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Letters from 49'er Alden Rice Grout
the 49'ers of Monroe and Shelby County MO

Overview of the Gold Rush

My Heckart/Missouri connection to the Gold Rush

Heckart burials at Clear Creek in California

Descendents of John Adam Jr. Heckart to date

Monroe and Shelby County Missouri 49er's

The Grout Letters on the way to the Gold Rush

Grout Letters from the Gold Fields

Cost of supplies around the Gold Fields

Note: Above links are courtesy of Barry Zbornik

Klondike Gold Rush and Monroe County

Courtesy of Bob Zinn: His primary collection is at:

Missouri-Alaska Gold Co. of Paris

 Table of Contents with connections to the Wright and Wilkerson Families. The majority of the material deals with the Klondike gold rush. Mr. Zinn has granted permission to have a portion of the Monroe County related material mirrored here.

Florida, Victor & Santa Fe

Monroe County Appeal Article of 09/08/1897- Our Motto: Sound Principles & Sound Men

Gold Bearing Water Ways A Company Organized to Dredge the Yukon and its Tributaries in Alaska

A. S. Holmes on the Yukon Hannibal Journal

The Yukon Dredges: Important Meeting of the Monroe County Capitalists Interested In Dredging the Yukon for Gold