Alaska Gold Rush

Paris Mercury October 22, 1897  
 It is Organized

The plans of the much talked of Klondike company have been perfected and the organization completed. It will be incorporated as the "Missouri-Alaska Gold Mining Co."  Mr Purcell of Mexico, who recently struck it rich in Alaska, was in Paris last Thursday and from him the prospective Klondike's gathered a great deal of practical information about the country, climate, etc. Wednesday the following gentleman from Monroe county went to Moberly to meet with parties from other portions of North Missouri who were interested in the scheme to perfect the organization:

T. G. Bassett

T.G. Mitchell

Chris Buerk

Tom Murphy

Dennis Fields

R.O. Osborn

Dr. Will Allen

W.S. Shelton

Henry Wright

Phil Quisenberry

G.P Grimes

Abe Hill

Obe Snell

The Monroe boys were in the Majority and elected all the officers with one exception, Dr. Dewey of DeWitt, Mo. was elected President, Henry Wright of Santa Fe Vice-President, Dr. Will Allen of Paris  Secretary, T. G. Basset of Paris Treasurer, Dennis Fields, R. O. Osborn and Obe Snell directors.
To clinch the matter the $50,000 worth of stock was taken up and 18 of the gentlemen present put up $100 dollars each as a forfeit. Of the $50,000, $25,000 is floating stock and will be sold, the other $25,000 remaining in the hands of the 25 men who expect to take the trip.  The passive stock holder, that is, those who remain at home are to receive 25 percent of the profits and those who make the trip 75 percent. The company has already obtained figures and is going to have a boat built at Seattle which with the 40-foot dredge, will cost in the neighborhood of $25,000.  They are also talking of taking two big cassions also, which can be sunk to the bed-rock of the rivers in the search for gold. In addition they will take a stock of goods and saw-mill. All are anxious to take the trip and have no fear of climate or exposure.  Drs. Cuppiadge and Allen are both going and there there will be no lack of medical attention. 
The following are the original stockholders who will go to the Klondike:
Dr. Dewey, Henry Wright, T. G. Bassett, W.W. Allen,
D. M. Fields, R. O. Osborn, Obe Snell, G. P Grimes
Mr. Hecker, J. D. Powers, Chris Buerk, Phil Quisenberry
T. G. Mitchell, Tom Murphy, Dr Cuppaidge, J. M. Pfaff
Frank Crow, Sam Gwynn, Frank Graham

(Courtesy of Kathleen Wilham)