Off for Alaska

From the Paris Appeal

Next Tuesday, March 1, Dennis M Fields and Jas. L. Fisher of Paris, Gus Heckart of Madison, Wm. Jones of Monroe City, and John Thompson of Santa Fe, will leave Paris for Dawson City, Alaska. They go as representatives of the Missouri Alaska Gold Co. of this city. They will go in over the Chilkoot pass and expect to locate claims and prospect for gold until the other 20 members of the company arrive with their boat load of merchandise in July.

The five prospectors will land at Dye, eight miles this side of the Chilkoot pass, with plenty of provisions to last them until summer. Four St. Bernard dogs have been bought at a cost of from$5 to $15 per head, and will be used in sledding the supplies across the frozen lakes. Besides clothing, provisions and tools, each man will take $250 in cash for contingent expenses. The trip can now be made with far less expense and hardships than a year ago. The aerial railway over the Chilkoot pass robs the trip of its greatest error. The rate of transportation over it is 15 cents per pound or $300 per ton.

Carriers formerly charged 38 cents per pound. The men expect to get round the terrible rapids of the upper Yukon before they thaw out.

One member of the party, Gus Heckart is an experienced prospector. They may never strike much gold, but it is safer to predict that they will stake claims and work as hard for it as anybody. There is lots of gold up there. The Appeal hopes the Paris party will be lucky enough to strike the right spot and reap a big harvest of golden nuggets.

(Courtesy of Kathleen Wilham)