A Call-Pindall's Battalion

“Comrades, 23 years ago in the month of June, we surrendered one of the last flags of the Confederacy, and acknowledged our allegiance to the Union. Many of the boys of this battalion are from Monroe county. Our gallant colonel, who lead us through our many campaigns, has answered to his last roll call, and sleeps in the cemetery in the city where our next reunion takes place. Let us try by every means to induce our comrades to meet us next October in Mexico. This can be done if we will all try, by letter and otherwise to communicate with each other. Most of Company D are in Monroe and Lewis counties. Let us help each other to get there, and extend a hearty invitation to all the boys in Blue or Gray, who met at Helena, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, Jenkens’ Ferry and many other hard fought fields, to meet us in friendly reunion, to prove, not only that the war is over, but that we still appreciate the merits of our soldiers, whether they fought for the North or the South, and are willing that the bloody shirt, the battle flags and the issues of the war be buried in one grave, so deep that short of the resurrection shall ever reach them; and that our patriotism is to preserve our institutions for the benefit of the Republic. I would like to hear from any of the Battalion in order to help find the boys and get them together. Address Company D, Clapper, Mo.” 

Source: From the files of Neil Block, Commander, William T. Anderson Camp #1743 SCV; transcribed by Lisa Perry. Original newspaper article source is unknown and undated.