal, Missouri ?).  She died on 29 Jul 1968 
in Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa; Graham Hospital.  She was buried on 31 Jul 1968 in Hannibal, 
Marion Co., Missouri; Grand View Burial Park. Her nick name was Cozzy. 
The Obituary in the Hannibal Courier Post.  
	Mrs. Cora Smith

Mrs. Cora Belle Smith, formerly of Hannibal, died at 6:50 A.M. Monday in Graham Hospital 
at Keokuk.

Services will be conducted at 2 P.M. Wednesday at the Smith Funeral Chapel.  
Rev. Ralph Golliher of Frankford will officiate an interment will be in Grand View Burial Park.
Friends may call at the funeral home until the hour of services.

Mrs. Smith was born April 6 1901 at Ashley, a daughter of the late William and Hattie North 
Allison.  She was a member of the Assembly of God Church of Frankford.

On May 24, 1940, she was married at Moberly to Robert C. Smith who survives.

Also surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Winifred Courtney, of Keokuk and Mrs. Ida Taylor of 
St.Louis; six grandchildren; one great grandchild; two step-sons, William A. and James R.Smith
of Hannibal; one step-daughter Mrs. Betty Righter of Mexico; six step-grandchildren of 
Olive Hurst, Calif., and Mrs Alta Dommer of Pierce, Nebr. 

One daughter and one sister preceded her in death.

Cheryl Walker   	       Jun 29 1999

I am looking for the Richard Henry Powers family from Monroe Co. His sons include William H., Richard D., Ewell F. and Jessie Tearl Powers. Any information would be appreciated.

Dennis Pollard  		Jun 29 1999

I am looking for the names of the parents of Samuel Pollard. He married Malinda Williamson, 
Jan. 19, 1843 and lived in Monroe County until around 1866. He was a member of Co.E Home Guard.
I know that he was born in Kentucky around 1819, but have no idea when he moved to Missouri.
Any information about any of his relatives would be greatly appreciated.   		Jun 27, 1999

Would appreciate any assistance you can give in locating information or source for same for 
the William S. Dye family who resided in Perry, MO.  William S. married Isabelle Collins in 
Mexico, MO April 20, 1893 (family bible). They had at least 3 sons: Redmond, Jack and Herbert.
William S. and the boys relocated to Washington State in the 1920's and started a barber shop.
I believe William S. had a barber shop in Perry prior to that time.  
Thank you so much for your time. I am Herbert's daughter. He was the last of those Dye's to 
pass away and I was very young, having been born when he was about 50. I have virtually no 
information on his family and would appreciate anything you can come up with. Thank you. 

Wilena Fuchs   		        Jun 23 1999

Burrell Jefferson BROWN 1841
I am seeking information on the grave of Burrell Jefferson BROWN. In my records his wife said 
he was buried in Monrow Co. MO. His death date is 16 April 1878. He served in the Civil War 
for the south. Any help would be appreciated.

John D Underwood      		Jun 23 1999

Daniel Underwood,b.12Mar1852 in Monroe Co MO
I am seeking info on Daniel Underwood, my ggf. I have some indication that he was born 
12 Mar 1852 in Monroe Co. MO, and his parents were Reuben Underwood and Nancy Fry who were 
married 10 Oct 1836 in Monroe Co. MO. Any info on Daniel or Reuben or a pointer where I might 
search further would be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks

Nancy   			Jun 22 1999

I am looking for any information on Flora Eva Wilhite who married Edward Maurer in Beardstown,
Ill in 1904. The marriage license said she resided in Paris, Mo just before the marriage. 
Do you know any way to get any other information? Thanks.  

Dan Smith                       Jun 17 1999

JOHNSON, CARLISLE, GRAHAM. Daniel Johnson and Frances R. Graham married in Sumner Co TN on 
01 AUG 1832. Henry G. Johnson was a son of Daniel/Frances Johnson. He is reported to have 
married Roxanna Carlisle in Marion Co MO on 28 JAN 1874. By 1884, they were in Monroe City,
Monroe Co MO. They may have owned a restaurant in Monroe City at the turn of the century. 
They are both buried at St. Jude’s Cemetery. This union produced 5 children (four of which 
were Ralph, Carl, Delia and May Florence. Both boys lived in Dallas TX; Delia in Coin IA; and 
May Florence in Fulton Mo and Coin IA). The death certificate of Henry G. Johnson says that 
his father was Dr. Daniel Johnson.  John W. and Mary B. Carlisle were noted as being members 
of the Pleasant View Methodist (M.E.) Church in 1881 in Shelby Co. MO. They may have originally
been from Sussex Co. Deleware. They had a daughter Roxanna Carlisle who may have been born 
16 AUG 1854 in Sussex Co. Deleware.  Roxanna was the wife of Henry G. Johnson and died in 1920 
in Iowa.  Am researching in these Johnson’s and Carlisle’s. Any additional information would 
be helpful and am always interested in descendents.  

Gary Patrick Jun 12 1999

Bryan - Patrick - Dawson Families

I would like help with any info. My G-grandfather Isaac Newton Bryan B 1850 D 1922. Lived in or around Paris Monroe Co. Mo and is buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery. His second wife Fannie Bell Dawson.

I am also looking info on John J Patrick B about 1849 and wife Nancy B about 1861. They lived around Florida Mo. They had two sons Claud, B 1883 and Charles, B 1892. There were two Girls Josie and Edna.

Cheri Astrahan    		Jun 10 1999

Looking to connect with the family of the following Carols/Carrolls on page 742 of the 
Monroe Co, MO census for 1870: Angeline Carol , Jane Carol, Jerusha Carol, Margaret Carol
Is Jerusha Carol the widow of Hugh Alexander Carroll,maiden name Bagley, of Johnson Co, IN or 
her daughter of the same name? Are Angeline, Jane and Margaret her daughters or sisters?
Jerusha is a very uncommon name. Would like to connect them with the families of James and 
Bartlet Carrol of Shelby Co, MO in 1850 also from Johnson and Morgan Co, IN and with the 
Carrell of Cumberland Co, IL.

C.M. Wright      		Jun 4 1999

Searching for any information about German peoples named Hannebrink. It is claimed that Gilbert
A. Hannebrink was born in Old Monroe, MO. Closest is Monroe Co. and Monroe City. He was born 
about 1899 or 1900. His parents were Hermon? Hennebrink and Elizabeth Dietrich/k. Gilbert moved
to Collinsville,OK in the 1930's.  Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Linda Wood Sharp     		Jun 4 1999

Spalding-Hays union
I am researching my grandfather and of course I don't have much info. This is what I know:
Robert Marion SPALDING b.6 Nov 1822 in Washington Co KY, m. Minerva J NORTON b. 20 Aug 1826 
Ralls Co MO, on 10 Feb 1847 in MO. They had several children: Douglas P SPALDING b.1847, 
Judith SPALDING b. 1854, Norton F SPALDING b. 1859, Rolla SPALDING b. 1859, Sterling Price SPALDING b. 1862, Eliza (Babe) SPALDING b. 1867, and Minnie SPALDING
b. 1869.  Eliza Babe SPALDING m. J William HAYS on 30 Dec 1896. They had two children, the son 
Will died in infancy around 1902 and Minerva Norton HAYS b. 11 Aug 1898. d. Apr 1972.  Minerva 
was my grandmother. She married Harry Edward WOOD b. 8 May 1896 around 1919 and had three sons,
William Edward WOOD (my father) b. Jul 1920 d. 4 Jan 1955. Dustin WOOD and Edward WOOD.
My question is does anyone know anything about Harry Edward WOOD? or J William HAYS? 
I haven't had any luck tracking them down.  Thanks for any help.

Carol S. Johnson 		May 29 1999

I am looking for information on Joseph H. Campbell, Sr., died bef. 1884. He born in Ireland. 
He m. Elizabeth M. King b. 06 Oct 1845, d. 08 Aug 1919, she is buried in Holy Rosary Cemetery, 
Monroe City. They lived in the Clapper area for a while then moved to Monroe City.
They had four children, Joseph  H., Jr., James Patrick, Sarah Christina, John Larkin Campbell 
(my grandfather). Any info on any of these people would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Dala Williams-Amberson 		May 25 1999

Bledsoe, Donnely families of Monroe Co. MO
Am looking for information on Willis Bledsoe and Jane Donnally, both born in KY and living in 
Monroe Co. MO 1850 census and in 1867 when she died and in 1880 when he died. I need 
information on them and their children. Am working on the line of Willis Jr m: 1870 to Edna 
Jones and they came to California and are the ancestors of my husband and children. Help?! 

W&J     			May 14 1999

The Afflicks of Monroe County, Missouri

Am looking for information on and descendants of, Charles Owen AFFLICK and 
Sarah Jane WIGHT AFFLICK.  Sarah, the daughter of James and Sarah (RATCLIFFE) WIGHT.  
They moved to Monroe County from Kentucky, possibly Jefferson County or Shelby County.  
Their children are as follows:
 Charles C. or Fletcher AFFLICK - b. abt. 1848 - Kentucky --
	married Mary Elizabeth COOPER - October 12, 1882 -   Shelby Co., Kentucky
 James Thomas AFFLICK - b. July 25, 1850 - Jefferson Co., Kentucky
 Mary Jane AFFLICK - b. abt. 1852 - Kentucky
 Thomas Owen AFFLICK - b. March 17, 1854 - Jefferson Co., Kentucky
 John W. AFFLICK - b. abt. 1856 - Kentucky
 James Ratcliffe AFFLICK - b. abt. 1859 - Shelby Co., Kentucky -- 
	married Nina Lee HULL - May 3, 1888 - Monroe County, Missouri
 William M. AFFLICK - b. abt. 1862 - Kentucky
 Sallie Lee AFFLICK  -  b. August 21, 1864 - Shelby Co., Kentucky

Any information on marriages, births, deaths and/or cemetery records will be greatly 
appreciated.  Would like to find descendants of any of the above.

Dave Miller   			Apr 30 1999

I am concerned McKamey Cemetery about the McKamey Cemetery which is located on Route 
A which runs east from Highway 15 and dead ends on a gravel road at a corner that was the site 
of the old McKamey Schoolhouse. The cemetery is about three quarters of a mile west of that 
corner. It has been mistreated and I was told a former resident of the nearby farmhouse used 
some of the stones for stepping stones. I don't know what happened to them. A few years ago I 
propped some of the stones up when looking for records of ancestors, but the stones are heavy 
and my wife and I could not do much. We live out of state. The cemetery is in disrepair
and I wonder if someone is willing to give it some attention.                                

jhodge    			Apr 27 1999

Searching for information on the family of Samuel Hodge of Monroe Co. He came from Caswell Co.
N.C. 1830-32. Other members of his family lived in Randolph co. MO.  

Muncie S.    			Apr 26 1999

Seeking transcript of data contained in the 1840 census of Monroe Co, Jackson Township, MO 
on Levi Shortridge. And in the 1850 census on the same Levi Shortridge listed in the 59th 

Seeking transcript of data contained in the 1850 census of Monroe County, MO, on 

Seeking transcript of data contained in the 1870 census of Monroe County, Jackson Township, MO

David F. Carrico   		Apr 19 1999

I'm looking for information as to where members of the Carrico family may be buried in 
Monroe County or any other information. They are the descendants of Walter Carrico who 
apparently lived in Indian Creek in 1830.

Nelson Hufford   		Apr 19 1999

Am Looking for info on John W Perkins . According to a land patent he held land in Monroe Co. 
in 1838. Anything would be helpful.

Kate        			Apr 16 1999

I am looking for any information on Amos Miller who married Annie Smith in 1902.  They
had 3 known children, Gladys, Clifton and Emma Sue.   Gladys' obituary states that she started
school in Hayes School in Monroe City.  Amos was reportedly living in Monroe City in 1947 at 
the time of his mother's death.   Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Winifred Dixon Apr 12 1999

Powers genealogy

Seeking descendants of the Powers family came into Monroe county in the early 1800's and had land Southfork. Richard Deane Powers was the patriarch of the family with sons Marcus and Milford. I would like to exchange information.

Tom Denton Apr 7 1999

I was looking at your web site concerning St. Stephens Cem. I am researching the GREEN, WILLIAMS, HARDESTY, and PIKE families from the Indian Creek, Monroe City, and Shelbina area's. The four families appear to be part of the Catholic migration through Kentucky. As a general rule they have been buried either at St. Stephens, Holy Rosary Cem. in Monroe City, or St. Mary's in Shelbina. Can you provide me with any information concerning these four families? Specifically I am looking for information on George HARDESTY, Juliann HARDESTY, John Giles GREEN, Julia Ann GREEN, Charles David GREEN, Mary Anne GREEN, Thomas WILLIAMS, Percilla WILLIAMS, William PIKE or Elizabeth PIKE.

Do you know of any good sources for researching people in Holy Rosary or St. Mary's Cemetaries.?

If you know of anyone who may be interested, I have information concerning many of the GREEN, WILLIAMS, HARDESTY, and PIKE descendents dating from after their arrival in Missouri.

William S. (Billy) Bates Apr 2 1999

Looking for descendants, researchers of John Derben Stephens, born ca 1786 and died 1845 in Monroe County. He married Polly Bates ca 1804 in Franklin County, Virginia. Researching William Gilbert and wife Susan M. Bates, born ca 1831 in Monroe County. Researching Joseph J. and Martha Bates Bryan in Monroe County. Joseph was born about 1816. Will exchange information.

Barbara Adams Apr 1 1999


I am trying to locate any information on my great grandfather's family. My great grandfather was Stephen Alexander Campbell, born: 11 October 1861 in Monroe County, Missouri. His father was Henry C. Campbell, born 20 Sept. 1825 and was married to Elizabeth Riggs, born 22 Nov. 1830.

Stephen A. Campbell married Octavia Hays on 4 January 1888, in Tinneys Grove, Ray County, MO.

Jerry Wilcoxen Mar 30 1999

I am searching for information on John Wesley Wilcoxen. He was married to Eliza Ann Kelley. Both are buried in St. Judes cemetery, Monroe City MO. They had 11 children, the youngest being George Walter Wilcoxen, my grandfather. One daughter, Virginia (Jennie), married a man named Crigler.

Kat Bryan Mar 29 1999

We were in Monroe Co. over the past weekend searching for BRYAN family members in cemeteries. We were lucky enough to locate my husband's grandparents, Charles Dysart and Pearl Louise Carnes Bryan, and others in the Walnut Grove cemetery outside of Paris thanks to the wonderful listings and map at the gate. THANK YOU to whoever is responsible. We were unable to locate the Cedar Grove cemetery, though, that is supposed to be SE of Paris. Could someone please email me detailed directions on how to get there?

Kate Mar 29 1999

Amos Miller/ Annie Smith

I am looking for a marriage record for Amos Miller and Annie Smith, possibly in Monroe Co., Mo. in the early 1900's. Also any data on Annie's death, possibly 1930. Thank you for your help.

jgeno Mar 26 1999

Gross / Erdman Genealogy

I am looking for any information on the Gross family of Monroe. Adam Gross married Dhorothea Erdman. They are both buried in St Judes Cemetery in Monroe City.

Rev. Marion L. Putnam Mar 26 1999

John A. Putnam is supposed to have bought 40 acres north of Paris when he returned from a failed move to Canada. Two bad crop years. I think the purchase would have had to have been about 1910. He died I think some time between Oct 7, 1910 and Nov. 1912. Any information on Him would be greatly appreciated. He was my grandfather. His wife was Ruth Ellen Holmes Putnam. Grandfather is reported to have had 13 children but I only know of 12 of them.

Rev. Marion L. Putnam May God's blessing follow you always.

Bryce Williams Mar 17 1999

Would some one please check your files for information on the marriage of Dewitt Greenman and Clarissa Bentley. Ca 1881-1900. They were on the Monroe county Mo 1900 federal census as husband and wife. Thank you for your help

Connie Mar 6 1999

Long & Turner Families

I am trying to locate info on Charles L. Turner & Minnie H. Long Turner who resided in Madison Mo Monroe Co. Charles Turner born 6-1870 Minnie H. Long Turner born 12-1865 to William H. & Celia R Long in Mo & died I believe 7-01-1924. Charles & Minnie's children were: Walter born 4-23-1895 died 10-1962 and Willie L. born 3-1897 who married Fred Meals. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Mar 2 1999

Ivie, Allred, Billington, Long families - Monre County - 1830-1865

Looking for information on the Anderson Ivie and related families in Monroe county between 1830-1860's

Daniel Botkin Feb 27 1999

I am looking for the names of G.F. Botkin who lived in Monroe County in the late 1800's. He was born in Kentucky. He had a son by the name of Herbert Dee Botkin. I think Herbert Dee married Iva Myrtly Roberson in Monroe County on April 6, 1904. I would appreciated hearing from anyone who may have a Botkin connection. Thanks.

Dale W. Mason Feb 24 1999

Ragsdale - Turner

Cornelius Harrison Ragsdale and John William Ragsdale were both sons of James W. Ragesdale of Monroe Co MO. Cornelius married Adelia Yowell and John married Ella Yowell. Adelia and Ella were sisters and grandaughters of Charles Leche Turner of Marion Co MO. Can anyone share information on the descendents of John and Cornelius.

Mel Myers, St. Louis, MO Feb 23 1999

I'm seeking information on Helen Carrico, wife of Walter Carrico. Helen was the daughter of Ignatius and Rhoda O'Bryan of Washington Co., KY. Helen married Walter Carrico in Washington Co.,,KY Jan. 7, 1802. They moved to St. Louis,MO in 1818 and later moved to Monroe Co., MO around 1836. They resided on Indian Creek near Swinley, MO. Walter died in 1840 and Helen died in 1865.

Judy Ellis Feb 22 1999

Looking for Lucinda G. Tanner's father. She was born ca1840 and married (1st) Scott Rackleff , (2) Phil Quinsenberry.

Looking for info on Estilla (Stella) Rackleff Snell. She was born ca1866 and married Ashby Snell. Where did they live and die and were there any children?

Looking for information on James Bridgford who came to Monroe Co ca 1836. Settled in the Santa Fe area. Married Margaret Campbell and had several children.

Looking for info on John Campbell b.ca1785 - came to Monroe Co ca 1830-1840 and settled near Paris. His wife's name was Lucinda. Their daughter Margaret married James Bridg(e)ford ca 1840. Their daughter Zerilda married David McKamey ca 1840.

Cindy Sender Feb 21 999

I am looking for any information on Thomas Young and spouse Susannah (Price) Young. They had a son Peter (b) 1833 Monroe Co. He married Harriet Rachel Orlton in 1854,Indiana. There may have been a son James who setteled in Lewis Co. Mo. Also there may have been 4-5 daughters. Any information on this Young family would be appreciated.

Rosemary Feb 13 1999

Looking for information on JOHN CANNIFAX, son of William Cannifax and Esther Maxey and JANE W. LEAVELL, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Hawkins Leavell of KY.

John died 1832 . His will is recorded in Will Book B, page 119. He is also mentioned in the book "Pioneer Families of Missouri". I am looking for his children and descendants.

Any information is appreciated. Willing to share my files on the Cannifax family.

Terri Lynn Borkman Feb 13 1999

Pugh/Furnish/Wales family

I am searching for the parents of IDA BELLE PUGH born 30 July 1872 in KY, probably in Harrison County. Her maternal grandfather was JOHN MADISON FURNISH. He was born in Harrison Co, KY on 21 June 1809. He moved to Andrew Co, MO in 1850 and then to Monroe Co, MO. I believe that the FURNISH family raised IDA BELLE. She married CHARLES HENRY WALES 10 MARCH 1891, in Holliday, Monroe Co. They lived in Mexico, Mo until 1922. IDA then moved to Long Beach, CA with her daughter Maybelle Wales Crimmel. Ida died 30 March 1941. If anyone has information on IDA'S parents, I would love hearing from you. I have extensive information on this family that I will share.

Dick Moore Feb 11 1999

My grandfather, Robert K. Megown, was a veterinarian in Monroe City, postmaster around 1910, and Civil War veteran. He had at least nine children. I have a Family Tree Maker file with his lineage and descendants on it, although I am looking for more information.

Gerri Doyle Feb 7 1999

Searching for Lorenzo Smith and wife, Sarah (Gray), both died in Monroe County, Missouri in
the 1880's. They left children: Olive, Lutie, Frank, and Harvey Smith as young children.
My grandmother, Lutie Smith married James Campbell Boyd, 1891, in Kansas City, Missouri where
their children were born: Blanche, Mary, Leona, Irene, Gladys, and Archie. Haven't found
where Lorenzo and Sarah are buried but family thinks they were buried in Lick Creek Cemetery
near Perry, MO where other family members lived. Lorenzo and Sarah were residing Pike Co. IL
1870 but later moved to Monroe County, MO, near Paris. Have Sarah's ancestors, but don't
have anything on Lorenzo Smith's family. Would love to hear from someone regarding the
Lorenzo Smith family. Thank you.

Cindy Wills 	*New E-mail	Feb 8 1999 

Looking for descendants of Francis E. YAGER, wife, Elizabeth Simms who moved to Indian Creek 
Township in about 1840.  One of his youngest children, Bernard YAGER, is my line.  
Bernard married Lucinda REIGHLEY.

Rod Golay			Feb 1 1999
Is there a cememtery called "LeMar"  in the county and if so, are there
records?  Thank You

Julie Oliver 			Jan 31 1999 
SIMMS  Looking for information on Robert Sinclair Simms.  He was born in Monroe County in 
1843, Paris, MO and d. April 5, 1893 in Marion Co, MO.  He m. Susan Lear b. Dec 6, 1849 and 
d. Feb 28, 1922.  Robert was listed on his m. license as Robt. S.L. Simms 
(the initial could stand for Lavielle-a family name).  As far as I know he and Susan had 
3 children: Ira Lavielle Simms, Cornelia, and Bill.

I am looking especially for the ancestors of Robert Simms or the descendants through his 
children.  I would be glad to trade

Alana Kimbel Considine  	Jan 28 1999 

Looking for KIMBLE and allied families in Monroe Co., Missouri.

Luke KIMBLE b. abt 1806 in Tazewell Co., Virginia
his wife Sarah "Sallie" Dungan married in 1831 in Washington Co., Va.
His two sons Frederick Lee KIMBLE and William ELbert KIMBLE were born in Monroe County in 
1872 and 1874 respectively.

Also Luke's nephew Wiley N. KIMBLE who arrived shortly after he returned from the Civil War. 
Wiley N.'s wife was Mary J. BARROW
Luke's children married into the HENNINGER, DUNGAN, STALCUP, KIDWELL, BRIM, EDWARD, REAMS,

Rev. Marion L. Putnam   	Jan 21 1999 

I have been informed that There were 3 funerals in 4 weeks in the William Snyder family.   
Bear with me as I tell a short story.  In 1901 or 1902 On a train going from Howell Co.,MO 
to Monroe County, My grandmother was large with my mother.  The only thing I can think of 
that would have her on such a hard trip, Especially with a sick Daughter of 3, is 
a death in the family.  I believe this was William Snyder/Snider, My grandmother's sister 
Minnie was Caring for Olivia Fay the sick daughter.  As Minnie walked the train aisle carrying
the child, Olivia Fay raised her head from Minnie's shoulder and said, "Minnie, Momma,
I'm climbing the golden stairs."  She laid her head over and died.  If my grandmother was 
going to her father's funeral, then William Snyder and Olivia Fay Kysor make up two of the 
three Funerals that I have been informed by a Professional Genealogist took place within 4 
weeks.  If anyone can get my great-grandfather's obit I would be grateful.  I just cannot 
afford to hire a professional Genealogist.  My fixed budget is very fixed.  My mother 
OPAL FERN KYSOR, was born in Monroe City  on June 27, 1902.  The funerals would have to 
have been within a nine month period preceding that date.

Mary Rasmussen        		Jan 13 1999

Short-Hardesty Family
Seeking info abt John Hardesty b ca.1816KY and wife Eliz Hardesty b ca1816.
In 1850 Monroe Co census.

Laurie Winder 			Jan 8 1999 
I would like to gather some information about Matilda Madeline Stevens.  Date of birth is 
January 7, 1854.  Date of death is April 25, 1893.  She was born in the town of Madison in 
the County of Monroe - Missourie.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. - Laurie
"They who dance are thought mad by those who hear not the music."

Shirley Edillon			Jan 4 1999

I recently found information saying that an Elizabeth (Odell) Pendleton died June 18, 1873 
in Monroe County, MO.  Would like confirmation  or additional information.  Her husband is 
John Bowie Pendleton said to have died 1885 (location unknown).  They may have come from 
Tennessee to MO. Would greatly appreciate any information.  She is the sister of one
of my ancestors. 

Sam Maner 			Jan 2 1999

The Hickman Family
I am looking for information on a William Hickman who died in Monroe Co. MO in the 1830's 
does the County have Wills that go back that far?? and Could some one look it up I will 
pay for copies and time spent...

Debra Branigan 			Jan 1 1999
Searching to exchange information about Job DOOLEY and Lucy Searcy.  Job b. ca 1786 VA/KY to 
Jacob DOOLEY and Elizabeth BUSH.  Married 4 Aug 1808 in Madison Co., KY to Lucy Searcy 
(b. 22 Jul 1790 KY d. 15 May 1874 Elliottsville (Stoutsville), MO 
(par: Charles/Mary MORSE SEARCY) ch: Dorcus, Underwood, Stephen, Christina, Catherien, Lucy, 
Olive, Mary, and Job Jr.  I have much information to share.

Searching to exchange information about Edmund MATTOX b. 1800 VA m. Elizabeth (b. ca. 1902 VA)
prob. VA and possibly 2nd marriage for Edmund to a Mollie L. McGee.  Ch: of Edmund and 
Elizabeth are Nancy Jane, William H., Robert W., Francis M., Mary F. and Mahala E.

Searching for contacts for HARDWICK family of Monroe Co., MO.  Oldest ancestor is 
John H. HARDWICK m. Lucy SEARCY 11 Mar 1819 in Madison Co.,KY.  Ch: are Thomas, Cary J., 
Dorcas, Pleasant, Polly, Willis, George and Jethro.  I have a lot of information to share.

Seeking contacts for Comly/Cumley family of Monroe Co.  Thomas COMLY b. 1810 (Ireland/KY) 
m. Tabitha SMITH (where?) Tabitha b. 1815 KY d. after 1880 buried Bethel Cemetery, Holliday,MO
remarried 9 Sep 1855 to Larkin WALTERS.  ch: William, Hiram J., Mary Jane, Margaret, and 
Bradford.  Seeking information on Thomas and what happened to him.  I have quite a
bit on Hiram and Mary Jane.

C.A. Miller 			Jan 1 1999   

I am working on info for Daniel Floyd Walker,born 7 April 1839,Monroe Co.Mo.,in
1864 he married Elizabeth Leftridge,,,,,he died  3 April,1913.  Daniel"s parents were
John Jack Walker and Sarah Meyers. If you are interested please e-mail me.