Letter from Tim Connolly to His Parents

Tim Connolly, a nephew of Joe McAlister, of Louisiana, Mo., writes to his parents as follows from Dawson City:

Dawson City, April 4,--My dear mother and father: At last I write a few lines to let you know where I am in the land of the midnight son. I left Juneau last winter and was one hundred days coming to this place with five dogs and 1000 pounds of grub. This is the best country in the world. Wages are $15 a day. I have a few thousand and would send them to you but there is no way of doing so. The man that takes this letter will take it 1000 miles to Juneau, Alaska, in his pocket. He starts tonight for the outer world.

Mother, gold in this place is no good. Grub is the thing. Bacon sells at $3 per pound and flour $60 per sack. I will come home in two years with enough money to keep us the rest of our lives, if I have health. There w????? In our party ???? but one of them died. We brought him 700 miles on a sled.

We work dogs here as you do horses. This is a wonderful country. Winter is cold, from 60 to 80 below zero and the short three months to work is, from June to last part of September. There is no night. Those three months winter, daylight is three hours, about Christmas. I have bought a claim for $9,000. I paid $2,000 down and $7,000 on bed rock. There are winter diggings; the ground is frozen 40 feet deep. We drift as we did in coal mines. We put a fire in at the face and let it thaw out. and in the summer time was it out with sluice boxes. This creek is the richest in the world. Two men shoveled in $18,000 in two hours. The place was struck last August by an Indian. The worst of this place is there is nothing to eat only bacon and flour. We use pine boughs for the scurvy. One third of the men are afflicted with it. To live here a year it would cost $1,000. There is a steamboat that comes up the river once every year but it hasn't come up for the last two years, and if it don't come up this will go out on the ice. There are about 700 men in this place, the Yukon country, and they will lots of them go out with a stake if the boat comes up.  I gave the $200 for taking this to Juneau and he will post it there. It will be this time next year before I know what I will have to come home on. Three years is enough for a man to stay in this place. It will make a young man old to live on the grub that gold can't buy. I would like to hear from all the folks at home and when I come out you will think Count of Monte Cristo has struck town. There are no nights at this time of the year. The sun shines eight days straight. It is well named the Land of the Midnight Sun. You would laugh to see me now. My hair is as long as Wild Bill's.

This is the only place in the world where a man can make money, but it takes a strong man to stand it. I think I could eat a bushel of fruit. A man came here with eggs and sold them for $76 for one egg. So if mother was here she could make money by the bushel with her hens.