Very Few Peace Officers

A notable thing in Monroe county as the first 100 years comes to an end is that only half the townships have legal law enforcement officers. Although the statutes provide for a constable in every township, Indian Creek, Union, Clay, Washington and Woodlawn townships are worrying along without such officials. In Indian Creek there has been no constable for two generations. Those people, who are about 95 percent Catholic, consider it a reflection on the law-abiding citizenship to have a law enforcement officer, so during all that time no citizen has been willing to hold the office.

J. L. Gibbs is constable in Jefferson township; Tom Spalding, Monroe township; O. C. Smith, Marion; C. M. Allen, Jackson; James Roy Key, South Fork. Three townships have no justices of the peace, local offices before whom certain classes of cases can be tried. These are Clay, Indian Creek, and Woodlawn. Justices of the Peace in the other townships as the new century begins are:

Washington Earl Fowler and K. N. Garrison.

Marion E. C. Featherston and J. S. Bishop.

South Fork St. Clair Emmons and James Miller.

Jackson T. W. McCrary and W. L. Crawford.

Jefferson J.W. James.

Union E. C. Brooks.

Monroe S. T. Pollard.

Source: The Monroe County Appeal Centennial Edition dated 8-13-1931; submitted by MaryBeth Kirtlink.

Graphics courtesy of Rhiossampler