Only One Legal Execution

in Monroe County

There has been but one legal execution in Monroe county. As a community the people are as law abiding as the people of any other county in the State. Yet there have been crimes committed within her borders, a full and complete history of which would occupy too much space in our book for record. We have, therefore, recorded only a few of the most prominent of these, believing that a perusal of the same will be of interest to the reader. Thomas Blue, colored, alias Dick Dooley, was tried at the May term of the circuit court, 1867, and found guilty of murder in the first degree for killing, William Vandeventer, a white man, and was hanged June 21, 1867, just north of Paris. The following men composed the jury:

  • William Dunnaway

  • Georgre F. Palmer

  • Moses Noel

  • J. M. Brooks

  • Henry Evans

  • George Ridings

  • William Foster

  • George J. Pinnell

  • T. T. Rodes

  • Nathaniel W. Duncan

  • Joseph L. Hill

  • William Bohon

  • George F. Palliter, foreman