William Hord Loses $700

Wm. Hord of this county, some time ago lost $700 in rather a singular manner. For safety from bushwhackers and prowling thieves, he had buried the money in a pile of the refuse of sugar cane, letting no one into the secret but his wife. In leaving home one day he left orders for “the boys” to burn off a tobacco bed; after he was gone they fired the old cane field; Mrs. Hord saw the fire and hastened to it—searched for the hidden treasure, and not finding it, and coming to the conclusion that her husband had removed the money, no attempt was made to extinguish the fire—hence cane, money and all “went up the spout.”. The feelings of all interested may well be imagined, when Mr. Hord returned home and the loss was ascertained.


Paris Mercury

Reprinted in Liberty Weekly Tribune, May 26, 1865