Roll of Honor

9th Battalion Missouri Sharpshooters

Brad Taylor 

This account contains less than the number of men reported in post-battle reports. The numerical accuracy of this Roll is therefore suspect.  

Pvt Henry H. Clay  Disease  Shreveport, La  27 April 65

Pvt J.H. Clay  Disease  Camp Massard, AR 26 December 62

Pvt Thomas A. Dillon  Disease  Little Rock, AR  28 January 63

Pvt John J. Downing  KIA  Helena, AR  4 July 63

Pvt Peter A.J. Embree Disease (POW)  Ft.Scott, KS  17 November 64

Pvt E.B. Enyart  Disease  Little Rock, AR  24 July 63

Pvt Zachariah Gunn  Disease  Little Rock, AR  6 April 63

Pvt James Han  Disease  TPU  (time/place/unknown)

Pvt James S. Holvell   Disease  Little Rock, AR  30 May 63

Pvt James Howard  Disease   Little Rock, AR  15 January 63

Pvt John W. Howard  DOW  (from) Helena, AR

While a POW at Memphis,TN 14 July 63 

Pvt Joseph M. Janes   KIA  Helena, AR  4 July 63

(same as below Jones ?)

Pvt Cumberland Johnson Disease (POW)  St. Louis  22 Oct 63

Pvt Joseph M. Jones  KIA  Helena, AR  4 July 63

(probbably same as above Janes) 

Pvt Hugh Lafever  KIA  Helena, AR  4 July 63

Pvt E.E. Morrow  Disease  Ft. Smith, AR  1 Jan 63

Pvt  George E. Mosely KIA   Helena, AR  4 July 63

Lt. Gustavus A. Parsons Disease   Van Buren, AR  12 Dec 63

Pvt William Perkins  Disease  Ft. Smith, AR  3 January 63

Pvt C.W. Proctor  Disease  Ft. Smith, AR  3 January 63

Pvt Robert P.Puckett  Disease  Little Rock, AR  2 February 62 ( Feb 63?

    (Bn not formed yet. This is probbably 63) 

Pvt Benjamin K. Ray  KIA  Jenkins Ferry, AR 30 April 64

Pvt Thomas H. Robinson Disease  Camp Anderson, (AR ?) 18 May 63

Pvt Andrew Rouse  Disease  Camdem, AR  cl March 65 (April 65?

    (Bn did not retake Camden until early April. Did Bn march from Camden

    to B. of Pleasant Hill and leave this man behind ? ) 

Cpl John L. Simpson  KIA  Helena, AR  4 July 63

Cpl Charles H. Speer  Disease  on the Arkansas River, AR 24 June 63

Lt Albert H. Stanton  Disease   Hempstead Co, AR 17 December 63

Pvt G.M. Surgeon   Disease  Little Rock, AR  19 February 63

Pvt Samuel Sutton  Disease  Ft. Smith, AR  3 Jan 63

Pvt Elijah S. Todd  KIA  Helena, AR  4 July 63

Pvt Lock M. Todd  KIA  Helena, AR  4 July 63

Sgt George Turner  DOW (from) Pleasant Hill, La

While a POW in (idem, La ?) c 15 April 64 

Pvt W.J. Umstatt  Disease  Little Rock, AR  20 May 63

Sgt Joseph White  KIA  Pleasant Hill, La  9 April 64

Pvt  Calvin Williams  KIA  Helena, AR  4 July 63

Pvt  Samuel K. Winant Disease   Camp Bragg, AR  26 December 63  


      Officers  Non-commissioned Enlisted 

Totals: 34 dead (+1 copy?) 2  2   30 

Prairie Grove  = 0 ?    Jenkins Ferry = 1

Helena  = 10 (+1 copy?)    Disease  = 23

Pleasant Hill = 2    Died as a POW = 4