Monroe County Church Photographs

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Antioch Christian


Austin M. E. Church South


Antioch Church


Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian


Bethlehem Baptist Church

bethlbaptistz.jpg (43176 bytes)

Bluff Springs Cumberland Presbyterian


Brush Creek Church

Cedar Grove Church

cedargrovez.jpg (72800 bytes)

Christian Church of Santa Fe


Congregation of Disciples at Paris


Colored Baptist Church


Crooked Creek Baptist


Crooked Creek Church


Deer Creek M. E. Church South


Deer Creek Methodist Church


Eanon Baptist Church


Fairview Baptist Church


Fairview Christian


First Baptist Church of Paris


First Baptist of Monroe City

Florida Methodist Church floridamethodistchurch.jpg (25310 bytes)
Florida Presbyterian 

provided by Judi Baker Barklage

florida_presbyterian.jpg (8082 bytes)

Forest Grove M. E. Church South


Goss Methodist Church

gossmethodistz.jpg (44576 bytes)
Grace Baptist, Monroe City gracebaptch.jpg (45340 bytes)

Granville Christian


Granville M. E. Church South


Greenwood M. E. Church South


Greenwood Methodist Church


Harmony Baptist Church


Hickory Grove

Holliday Christian

provided by Mary Beth Kirtlink

holliday_christianmbk.jpg (218987 bytes)
Holliday Presbyterian Church hollidaychurchz.jpg (50912 bytes)

Holy Rosary  

provided by Kathleen Yates

current_holy_rosary2005.jpg (161829 bytes)

Huntsville Baptist


Jackson Chapel (Christian)


Jackson Chapel Methodist Church


Lebanon Baptist


Long Branch Baptist

Madison 1st Presbyterian

provided by Mary Beth Kirtlink

madison_1st_presbyterian_mbk.jpg (71042 bytes)
Madison Baptist

1st photo provided by Don Duvall

2nd photo provided by Mary Beth Kirtlink

ddbaptist_church_2005.jpg (48823 bytes)

early_madison_baptmbk.jpg (213442 bytes)

Madison Christian  

1st photo provided by Don Duvall

2nd photo provided by Mary Beth Kirtlink

early_madison_baptmbk.jpg (213442 bytes)

ddchristian_church_2005.jpg (47828 bytes)

Methodist Episcopal Church, Madison


Middle Fork Baptist Church

Middle Grove Church middlegrovechz.jpg (23881 bytes)

Monroe Chapel M. E. Church South

Monroe City Catholic Church

cathchurch1000z.jpg (22482 bytes)

Monroe City Christian

christianchurchz.jpg (71646 bytes)

Monroe City M. E. Church South

churchesz.jpg (8909 bytes)

Monroe City Methodist

Monroe City Presbyterian churchesz1.jpg (11987 bytes)

Mount Airy Church

mtairy21z.jpg (12079 bytes)

Mount Joy Christian Church


Mount Pleasant Church


Mount Prairie Church


Mount Prairie Missionary Baptist


Mount Prairie Presbyterian


Mount Zion Church


Mount Zion M. E. Church South


Mt. Airy Baptist


New Hope Christian Church, Strother

newhopechurchz.jpg (20937 bytes)

New Hope Presbyterian


North Fork Baptist Church


North Fork O. S. Baptist


Oak Grove Christian Church, south of Paris

oakridgechurch.gif (89080 bytes)

Oak Ridge Christian


Otter Creek Baptist

Paris Baptist Church

baptchurchz.jpg (23510 bytes)

Paris Christian Church parischristianchurch700.jpg (32569 bytes)

christianchurchinterior.jpg (102999 bytes)

Paris M. E. Church South

Paris Methodist Church methochu2z.jpg (73822 bytes)
Paris Presbyterian Church presbyterianchurchz.jpg (39034 bytes)

Pleasant Grove Christian  

provided by Judi Baker Barklage

pleasant_grove_christian.jpg (8139 bytes)

Pleasant Green Church


Pleasant Hill Presbyterian

pleasanthillz.jpg (64112 bytes)

Porters Chapel Methodist Church


Saint Francis Cabrini Church


Salem Baptist

salemchurchz.jpg (35828 bytes)

Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church


South Fork Church


South Fork Presbyterian  

courtesy of Ginny Thomas

south_fork_presbyterian.jpg (631281 bytes)

Spencer Chapel Methodist Church


Spencer Chapel, M. E. Church South

St. Andrew Catholic Church, Stoutsville standrewscatholic1910z.jpg (47640 bytes)

St Peters Catholic Church


St. Jude's Episcopal Church

churchesz2.jpg (19575 bytes)

St. Stephens Church

ststepenz.jpg (38551 bytes)
Stoutsville Baptist Church

provided by Mary Beth Kirtlink

stoutsvillebaptistz.jpg (28236 bytes)

stoutsvillebaptchurchmbk.jpg (165156 bytes)

Stoutsville Catholic Church

provided by Judi Baker Barklage

catholic_stoutsville_jbb_mca.jpg (29723 bytes)
Stoutville Methodist Church

Note: Burned in 2005

provided by Mary Beth Kirtlink

stoutsvillemethchurchmbk.jpg (307170 bytes)
Stoutsville Primitive Baptist Church

provided by Judi Baker Barklage

primitive_baptist_stoutsville.jpg (13260 bytes)

Union Christian


Union Church

unionchur1z.gif (25140 bytes)
Victor Church victorchurch.jpg (62896 bytes)