List of Rivers & Creeks in Monroe County

Place Near Lat Lon
Acuff Branch Unknown unknown unknown
Allen Creek Madison 39.435N 92.169W
Baker Branch Madison 39.497N 92.240W
Bear Branch Florida 39.386N 91.800W
Bear Branch Woodlawn 39.517N 92.193W
Bee Branch Madison 39.400N 92.186W
Bee Creek Paris West 39.438N 92.048W
Big Branch Woodlawn 39.523N 92.154W
Briar Creek Paris West 39.442N 92.116W
Brush Creek Florida 39.425N 91.831W
Brush Creek Goss 39.606N 91.921W
Buck Creek Stoutsville 39.535N 91.871W
Camp Creek Unknown unknown unknown
Carr Branch Florida 39.488N 91.779W
Clear Creek Goss 39.589N 91.956W
Coon Branch Woodlawn 39.525N 92.133W
Coon Creek Paris East 39.431N 91.967W
Crooked Creek Goss 39.566N 91.911W
Crutcher Branch Goss 39.570N 91.893W
Dales Branch Goss 39.539N 91.909W
Deer Creek Goss 39.618N 91.910W
Duncan Creek Granville 39.618N 92.048W
Elk Fork Salt River Paris East 39.467N 91.894W
Flat Creek Woodlawn 39.523N 92.171W
Hardin Creek Middle Grove 39.378N 92.300W
Horne Branch Madison 39.416N 92.125W
Horseshoe Branch Lakenan 39.629N 91.901W
Indian Creek Clarence Cannon Dam 39.540N 91.679W
Ivy Branch Florida 39.464N 91.815W
Jackson Creek Lakenan 39.649N 91.921W
Jordan Branch Florida 39.469N 91.874W
Little Crooked Creek Shelbina 39.627N 92.083W
Little Otter Creek Granville 39.559N 92.099W
Long Branch Florida 39.403N 91.821W
Matts Branch Molino 39.349N 91.942W
Middle Fork Salt River Stoutsville 39.502N 91.781W
Milligan Creek Middle Grove 39.438N 92.253W
Mud Creek Woodlawn 39.546N 92.233W
North Fork Salt River Stoutsville 39.502N 91.781W
Otter Creek Stoutsville 39.514N 91.857W
Payne Branch Paris East 39.484N 91.994W
Pedee Branch Madison 39.498N 92.216W
Pigeon Roost Creek Clarence Cannon Dam 39.500N 91.711W
Pooles Branch Paris West 39.442N 92.018W
Purdey Creek Perry 39.379N 91.698W
Ram Branch Woodlawn 39.606N 92.173W
Rapid Creek Unknown unknown unknown
Reese Fork Madison 39.387N 92.209W
Rich Land Creek Duncans Bridge 39.598N 92.283W
Sandy Creek Clarence Cannon Dam 39.508N 91.721W
Shell Branch Stoutsville 39.513N 91.776W
Smiley Branch Florida 39.384N 91.800W
Snyder Branch Unknown unknown unknown
South Branch of Crooked Creek Unknown unknown unknown
South Brush Creek Florida 39.416N 91.861W
South Fork Salt River Florida 39.474N 91.830W
Taylors Branch Unknown unknown unknown
Turkey Branch Unknown unknown unknown
Turkey Creek Paris East 39.428N 91.989W
White Oak Branch Unknown unknown unknown
Wolf Pen Branch Unknown unknown unknown