Postcards & Photographs of Stoutsville

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These photographs have been generously donated by Mary Beth Kirtlink - a heartfelt thank you for your graciousness and generosity in sharing them with others!

Additional photographs of Stoutsville Cemetery and selected headstones can be viewed here.

As noted, additional photos courtesy of Alice Gander, John Moutray and Mary Daniel

blacksmithshop.jpg (64324 bytes)

The early blacksmith shop of the late C. J. Loutenschlager at Stoutsville. The building was replaced around 1917 by a brick building that still stands, with a small building at left that was a barber shop. Standing in picture with hands on hips is Mr. Loutenschlager. Others from left are Merl McCreery, Chris Loutenschlager, Jr., Otto Loutenschlager, and seated is Allen Stoneking, for many years an assistant in the shop.

grandmaandersongreening1.jpg (22697 bytes)Thrashing Wheat at Stoutsville, Grandmother, Freda "Anderson" Greening
diamondlumber.jpg (19750 bytes)Diamond Lumber Company, Stoutsville, late 1800's
stoutsville1923kellybrosgroceriesdeliverywagon.jpg (26884 bytes)1923 Kelly Brothers Groceries Wagon delivering groceries in Stoutsville.

   Frame Valley Hotel, Stoutsville

stoutsvillemomillinery1.jpg (20729 bytes)Stoutsville Millinery Shop
stoutsvillestore.jpg (14667 bytes) Frederick's Restaurant
stoutsvillewoodsonstore.jpg (29847 bytes)Woodson's Store courtesy of Alice Gander
stoutsvillestore1.jpg (29047 bytes)Stoutsville General Store
stoutsvillecatholic.jpg (66892 bytes)Catholic Church
stoutsvillebaptistchurch.jpg (28246 bytes)Old Baptist Church
stoutsvillehighschool.jpg (16439 bytes)Stoutsville High School
stoutsvilletraindepot.jpg (16296 bytes)Train Depot
Stoutsville Covered Bridge
swingingbridge1.jpg (27597 bytes)Swinging Bridge: Catholic Church in the background on the left and the primitive Baptist church in the background on the right just below cemetery hill.
standrewscatholic1910b.jpg (37433 bytes)St. Andrew's Catholic Church, ca 1910
firststoutsvillesch1906.jpg (21048 bytes)First Stoutsville School torn down in 1906
stoutsville1901_deering.jpg (117495 bytes)

Deering Machinery This photo was Exhibit one in a lawsuit where a woman fell off the sidewalk in the ditch. She won the lawsuit of $2,000 dollars. The girls in the photo were witnesses which helped the woman win the lawsuit.

stoutsvillepostoffice1914.jpg (45968 bytes)Stoutsville Post Office 1914
stoutsville_mo_1971.jpg (96447 bytes) In 1971
stout_home_stoutsville_mo_1971.jpg (80257 bytes)The Stout Home
1904_stoutsville_spotted_mule.jpg (91103 bytes) Spotted Mule