Vintage Views of Florida

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These photographs have been generously donated by Mary Beth Kirtlink - a heartfelt thank you for your graciousness and generosity in sharing them with others!

florida__viol_kitchen.jpg (529438 bytes)Kitchen of Camp Violette

floridamill1.jpg (45261 bytes)Goss-Vandeventer Mill, Florida, Missouri. Was known as the south mill built on Salt River south of Florida. It was built by Alec Hickman and his brothers just before the Civil War.
florida_violettecamp.jpg (71798 bytes)Camp Violette buchananhouse1.jpg (71315 bytes)Old Buchanan Home. Once was an inn and tavern in the 1800's Florida
florida_viol_shacks.jpg (72788 bytes)Camp Violette Shacks marktwainbp.jpg (41352 bytes)Birthplace of Mark Twain
granthouse5.jpg (30907 bytes) Grants Headquarters twainbp.jpg (26366 bytes)Another view of Mark Twain Birthplace
granthouse1.jpg (30218 bytes) Used for Grants Headquarters during the Civil War. floridamethodistchurch.jpg (25310 bytes)Florida Methodist Church