The Gleason Club

Home Economics Clubs have been around a long time, the first in Monroe County was the Gleason Club, organized in April of 1922—before the county had a Home Demonstration Agent. The first president was Mrs. Jess Lipp with Mrs. Clyde Houghton as vice-president and Mrs. John Fulton the secretary-treasurer. Lessons then were on the care of poultry, turkey raising, cold packing and use of the pressure cooker. There were 14 members of the club at first.

When the club was celebrating 50 years, a golden anniversary was held to honor the “Gleason Home and Community Club”. Mrs. Jim Miller had been present when the club was organized and was the last of the charter members to die.

At that celebration, honoring Mrs. Miller and the Club, Mrs. Tom Callis presented a “This is Your Life, Mrs. Miller”. Mrs. Callis told of teaching in the Gleason district at the time and boarding in the home of Mrs. Fulton, remembering some of the recipes Mrs. Fulton brought home from the club and tried out on the family—some becoming favorites and some not so. One new recipe was for chili, now a favorite with most families.

When the club was 25 years old the date was marked at Polly Wilson’s with four charter members at that time: Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Lipp, Mrs. Fulton and Mrs. John Gorrell.

At the 40th a meeting at Mrs. Wilson Crigler’s recognized the loss of three of the charter members, leaving only Mrs. Miller who was specially honored at the 50th in 1972.

Ten years after the Golden Anniversary, Gleason Club celebrated the 60th with a salad luncheon at the Community Center, formerly the G.F.S. school formed by Gleason, Peak and Sharp schools uniting. Mrs. Crigler read a poem which the late Kathryn Simon had composed in 1942, Dorothy Kendrick conducted a memorial service, Pauline Rogers told a story and Peggy Jones read the club’s history. Flowers were presented to members who had many years of membership.

President of Gleason Club in 1993 is Dorothy Kendrick with her daughter-in-law, Julie Kendrick, the vice-president. Other members are: Anna Bess Bond, Karen and Martha Conley, Jennie Crigler, Deena and Rilla Dye, Ethel Fulton, Virginia Heckart, Marguerite and Peggy Jones, Susan Kendrick, Karen Nordwald, Sandy Sheerman, Marge Starrett and Tracy Windmann.