Robert Cummings

May 31, 1883, Robert Cummings was killed in Madison, Monroe county, by Clifton Wade. Several parties were at Madison on the day of the occurrence, drinking freely, among, them Robert Cummings, but Cummings had not created any particular disturbance. Clifton Wade had also been drinking. Prior to this--two or three months previously--Cummings and Wade had a fight, the latter getting the better of his antagonist. Last Saturday they both appeared to be prepared for war, and got into a difficulty. Wade struck Cummings on the back of the head with a weight, and as Cummings turned round, Wade shot him in the forehead. He lived until about one o'clock Sunday morning. No inquest was held on Cumming's body, and no special effort made to arrest Wade, by the people of Madison. Sheriff Jackson sent his deputies on Sunday, but when they arrived, Wade could not be found. Four hundred dollars were offered for Wade's arrest, but he has never been found.