Miss Jennie Searcy Killed by a Train of Cars

On Monday, December 6, 1875, Miss Jennie Searcy was run over and killed by the cars. We copy from the Appeal:-Stoutsville was the scene of a most distressing and heart-rending, accident on last Mondav morning. Miss Jennie Searcy , a young, lady of 16, and a boy by the name of Elliott were going from Elliottsville to Stoutsville, and were walking upon the railroad track about a mile and a half from Stoutsville, when engine No. 35 came along, and overtook them; the engineer, Mr. Donald, invited them to get on and ride to the station, which they did. He stopped for them to get off and they alighted and started to cross the railroad track immediately behind the engine, thinking it was going, to move on. At the same instant, the engineer reversed the engine, and started back, knocking, down tile young lady, who uttered one scream, and the wheels of the engine  passed over her body, leaving, it a mangled, mutilated, lifeless corpse. The engine also struck the boy but he managed to escape unhurt. The girl was a daughter of Mrs. Searcy, a widow who resides in Elliottsville, and was much esteemed by all who knew her. No blame was attached to tile engineer, as they (the girl and boy) were so near the engine when attempting to cross that he could not see them.