Mrs. Anna Farthing Ward

Untitled, undated article; original source unknown. Extracted from the newspaper article collection started in 1879 by Mrs. Nannie Brown of Madison, Missouri. 

 “The death of Mrs. Anna Farthing Ward recalls a terrible tragedy of which she was an eye-witness during the war. One Sunday, in the company of her sister, Miss Laura Farthing, Jas. Lasley and two young men named Price and Ridgway, Mrs. Ward – then in her girlhood – attended church near Old Clinton in this county. On returning to Mr. Lasley’s home they found a squad of Federal militia who fired upon the young men, killing Jas.Lasley, Price and Ridgway. The young ladies fled to the woods and escaped.

Mrs. Ward was prostrated for weeks by the shock and came near losing her mind. For several days before her death she was delirious and continually raved about Federal soldiers trying to kill her. Mr. Ward, her husband, did not know what prompted her ravings but Barney Farthing, her brother, knew the cause as soon as he arrived. The tragedy that had prostrated her 35 years ago was recalled to her memory in all its horror and in her delirium she was constantly confronted by the brutal cowards who had shot down defenseless men before her eyes.” 

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