Postcards of Paris

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parisgreetings701.jpg (39124 bytes)

Greetings from Paris

palmyrabridge.jpg (78870 bytes)

Palmyra Bridge

palmyrabridge33.jpg (102261 bytes)

Another view of Palmyra Bridge

union441.jpg (28147 bytes)

Union Covered Bridge

Business & Industry

paris2hotel1000.jpg (43266 bytes)

Glenn Hotel

hotel1000.jpg (47854 bytes)

Paris Hotel

marktwainmotel.jpg (634841 bytes)

Mark Twain Motel, Cafe & Service Station


baptchurch10.jpg (23513 bytes)

Baptist Church

parischristianchurch700.jpg (32569 bytes)

Christian Church

methodistchurch1000.jpg (62087 bytes)

Methodist Church

parismo1001.jpg (103091 bytes)

Another view of Paris Methodist church

presbychurch1000.jpg (32107 bytes)

Presbyterian Church

Public & Government Buildings

courthouse1000.jpg (53554 bytes)


paris6400.jpg (35103 bytes)

Later view of Courthouse

parispo.jpg (70280 bytes)

Post Office

poorfarm1000.jpg (23156 bytes)

County Infirmary

library1000.jpg (29139 bytes)



unioncovered1200.jpg (83354 bytes)

Union Covered Bridge

parisbridge200.jpg (57409 bytes)

Paris Covered Bridge

inercamp1.jpg (17582 bytes)

Iner Camp


parishigh1000.jpg (78878 bytes)

Paris High School

parisgradeschool.jpg (14388 bytes)

Paris Grade School

maleacademy1000.jpg (63451 bytes)

Male Academy

monroeinstitute1000.jpg (37670 bytes)

Monroe Institute


caldwellstreet333.jpg (49488 bytes)

Caldwell Street

paris_cooperave1000.jpg (25039 bytes)

Cooper Avenue

locustst1000.jpg (47987 bytes)

Locust Street

marketsq1000.jpg (29291 bytes)

Market Square

bigthursparis1000.jpg (68396 bytes)

Main Street

mainstreet1000.jpg (45975 bytes)

Main Street

paris_mo334.jpg (46614 bytes)

Older View of Main Street

parismo1000.jpg (146033 bytes)

Color Postcard of Main Street

More to Come