News from Middle Grove

“The play entitled, “An Arizona Cowboy,” will be given Friday night, Feb 14th by Juniors and Seniors. The cast of characters are as follows: Mrs. Petunia Bugg – from Old Indianny – Dorothy Barnes; Duke Blackshear – A Stranger from ‘Frisco – Morris Delaney; Farley Gantt – The Cowboy Sheriff – Charles Copeland; Paul Q. William – His Partner – Paul Dean; Hezekiah Hugg – A Glorious Liar – Temple Haley; Big Elk – A Navajo Chief – Virgil Willingham; Grizzly Grimm – A Cattle Thief – Raymond Hogar; Marguerite Morre – The Pretty Ranch Owner – Myrle Mallory; Coralie Blackshear – Duke’s Sister, Anna Crosswhite; Youngun – Not Much of Anybody – Beulah Stephens; Yow Kee – A Heathen Chinese – Eugene Embree; Fawn Afraid – An Indian Maid – Elsie Wright. 

You will be entertained by the “Two Black Crows,” Elwood S. (Innett) and Edgar Herndon. Songs are “Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland”, Beulah Stephens; “Row! Row! Rose”, Temple Haley; “Katie Did”, Charles Copeland; “Hello Alaho”, All four; and “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover”, Dorothy and Beulah. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton are the sponsors over play and songs. Everyone invited. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bassett spent Sunday with Philip McManama and family. 

Mr. and Mrs. Coy Willingham have moved to Mr. Newman’s farm east of town.

Miss Myrle Mallory went shopping Saturday at Moberly.

Miss Beulah Stephens spent Saturday evening with Miss Berniece Haley.

There was several at church Sunday in spite of the bad roads.

Source: Undated article from unnamed newspaper; submitted by Don Duvall.