He Farms, Though Legless

Missourian Has Overcome Handicap by Walking on His Hands 

Paris, MO

April 26 1913

Monroe County has a legless prodigy in Earl Craft, who, despite his infirmity, gets about almost as well as those who have legs, and does part of the actual work on a farm of 240 acres.

Craft who is 25 years old might pass in good looks, manners and general demeanor for Sir Richard Calmady, the meanor for Sir Richard Calmady, the legless hero of Lucas Maletís novel of that name. When twelve years old Earl became incapacitate with necrosis of the bone, for which there is no specific and both his legs were amputated at the hips. He lay in bed six weeks and then he began the laborious task of learning to walk by means of his hands. In less tan three weeks he was doing farrier work, and today he can hook or unhook a team, ride a horse, drive a gang plow, cultivator, or binder, and do almost any other farm work except gather corn. Recently he built and roofed a hen house without assistance.