P. E. O. Club of Monroe City

First Literary Club

Chapter H. P. E. 0., in Monroe City was the outgrowth of a demand for a literary study club, reading circles of a very informal nature being the only similar clubs then existing. The club was organized on May 3, 1894 at the residence of Mrs. J. W. Cassidy with eight charter members, these including

Mrs. Dora Hallock

Mrs. S. M. ‘Brown

Mrs. J. A. Bixler

Mrs. J. L. Owen

Mrs. E. H. George

Mrs. Lou Evans McGee

Mrs. Dell Ashbrook Evans  

Mrs. J. W. Cassidy

For a number of months the meetings were held at the home of Mrs. Cassidy and were only business and literary in character. Gradually the social feature was introduced and many special social meetings such as musicals, guest days, P. E. 0. anniversary celebration, Educational Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas have been observed.

In addition to its literary and social life, P. E. 0. has also taken an interest in civic enterprises. In May, 1899, on the occasion of the chapter’s fifth anniversary, a book social was held and the books contributed formed the nucleus for a library that was controlled by the chapter for nineteen years, or until 1918, when this library, then consisting of 900 volumes, was presented to the city library.

The chapter was one of the sponsors for winter lyceum courses, gave financial support to chautauqua, aided in providing playground equipment for the public school and contributed to the purchase of chairs for the high school auditorium.

One of its fine activities is the assis­tance it renders young women in secur­ing money at a low rate of interest to pursue educational careers. Six young women here have taken advantage of the benefit of this fund. Chapter H further aids in promoting education for girls by making annual contributions to Cottey College at Nevada, Mo., which is the property of the National P. E. 0. Sisterhood.

Latest project is a P. E. 0. home in St. Joseph which will be opened this fall. The sisterhood also sponsors an interna­tional college student program.

Since P. E. 0. happened to be the first organized literary club of Monroe City, it is the ardent desire of each member that it may continue for years to hold a high place in the literary, social, civic and educational interests of the community.

Officers for the 1957-58 year include:

Mrs. Lucille Mitchell, president; Mrs. Dwight Henderson, vice president; Mrs. Charles Hicks, recording secretary; Mrs. Robert Bates, corresponding secretary; Mrs. William F. Griffith, treasurer; Mrs. C. J. Collins, chaplain, and Mrs. B. 0. Baker, guard. Miss Rice Maupin is pianist, Mrs. J. H. Kibbe, historian and Mrs. J. N. Southern, journalist.

Past presidents from 1894 to the present include:

Linnette M. Bixler

Dora L. Hallock

Susan McFarland

Ada C. Eakle

Martha B. Scott

Duck Owen

Delle P. Rutledge

Martha B. Scott

Nelle B. Wade

Eva Hickman (moved away)

Annie L. Henderson

Mary Melson

Kate Davenport

Anna May Wood

Mildred S. Conway

Bertha Jaeger

Emma Walker

Eleanor Dawson

Jess Meriwether

Edna Boulware

Edna Vaughn

Margaret Thiehoff

Lillian Proctor

Edna Fitzgerald

Anna May Wood

Katherine Forsythe

Fern Mangum

Adeline King

Gladys Yowell

Abbie Kibbe

Nadine Henderson

Marian Knight

Katherine Rouse

Danella Hampton

Leona Noland

Margaret Painter

Danella Hampton

Margaret Swearengen

Maxine Dawson

Helen Collins

Frances Crawford

Fannie Jayne

Ann Luyster