Monroe City Rebekah Lodge

Monroe City Rebekah Lodge No. 156 was first instituted on April 4, 1895 in the same building now occupied by the I. 0. 0. F. and Rebekah lodges. Thirty-four charter members formed the organization. Among the members were Mrs. W. L. Ely, Mrs. T. P. Middleton, Mrs. W. H.  Wilson, Miss Value Utterback, Mrs. Joseph Kincaid and Mrs. Robert M. Meriwether. The group surrendered their charter after a few years and on March 2, 1909, a new chapter No. 534, was instituted under the direction of Mrs. Emma Cain of Hannibal, district deputy and her staff.

Elective officers were: Mrs. 0. R. Emerson, noble grand; Mrs. W. J. Rouse, vice grand; Mabel Yowell. recording secretary; Lena Wunch, financial secretary: and Mrs. H. J. Kent, treasurer. Charter members included:

Alzona Shepherd

Hallie Stevenson

Julia Leake

Saloma Gilliam

Anne Youell

Mary Clark

Julia Carpenter

Daisy Strean

Eva Lawson

Bertha Dierks

Laura Emerson

Maud Cooksey

Minnie Hampton

Sina McNary

Gussie Cozad

Alice Meriwether

D. C. Clark

Laura Mull

Elizabeth Tompkins

Maggie Greeves

Naomi Scobee

Dora Shafer

Katherine Rouse

W. J. Rouse

C. L. Carpenter

Eva Brown

0. W. Tompkins

C. C. Shafer

Harry Strean

C. F. Dierks

Will Wadsworth

J. Shepherd

J. J. Brown

Robert M. Meriwether

R. L. Armstrong

J. T. Greeves

Arch Owen

C. U. Hampton

J. C. Cozad

Mrs. W. L. Ely served as first noble grand of the 1895 lodge, Mrs. T. P. Mid­dleton, vice grand, and Miss Value Utterback, secretary. The only living char­ter members of the 1909 lodge are Miss Daisy Strean, and Mrs. Lena Wunch Brown. Mrs. W. H. Wilson, a member the 1895 lodge and later a member of the lodge instituted in 1909, is the oldest living Rebekah. Miss Daisy Strean belonged to the first lodge but was not a charter member.

At the present time the membership of the lodge is 113.