W. T. Johnson

A committee of citizens near Middle Grove was preparing to hold a picnic on September 18, 1876, and a difficulty originated over the letting of a booth or stand for selling refreshments. Another committee of arrangements met at the drug store of Nave &, Johnson. Mr. Thomas H. Hooker came into the room and after conversing upon some other subject relating to the picnic, said he wished to put in a bid on the booth. Mr. W. T. Johnson, being, one of the committee, rather objected to Mr. Hooker putting in a bid on the booth, and remarked he expected to occupy the booth himself, and was willing to leave the price of the booth to the committee. Some angry words passed between the parties, which resulted in Johnson's ordering Hooker out of the store, and shortly after caught hold of Hooker to enforce his order, and led or pushed him out on the platform in front of the store. As soon as Johnson released Hooker, the latter rushed upon Johnson and stabbed him near the left of the left lung, it is supposed with a small pocket knife, severing the sub-clavian artery. Friends interfered, and Mr. Johnson went back into his store and in a few moments expired. Mr. Hooker was promptly arrested. -Shortly after his arrest he expressed a desire to see his mother. He was accompanied to his residence by a guard, and it was thought he passed on immediately through the house and out the back door and made his escape leaving the guard in front of the house.Mr. Hooker was raised in this county. Mr. Johnson was from Boone county. Hooker was tried and acquitted, and now resides in Texas.