Jonesburg, the rival town of Clinton, was divided from the latter merely by an alley. It was laid out by Col. Gabriel Jones in 1836. Greenlee Hays opened the first store. James Coombs, Benedict Gough, Blakey and Lasley were early merchants. The town went down when Clinton did. North Fork post-office is located one mile north-west of Clinton, at the residence of Samuel McDowell, who is postmaster. The first church in the township was located at Clinton and was built by the M. E. Church South.

Among the constituent members of this church were William Fowler, wife and two sons; John Strayer and wife; Adam Hickart and wife; William Henniger and wife and Henry Ashcraft and wife. The Christian Church bought Greenlee Hay's house at an early day and made a church of it. Among the first members of this church were James M. Dean and wife; John and Drury Ragsdale and Robert Nesbit. These churches were discontinued years ago. The Methodists, however, built another church one mile east of Clinton which is still in existence. John Couch was one of the first school teachers in the township and taught at Deer Creek school-house. Among the large farmers in Washington township are C. A. Hamilton, George Gough, Jacob Crow, Thomas Hart, Fountain Sparks, W. T. Adams, James Hawkins and John Hager.