Shot, Probably Fatally

Madison Negro, Said To Have Been In Crap Game, Shot Through The Intestines

John Gossett, Madison negro who had been working for Roy Maxey near Paris was shot through the stomach, making ten punctures in his intestines, following a quarrel, Sunday morning. Gossett is in a hospital at Moberly and is thought to be dying. Estil Burgess, Paris negro, and Bud Dudgeon, Moberly darkey are in jail at Paris, charged with assault with intent to kill. This charge will be changed to murder, according to Prosecuting Attorney Nolen, if Gossett dies.

A statement given out by Gossett, shortly after the shooting, says that he had take part in a “crap” game at the home of Tue Maxey, and after winning some five or ten dollars, left in company with Burgess and Dudgeon. The latter two were attempting to take his money from him and a fight started, Dudgeon pulling out a revolver and shooting him.

The shooting took place in the alley across the street in front of Alf and Annie Butler’s, the latter being awakened by the quarreling. She had just gotten up to see what the trouble was when the shot was fired and Gossett screamed. Getting another colored woman she went over to the wounded man and saw two men running away.

Source: Paris Appeal article reprinted in the Perry Enterprise dated 14 May 1925; submitted by Mary Beth Kirtlink.