E. M. Alexander and daughter, Margaret, left Paris very early Sunday morning to drive to Perry and bring Miss Frances Alexander back in time to catch the 8:30 Wabash for Kansas City. At Perry an hour later, the starter on their car locked and they had to rouse a garage man from his slumbers to put it back in commission. A few minutes later the car went into a ditch and several householders had to be called out of bed to the rescue. They got back to Paris just in time to see the Wabash vanishing to the West. Then Eben delegated across the landscape to Shelbina where Frances might get aboard a Burlington train for Kansas City. A pile of mail on a truck indicated to them as they drove up to the station that it was about train time. While Frances went in to get her ticket, Margaret hastily departed for Paris in order to attend the opening of Sunday school. At the ticket office, however, she was informed the train had just pulled out and the truck of mail outside was awaiting delivery up town. With her sister and the car speeding back to Paris the only thing that remained was to await the next train which left for Kansas City at 12:50.

Paris Appeal

Submitted by Mary Beth Greening Kirtlink

Taken from the Perry Enterprise April 26, 1928