Misc. Births, Marriages and Deaths

Stoutsville Banner Jan – Jul 1899

January 5, 1899, Thursday

  • Born Jan 8 1899 a boy to wife of J D Tulley. Mother and babe doing well. Neighbors keeping watch on Dug.

  • Masce? M’ Creery of Florida . . . fine girl arrive New Year’s Day. Mother and babe doing well.

  • Born Jan. 4, 1899 a boy to wife of Mr. William Kindred.

  • Mr. Claud Snell & Miss Grace Overfelt were married last Wednesday.

January 12, 1899, Thursday

  • John Dixon, a pioneer of Indian Creek, died last Friday of old age. He was 80 years old . . .

  • Marriage licenses issued: Anderson Blanton and Bina McBride, J Wilcoxen and Mary E Simon

  • James Wilson, of Paris, died of pneumonia and was buried Tuesday.

  • Born to wife of W. F. Spalding, Indian Creek, Thursday, Jan. 5 a fine boy.

  • Born Jan. 10 1899 to the wife of Ed Tack, a boy. Mother and babe doing well.

  • Infant child of Dr. and Mrs. Goodier, of Hannibal died early Sunday morning and was buried at Monroe City Monday.

  • An adopted son of B. Buffington was attacked with croup Sunday and died that night.

January 19, 1899, Thursday

  • Married at high noon Wednesday Jan. 18th, 1899 in the St. Stephen’s church, Indian Creek . . . Dr. Andrew Miles of this city and Miss Elsie Buckman . . . daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Buckman . . .

  • Miss Bertha Miller of Perry and Dr. A. M. Crigler of Welch I T both formerly of this place were married Wednesday Jan. 11th . . .

  • Miss Allie Stuart and Mr. Fred Waterson were married at the bride’s home Wednesday Jan. 18th . . .

January 26, 1899, Thursday

  • The two wks old babe of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tack died of pneumonia Saturday . . . burial at Stoutsville Cemetery . . .

February 2, 1899, Thursday

  • . . . Miss Sallie Scobee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Scobee, died at her home Friday, Jan. 13, 1899, aged 23 years 1 month 10 days. <For 2 years she had Cancer of the breast> . . .

February 9, 1899, Thursday

  • Born Fe. 5th 1899 to the wife of Thomas Montgomery a girl. Mom and babe doing well.

  • Born February 8? To the wife of P. B. Upton, twins, a boy and a girl. Mother and babes doing well.

  • Born Feb. 2d 1899 to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Garrett, a son. Harry is doing as well as can be expected.

  • Mrs. Matilda Gore, an aged lady living near Florida died Monday.

  • Mrs. Vorhees, daughter of Michall Sullivan, died of pneumonia at Chicago last Friday. She was brought home and buried.

  • C. C. Lewis Sr., living widow of M. C., died last Monday last Monday of La Grippe, after a very short illness . . .

February 16, 1899, Thursday

  • Mrs. Dowell, who lived near Pleasant Grove, died and was buried at Florida Sunday.

  • Mrs. Wash Starett? An aged lady, died at her home near Florida yesterday morning . . . Will be interred in the South Fork Cemetery.

  • Mrs. Emily H Priest died at her home, in this city last Thursday . . . Mrs. Priest was born near Sniggersville, Loudon County Virginia Nov. 19 1820 . . .

February 23, 1899, Thursday

  • T. J. Griffith, prominent citizen of Monroe City, died Monday and was buried with the honors peculiar to the order of Masonry.

  • Married Feb. 19 1899 at the Presbyterian church in Florida . . . Mr. Frank Kirkland and Miss Dora Dooley . . .

  • James Barrett died suddenly at his home in Paris early Sunday morning, presumably of apoplexy . . . Native of England and had been in this country about 25 years, 22 of which were in Paris. He was about 53 years of age. He leaves a wife and one child, a son . . .

  • News has just been received here of the death of Mrs. Jane Carrico, which occurred in Washington county KY Jan. 18, 1899. Mrs. Carrico was 70 years of age and was the sister of Mrs. William Osbourne of the neighborhood and Mrs. Louiza Willett of Hannibal.

March 2, 1899, Thursday

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March 16, 1899, Thursday

  • Walter Hoover aged about 35 years, who lived several miles northwest of town, died of pneumonia Monday and was buried at Salem Tuesday. He leaves a wife and child.

  • Mrs. Abner Wilson died at her home in Paris Tuesday . . .

  • Frank Price, a former resident of Stoutsville . . . died suddenly at Mokane MO, last Wednesday. His home was at Portland MO . . . The remains were brought to this city and buried by the side of his wife, who preceded him to the grave several years. He leaves 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl . . .

  • Jennie A Dooley, wife of C. E. Dooley, died at her home in this city, Saturday evening a few minutes before 8 o’clock. Mrs. Dooley was a victim of consumption . . . Her remains were laid to rest Sunday at 3 o’clock in the Stoutsville Cemetery . . . The deceased was the daughter of Dr. A. M. Vandeventer and was born at Martinsburg, Audrain county, 23 years ago . . . On April 24th 1898, she was married to C. E. Dooley, of the firm Dooley and Major of this city.

March 23, 1899, Thursday

  • It is reported that Mrs. Jethro Hardwick died recently at her home in Oregon. Mrs. Hardwick was the sister of William and Thomas Yates . . .

  • The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Dowell died Sunday afternoon of Membranous croup.

March 30, 1899, Thursday

  • Born to wife of Elliott Goss of Florida, Tuesday Mar. 27th, a fine girl. Mother and bade doing well.

  • Mrs. Annie Whalen died last Thursday after a lingering illness. Deceased was 25 years old . . . leaves no children . . .

  • William Wiley Lawson and Mrs. Snyder were united in marriage at the Methodist Church in Florida, Saturday evening, Mar. 25th . . .

  • Inis, infant child of J T Dowell and Nancy E Dowell was born July 9, 1898, died March 19, 1899, aged 8mo, 10 days . . . remains were laid to rest at the Hawkins family burying ground . . .

  • Mrs. Anna Whalen, of Stoutsville, was buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Indian Creek March 24th.

  • Mrs. John Bell died at her home near Indian Creek, Tues. March 21, she had been a sufferer with rheumatism of years . . .

April 6, 1899, Thursday

  • Joseph Wright, an aged and highly respected citizen of Perry died last week.

  • Miss Mattie Young and Mr. William Howard, were quietly married . . . Wednesday evening . . .

April 13, 1899, Thursday

  • Born 11 April 1899 to Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Henderson, a girl. Mother and babe doing well.

  • Mr. Lloyd Tolbert and Miss Agnes Bloodgood, daughter of P. Bloodgood, were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents, north of town, on April 9th . . .

  • Mr. Victor Turner and Miss Lula Dooley were married . . . on last evening.

April 20, 1899, Thursday

  • The death of the 14 month old babe of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hightower last week was particularly sad, being the 2nd death in the family in the past 3 months . . .

  • Mrs. Woodford Bannister, of near Florida, died Tuesday. She leaves several children, all grown, and a husband . . .


April 27, 1899, Thursday

  • Mrs. Charles Sullivan died at Monroe City. She formerly taught in Monroe City schools and was very popular. About 6 months ago she was married to Charles Sullivan.

  • Miss Lula Davis and Mr. George McIntyre were married at the Victor church on last evening . . .

  • J W Lyon near Florida . . . appearance of a young democrat at his house, which even occurred April 24th. The young man only weighs 8 pounds . . .

May 11, 1899, Thursday

  • Born May 17th 1899 to the wife of William Gilvan, twin girls. Mother and babes doing well.

May 18, 1899, Thursday

  • Born May 16, 1899 to Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Griffith a girl. Mother and babe doing well.

May 25, 1899, Thursday

  • David Yates, an aged citizen of Indian Creek, died last Friday and was buried Sunday. Mr. Yates was about 76 years of age . . .

  • At the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Carter, near Harmony church, occurred the marriage of their daughter Lola to Owen Scobee, son of J. W. Scobee, on the evening of May 28 . . .

June 1, 1899, Thursday

  • Born to the wife of Caleb Scobee, Monday, May 29th a girl.

June 8, 1899, Thursday

  • Joseph C Greening died June 2, 1899 and was buried in the Stoutsville Cemetery, June 4th. <He> was born in KY 76 years ago, to this union was born 7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls, only 2 of who are living, William and T. J. Greening of this neighborhood. Mr. Greening lived on a farm near Hickory Grove for many years . . .

June 15, 1899, Thursday

  • J. M. Brown, father of Dr. Brown, died at his home at Mount Carmel, MO Saturday. Dr. Brown who had been with him since his illness returned home Monday.

June 22, 1899, Thursday

  • Married, at the residence of T. A. Wilson, near Monroe City, by Rev. J. E. Travis, Professor J. A. Bell to Miss Nellie Brown, both of Monroe City . . . Professor Bell is the brother of Dr. W. T. Bell of this city.

  • Last Sunday at M. B. Turner’s residence in Monroe City, at 4 p.m., occurred the marriage of Everett Dooley to Miss Emma Woodson, Rev. O. B. Holliday officiating . . . groom is son of E. K. Dooley . . . bride daughter of Thomas Woodson.

  • Professor W. I. Woodson and Miss Lucy Graves were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Graves of Montgomery City.

  • George Moss who formerly lived with his parents in Stoutsville . . . met a tragic death in New Mexico . . . Relatives in Missouri were notified and J. P. Dooley of Brevier, a brother-in-law brought the remains to Indian Creek where it was interred at the Catholic Cemetery on last Friday . . . Sympathy for the widowed mother and family.

June 29, 1899, Thursday

  • Mrs. J. T. Key, living near Florida, died of heart disease Monday.

  • James Cassidy living a few miles east of Monroe City, was killed by a Burlington train in that city Saturday night.

  • William Bick, aged about 17 years and the son of J. J. Bick, of Clapper, died Sunday from the effects of measles.

  • Mrs. Norton, wife of the venerable Dr. J. J. Norton of Monroe City, died last Saturday and the remains were laid to rest in Monroe City cemetery Monday. Mrs. Norton had been in poor health for a long time and her death was not unexpected.

  • Benjamin A. Spalding, of this city, and Miss Dorothy Hickman, of Monroe City, were united in holy matrimony at the Christian Church in Monroe City yesterday at 2:30 p.m. Rev. M. J. Nicoson of that Church (united them) . . . The bride is a daughter of the late Ben Hickman . . . the groom is a prominent druggist of this city . . .

  • Rev. J. E. Travis, Pastor of the Presbyterian church of this city was married at Louisville, KY to Miss Mary J. Wilson of that city.

  • Mrs. Key aged about 60 years dropped dead Monday June 21. It was supposed to be heart failure.

July 6, 1899, Thursday

  • Born to the wife of William Parist a nine pound boy last week. Also to wife of David Sudsbury a ten pound boy on the fourth. All parties are doing well.

July 13, 1899, Thursday

  • Mr. W. D. West died at his home near Florida Wednesday July 5th.

July 20, 1899, Thursday

  • Joseph Forest, aged 83 years died of old age at the home of Ed Montgomery near Indian Creek Tuesday morning and his remains were interred at Indian Creek yesterday. Mr. Forest came to Missouri in 1817 and has been prominently identified with the history of Monroe county since its formation . . .

  • Born to the wife of Gen Pierceall, July 19 a boy. All are doing well.

  • Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Utterback are elated over the appearance of a little girl at their home. Mother and baby doing well.

  • An infant son of James Anderson of Carlton, MO, died Tuesday night. The body was shipped to this place last night and will be buried today.

  • Born to wife of E. D. Jaynes, July 13th, a girl.

July 27 1899, Thursday

  • Rolla Armstrong says it is the finest boy in the state and his birthdays will number from Saturday, August 23 1899.

  • Mrs. Guss Long presented her husband with a fine boy Sunday and now Guss hardly knows what to do with himself.

  • Robert G Ingersol is dead.

  • Harvey Reynolds, a well known citizen of Florida, died of inflammation of the bowels at his home in that village. Mr. Reynolds was born in Nation county of West Virginia 62 years ago. Married to Miss Elenor Randolph, now deceased, in 1871, of this union 3 children survive. Remains were laid to rest in the Hawkins burying ground.

  • Mr. Harve Reynolds died Monday morning. He has been sick only a short time. His family has our heartfelt sympathy.

Source: Excerpted from multiple Thursday editions of the Stoutsville Banner, from January 5, 1899 to July 27, 1899; generously transcribed and submitted by Darla Henderson.