Atrocious Murder!

A horrid murder was committed near Madison in Monroe county, Mo., on the 1st inst., upon the person of Mrs. Davis, wife of Mr. John Davis, by a negro man belonging to said Davis, during the latterís absence at St. Louis. The negro and Mrs Davis had some sharp words, and the negro becoming infuriated, picked up an axe, knocked her down and chopped her head off.

He then went into his masterís room and took his gun and left for parts unknown. Mrs. Davis passed through this city on the 2d on his way home, but did not hear of the horrible deed until within a few miles of home. The following is a description of the negro: He is about 40 years old, about 5 feet 6 inches high, named George, of a black color, pleasant countenance, especially when conversing, and altogether quite a shrewd negro, small whiskers or a goatee. Hannibal Messenger.

Source: Page 2 of the Liberty Weekly Tribune dated July 17, 1857 at