Ghost Towns of Monroe County

The United States is believed to have over 50,000 historical towns that have faded from existence and in some cases, memory and records. Often these were rural settlements created by pioneer families but include railroad boomtowns, agricultural hamlets, and roadside way stations. All, however, have a similar fate in that they were created by industrious citizens, boomed during flush times but faded away over the years.

Locating information on historical communities or “Ghost Towns” has intrigued historians, researchers, romantics and collectors for centuries so researcher Mike Flannigan graciously provided the below information on historical Monroe County Towns and their locations. 

We would love to find additional information on the following Monroe County Ghost Towns so please contact Lisa if you have anything to contribute.

For additional information on Missouri Ghost Towns, see “Ghost Town USA”

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Historical Town Name Coordinates Links to More Information
Boston ~~392339N 0921648W  
Bradley Mill ~~393130N 0914415W  
Caves Mill ~~393406N 0915404W  
Cecil 392344N 0920445W  
Crooked Creek Unknown  
Elliottsville ~~393253N 0915241W  
Forest Grove ~~393231N 0920953W  
Foxs Settlement ~~392347N 0921241W  
Giventon Unknown  
Goss and Vandeventers Mill Unknown  
Harris Springs ~~392348N 0921748W  
Hawkins 393532N 0915931W  
Hickmans Mill ~~392728N 0914921W  
Ireland Unknown  
Jonesburg ~~393657N 0915538W  
Leichliter ~393446N 0915936W  
Long Branch 392044N 0915226W  
Merediths Mill Unknown  
Mill Grove ~~392701N 0921811W  
Shake Rag Unknown

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Smith Settlement Unknown  
Somerset ~~393657N 0915538W  
Thompsonville Unknown  
Tompkinsville Unknown  
Ventura ~~392627N 0920012W  
Welch 392451N 0920700W