Centennial Queen

Miss Mildred Lange, of Monroe City, Monroe County’s Centennial Queen, whose selection was recorded in last week’s Appeal. Her Maids of Honor, in the order named, as the ballots were handed to the chairman, O. W. Noles, were as follows: Misses Catherine Pugh, Paris, 1st; Virginia (Bayman), Monroe City, 2nd; Hester Cunningham, Madison, 3rd; Veda Wilson, Paris, 4th; Betty Basset, Paris, 5th; Sadie Finneli, Paris, 6th; Mildred Brooks, Paris, 7th; Katie Lou Warren, Paris, 8th; Mildred Abell, Monroe City, 9th; Dorothy Alexander, Monroe City, 10th.

Source: Undated article from an unknown newspaper; submitted by Don Duvall.