Coroner's Verdict

Newspaper article from unknown source dated May 28, 1902. 


The Verdict of the Coroner’s Jury Did Not Amount to Much. 

“Paris, Mo., May 28. – Coroner Johnston held an inquest yesterday over the remains of Abe Witherup, the murderer, who was lynched by a mob at Paris Sunday morning. Only two witnesses were examined, and no effort was made to ascertain the names of any of the parties connected with the affair. The jury returned a verdict to the effect that Witherup came to his death at the hands of a mob.

Witherup has one sister living in this county. She was notified that the inquest would be held and asked to take charge of the body. She refused to have anything to do with it, but later notified the judge that she wished to administer on her brother’s estate. The body was consigned to potter’s field. Prosecuting Attorney McAllister was in consultation with Judge Eby in regard to the lynching. He was informed that a special grand jury would be balled to investigate it. None of the mob wore masks, and the names of all who took an active part are in possession of the authorities.”