County’s First Fair, 1838

The Kentucky and Virginia instincts of the first settlers inspired them to hold a fair seven years after the county was organized. In 1838, on grounds between Harvey Shatzer’s corner and Mrs. Harry Blakely’s home on Monroe street, the first fair was held. There was not a building of any sort on the land. Ropes were drawn around them to make an enclosure. A regular fair association was organized at Paris in 1879, when a real, modern fair was held. Those who signed the charter were:

W.S. Conyers

E.T. Wetmore

Jeff Bridgford

T.T. Rodes

F.L. Pitts

T.B. Powers

R.M. Burgess

Wm. Foster

T.W. Ragsdale

T.W. Hurd

 J.H. Carr

John S. Crow

C.E. Holtzclaw

T.J. Barker

Thompson Holliday

James F. Woods

Morg O. Robertson

F.O. Collins

J.J. McGee

Mercury Printing Co.

C.F. Afflick

M.J. Clark

R.B. Worrell

M.A. Maupin

M.B. Loewenstein

B.F. Blanton

Source: Centennial edition of the Monroe County Appeal dated 13 Aug 1931; submitted by Mary Beth Kirtlink.