Major Washing Dishes

The Macon City (Mo.) Gazette, giving an account of a scouting expedition in Monroe county, by a detachment of Federal troops under Major McKee, brings in this incident:

That night a party of them stopped at the house of Mrs. Chick, a fiery secession lady, who husband stays out in the brush when there is any fear of the approach of Federals. She was brim full of fight and abus, and with shovel in had, berated them in ferocious style, declaring thwy should have no supper there. Major McKee, however, took matters coolly, and finally so far prevailed on her, that she consented to get them supper and breakfast, if he would help her to do the cooking! To this the good natured Major assented. He cooked the meat and washed the potatoes, while she sifted the meal and baked the bread. When supper was over, the lady washed the dishes, requiring the Major to wipe them after her! In the morning the same performance was gone through with for breakfast. On leaving, the lady of the house and the Major shook hands, and parted on good terms.

Source: Page 1 of the Liberty Weekly Tribune dated 18 Apr 1862 at