How Florida Picnic Made Major Governor

“The career which culminated in the election of Elliott W. Major, a former Monroe county boy, as governor of Missouri was the outcome of a Florida picnic incident. Major and his parents were driving to the picnic from their Monroe county farm when a piece of the harness broke. Elliott was ordered to get out and fix it. Being a clumsy youth at the time, he made a mess of it and the next thing he knew his father, who had lots of temper, was tanning his jacket with the buggy whip. This was bad enough, of course, but to make matters worse Elliott’s best girl happened along in time to see the performance. This so humiliated him that he ran away from home that night. Walking to Bowling Green, he was given a job as janitor in Champ Clark’s office. Later on, Major studied law under that famous statesman and became a brilliant attorney. In quick succession he was elected state senator, attorney-general and governor, in all of which offices he rendered fine and constructive service to the people. Gov. Major is now one of the outstanding lawyers of St. Louis. He is a brother of Col. S.R. Major of Paris.”

Source: Monroe County Appeal dated 31 Aug 1931. Submitted by Mary Beth Kirtlink.