The town was first laid out in 1876 by  brothers, W. H. Holliday and Thomas Holliday. These men were engaged for some time in operating a Dry Goods Store.  Soon others were attracted to the area by the wonderful farm land and timber.  Three century-old Indian petroglyphs can be found near Holliday.


Holliday, Mo. Pop. 139

This is a very small town of friendly folks with a few local business', a Post Office, Water Co., a Farm Service&Feed Co., also, Carter's Birddogs and Stable, a family business. There is a small school of 70 students where I graduated. A sweet little dusty town with memories from years gone by.                        (submitted by Cathlene Stewart)


This village is situated in Marion Township on the M. K. & T. RR., eight miles from Paris, five miles from Madison and was first laid out by W. H. Holliday & Bro. in 1876. The first house in the town was erected by W. H. Holliday and was used by him and his brother, Thompson Holliday, as a general store. The first dwelling house was also built by W. H. Holliday. Among the early settlers was William Singleton, from Macon Co., Mo.; he opened the first hotel in the town. Thomas Mappin built the first saw and grist-mill in the vicinity.

     --Directory of Towns, Villages, and Hamlets, Past and Present, of Monroe Co., Mo. ,   p 175, 176

Holiday had a school, two churches, and fourteen business's including stores, shops, etc. Population 1899, about 250.

     --Encyclopedia of the History of Mo., 1901 Conrad.        (submitted by Robin Gatson