An Honest Man to the Front

In the year 1860, Rev T. Gallaher of this city was teaching school in Monroe county, Missouri, and had among his pupils a young man 17 or 18 years of age, who was in rather poor circumstances and was striving hard to obtain an education. He worked for his board in the family of a farmer in the neighborhood, and had a hard time generally to get along. When the school closed he was indebted to Mr. Gallaher $7.85 but knowing his circumstances, Mr. G. never mentioned the matter, and considered that as a deserved contribution to real worth. In the course of time the matter was forgotten by Mr. Gallaher, and our readers may judge of his surprise on last Saturday morning on receiving a letter from New York City, containing a draft for the sum of $16, and a letter of gratitude for the kindness shown the writer, Jno. W. Pickle, his former schoolboy, but now New York agent of the Hannibal and St. Joe. Railroad. Who, says there is not an honest man left in the world? Mr. Gallaher cast his bread upon the waters, and it has returned to him in due season. Of course he is grateful for the money received, but much more does he appreciate the honest worth of his young acquaintance of former years, who has acted so nobly in the payment of an almost forgotten claim.

Source: Page 1 of Liberty Weekly Tribune dated 07 Apr 1882 at