Celebrates 75th Birthday

Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Brown of Tulip were happily surprised by relatives and friends with a birthday dinner Sunday. The event was Mrs. Brown’s 75th birthday. Those who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson and daughter, Vivian of Carthage, Illinois, Mrs. Clara Reed, Miss Ida Thompson, Ed Thompson all of (Ferris), Illinois. Neal Jones of St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Campbell and children, Jean Jones, Mrs. Leta Holcomb and children, Miss Faye Conley, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burton and children, all of Moberly; Mr and Mrs. (Vess) Creasman, Miss Cleta Belle Creasman, Vern Creasman, Mr. and Mrs. (Elmer) Thompson, Ray Thompson, Mrs. Loyd Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Creasman and children, all of Madison; Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, Elbert Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Archie (Stanterman) and daughter, Marian, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stanterman, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Barnes, Miss Dorothy Barnes, Miss Erma Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Harve Brown, Miss L. Ruth Brown, Miss V. Ruth Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Brown and children, Mrs. John Garnett and children, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hickerson and Will Stanterman, all of Centralia.

Source: Undated article from unknown newspaper; submitted by Don Duvall.