1890 Special Census for Veterans

Each schedule calls for the following information: name of the veteran (or if he did not survive, the names of both the widow and her deceased husband); the veteran's rank, company, regiment or vessel, date of enlistment, date of discharge, and length of service in years, months, and days; post office and address of each person listed; disability incurred by the veteran; and remarks necessary to a complete statement of his term of service.

Veteran's Surname Given Name Name of Relative Home in 1890 Rank When Served Remarks
ADAMS J.W.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1862 Served 2 months
ADAMS Thomas   Paris Private 1861-1865 1st Arkansas Bn. Served 4y 6 d
AKERS William J.   Holliday Private 1865-1865 Co. B, 3d VA Bn. Served 3 mo.
ALDERSON Frances M.   Union      
ALEXANDER Joshaway C.   Tulip Private 1863-1865 Co. A, 3rd MO Infantry served 1y 10m
ALLEN Charles J.   Goss Private 1864-1865 Co. A, 3rd MO Infantry served 9m
ALLEN Charles O.   Goss Private 1862-1864 Co A, EMM, served 2y 1m
ALLISON James   Strother Private 1865-1865 15th ILL Inf., served 1m 2d, "measles settled in eyes"
ANDERSON Evan S.   Tulip Private 1861-1865 Co. C, 3rd MO Cavalry, served 4 yrs.
ARNOLD Daniel B.   Middle Grove Private 1863-1865 Co. C, 18 MO Inf., served 2y 11m
ATTERBURY James   Madison Private 1863-1865  
BALL James F.   Paris Private 1862-1865 "Pennel's Sharp Shooters", served 2y 11m
BALZER George   Monroe City Private 1861-1864 Co. A, 27th Ill Inf., served 3y 1m
BARKER Isaac L.   Shelbina Sergeant 1861-1863 Co. F, 58th Ind. Inf., served 1y 3m "heart disease"
BARNACASTLE George   Paris Private 1861-1864 Co C 3rd MO Cav, served 3y 2m
BARNEY John Carey   Paris Musician 1862-1865 Co D, 77th Ill Inf., served 3y 1m
BARRY John B. Hester Barry Granville Private   Papers in Howard Co, MO, shot thigh and collar bone broken
BEARDEN Daniel   Monroe City Private 1861-1864 MO Mil. Inf., Promoted to 2nd LT. Mar 15 1862, to Capt. Jan 26 1864
BERRY Robert G.   Welch Private 1862-1865 Co C, 32nd MO Cav. Served 3 yrs
BIGLER Henry H.   Ash Private 1864-1866 Co., G, 13th MO Cavalry served 1y 11m 5d
BINEY William   Paris Private 1862-1863 Co K, 36th OH Inf., served 1y 9m 10d
BISHOP Benjamin C.   Monroe City Private 1864-1865 Co F, 39th MO Inf., served 6m 13d
BLACK Leroy   Monroe City Laborer 1861-1865 Co I, MO Eng., served 3y 10m 11d
BLADES Joseph   Paris Private 1862-1864 served 2y 1m, discharge papers lost
BLOODWORTH Peter Sarah E. Bloodworth Madison Private 1864-1865 Co T, 36th Ill Inf, served 11m 25d
BOATNER Henry H.   Paris Private 1862-1865 5th WA Artillery, served 3y 1m
BODINE John M.   Paris Private 1863-1864 Co A, MO Vol., served 7 mo
BOHRER John   Monroe City Private 1864-1865 3RD ? Inf.
BOTKIN G.   Woodlawn Private 1864-1865 Co A, 9th MO Cav, served 8 mo
BOULER Henry H.   Strother     papers in hands of pension agent
BOULWARE Joseph C.   Madison Private 1864-1865 Co D, 7th MO Inf., served 1 yr
BOURN John W.   Paris Private 1864-1864 Co T, MO Vol, served 2 mo
BOWLING J.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1862 "under Porter", served 10 days
BOZARTH Thomas   Long Branch Corporal 1864-1865 Co K, 39th MO Vol. Infantry, served 11m, back hurt, & Scurvy
BRIGHT James M.   Strother Private 1863-1864 Co C, served 5 mo
BRISCOE Thomas H.   South Fork Private 1861-1864 Co G, 30th MO Cav, served 3y 8m 5d, chronic Diarrhea
BROOM George C.   Madison Private 1864-1865 Co D, 1st MO Cav, served 10 mo
BROPART Frederick   Monroe City Private 1865-1865 190th OH Inf, serverd 6m 11d
BROUHAM Henry F.   Middle Grove Assistant Quartermaster 1862-1864 Co A, 70th MO Cav, served 2 yrs
BROWN Robert   Tulip Private 1846-1847 Co A, 1st MO Cav, served 1 yr
BROWN Royal C.   Monroe City Private 1862-1863 Co G, 14th VT Inf, served 10m 22d
BROWN William T.   Tulip Private 1861-1865 Co C, Mo CAV, served 4 yrs
BRUER William   Florida Private 1865 Co B, 69th IND Inf,
BRYAN J. A.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1862 served 5 mo
BUCKNER Eli P.   Madison Private 1864-1865 Co C, 1st VA Cav, served 1 yr
BURDITT Henry F.   Monroe City Private   14th MO Militia, served 3 mo
BURNWORTH Solen C.   Madison Private 1862-1863 Co E, 169th PA Inf. Served 10m 11d, "colic, bronchitus"
BUTLER William J.   Madison Private 1862-1865 184th Ill Inf., served 3 yrs
CAMPBELL Hamilton   Paris Private 1864-1865 alias Hamilton McKamey, Co D, 46th US Col. Inf, served 1y 5d, "chronic rheumatism"
CAPLINGER Andrew J.   Paris Corporal 1865-1866 Co K, 39th MO Inf, served 8m 11d, chronic rheumatism, discharged on account of disability
CARRICO John R.   Monroe     Monroe Township
CARTER James H.   Tulip Sergeant 1861-1863 Co G, 7th KY Inf, served 2 yrs
CATHIE Abraham Emeline Monroe City Private   Co L, 4th MO volunteers, served 2y 11m 5d, died in the service
CHOWNING James R.   Madison Private 1861-1865 MO Battalion, served 4 yrs
CISSELL John H.   Paris Private 1861-1864 Co B, 10th KY Inf. Served 3y 1m 24d
CLARK Absalom C.   Evansville Private 1862-1863 Co G, 79th ILL Inf, served 1y 1d
CLAWSON Andrew E.   Jefferson City     U. S. Soldier
CLUSKEY Fred   Lakenan Sergeant 1863-1865 Co F, 115th OH Inf. Served 2 yrs
COCHLIN Joseph   Monroe City Private 1864-1865 Co M, 3rd PA Cav, served 1y 1m 23d
COLE Samuel H. Nancy J. Cole Middle Grove Private 1862-1863 Co D, 93rd IND Inf., served 7m 26d
COMBS Pembroke   Strother Private 1865-1865 unorganized unit, served 4 mo
COMBS Thadius W.   South Fork Private 1861-1865 Co B, 27th ILL Inf., served 4y 1m 9d, wound in foot
CONRAD Jacob   Stoutsville Private 1864-1865 Co B, 206th PA Vol.,
COOPER Francis   Jackson Private 1862-1862 Co A, 1st MO State Guards, served 6 mo
COOPER Nathan   Paris Corporal 1861-1866 7th MO Inf., served 4y 8m 9d, cons. Of left eye
COOPERIDER George W.   Long Branch Commissary 1863-1865 Co A, 9th MO Militia, served 2y 3m 8d
COURTNEY Thomas L.   Monroe City Corporal 1861-1865 Co A, 53 rd ILL Inf., sprin resulting in enlargement of knee, not able to perform much work
CRAFTS John   Shelbina Private 1862-1865 Co H, 9th OH Inf., served 3y 4m, in prison 18 mo, flesh wound in side
CRAWFORD Jere   Marion     Marion Township
CREASON Owen   Hunnewell Corporal 1864-1865 Co G, 5th ILL Cav.,served 1y 9m 27d
CREWS Yancey E.   Middle Grove Private 1863-1865 Co A, 2nd Mo Inf, served 10 m
CUMMINGS Charles   Tulip Private 1864-1865 Co D, 7th MO Inf, served 10 m
CUNY J. R.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1865 Co C, 10th MO served 2y 6m
CUNY T. B.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1865 Co F, 32nd IA Cav, served 2y 9m 6d
CURRY John R.   Granville Private 1861-1862 Co B, 10th MO Inf served 1 yr
CURTRIGHT Jackson   Paris Private 1864-1865 Co D, 46th U.S. Col. Infantry served 1 yr
DARNELL James   Paris Corporal 1861-1865 Co C, 14th WV Vol. served 3y 10 m 21d
DARST Martin   Madison Private 1861-1864 Co D, 76th OH Inf., served 3y 9d
DAVIDSON Pawel W.   Tulip Private 1865-1865  
DAVIS Daniel M.   Paris Sergeant 1861-1865 Co K 77th Ill. Inf. Served 3y 1m
DAVIS Joseph L.   Tulip Private 1861-1865 Co G, 8th MO Cav, served 4yrs
DENISON   Mahala A. Denison Welch     discharge is lost
DODD Eli   Madison Private 1862-1865 Co B, 22nd MO Inf., served 2y 10m 22d
DONALDSON James O.   Rowena K 1861-1865 1st Co. Volunteers, Cavalry, served 4y 1m
DRY Elsey   Preston Private 1864-1865 Co D, 3rd MO Cav., served 10 mo
DULIN Samuel Mary Dulin Madison Private 1864-1865 Co #, 8th IA Inf. Served 10 mo
DURBIN B. J.   Woodlawn Private 1865-1866 widow of U.S. soldier
DUSENDSCHON Casper M.   Florida Corporal 1861-1864 Co D, 8th, served 2y 5m 18d
EBERT William   Holliday Private 1865-1865 Co D, 16th Ill Vol., served 5y 4d
EDWARDS Abraham   Paris Private 1862-1866  
EDWARDS Roe   Paris Private 1861-1862  
EICHOR James A.   Holliday Private 1862-1863  
EICHOR Smith D.   Welch Sergeant 1863-1865  
ELSBERRY James W.   Madison Private 1861-1865  
ELSBERRY Theodore D.   Madison Private 1864-1865  
ENGLE George W.   Indian Creek Corporal 1864-1864  
ENOCHS James S.   Santa Fe Private 1864-1865  
EVANS Covalla   Middle Grove Private 1864-1865 Co D, 10th MO Inf. Served 9 mo
EVANS Thomas   Indian Creek Private 1864-1865  
FAIRBAIRN John M.   Santa Fe Private    
FAIRBAIRN William F.   Santa Fe Corporal    
FENNELL William J.   Holliday Private 1864  
FERGUSON Andrew   Granville Private 1864-1865  
FINCH Lorenza D.   Monroe Steward 1862-1865  
FINCHER Richard   Clay Private 1861-1862  
FISHER Amos   Clay Private 1863-1865  
FORD Samuel M.   Preston Private 1861-1865  
FORD William J.   Jefferson Private 1864-1865  
FOREMAN Peter E.   Jackson Private 1862-1865  
FOREST Isaac F.   Marion Private 1864-1865  
FORMAN James M.   Preston Private 1864-1865  
FRAKES Robert   Jackson      
FREEMAN Robert   Jackson Private 1863-1864  
FULDS Henry   Jackson Captain 1862-1862  
GABBERT Alfred P. Eliza A. Gabbert Jackson Private 1862-1865  
GALBRETH Robert P.   Union      
GARSELL John   Preston Private 1864-1865  
GIDDINGS William B.   Preston Private 1861-1865  
GILMORE W. M.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1865  
GLASPY John A.   Preston Private 1861-1865  
GRANT John A.   Preston Private 1864-1865  
GREEN Leonard   Indian Creek Private 1864  
GREENMAN Dewitt C.   Paris Private 1862-1863  
GROVE John R.   Jackson Private 1866-1867  
GROVES Frank   Jefferson      
GROVES James M.   Jefferson      
GUYN Joseph W.   Marion Lieutenant 1862  
HALES Philip   Paris Musician 1864-1864  
HALES Thomas P.   Paris Orderly sargent 1861-1864  
HALEY Jonas B.   Union Private 1861-1865  
HALL Bazil   Marion Private 1862-1865  
HALLOCK Samuel H. Dora L. Hallock Monroe City Private 1862-1865  
HANLEY William   Jackson Private 1862-1863  
HARDESTY Edward   Monroe City Private    
HARDING Benjamin J.   Monroe City Captain 1862-1864  
HARSTON James   Clay Private 1862-1865  
HART William J.   Paris Sergeant 1864-1866  
HARTMAN Charles H.   Marion Private 1861-1862  
HARTMAN John C.   Monroe City Private 1865-1865  
HASCALL James H.   Washington Private 1864-1865  
HATCH William A.   Monroe City Major 1861-1865  
HAYDEN Christopher G.   Indian Creek Private 1863-1863  
HAYDEN James Margaret Hayden Paris Private    
HAYES Wash   Marion Private    
HAYS Dewitt C.   Clay Private 1861-1866  
HAYS John P.   Indian Creek Private 1864-1865  
HAYS Robert Margaret A. Hays Clay Private 1861-1862  
HEATHMAN J. J.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1862  
HEATHMAN S. E.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1862  
HENDRICKS W. P.   Woodlawn Private 1860-1861  
HENDRON H.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1863  
HERSMAN Joseph   Marion Corporal 1862-1865  
HILL R. M.   Woodlawn Private 1864-1865  
HOLBROOK John W.   South Fork Private 1862-1863  
HOLBROOK John W.   South Fork Private 1863-1864  
HOUSET Larance   Jackson Private 1862-1865  
HOWELL William   Marion Private 1862-1865  
HUFF James P. Minerva D. Jackson Private 1862-1865  
HUME David R.   Washington First Lieutenant 1861-1862  
HUMPHREY James M.   Indian Creek Private 1861-1865  
IVY Smithie S.   Preston Private 1864-1865  
JACOBS John   Marion Private 1861-1865  
JENNINGS B. F.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1865  
JENNINGS E.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1863  
JOHNSON William D.   South Fork      
JOLLY Joseph   Union Private 1864-1865  
JONES Allen   Washington Private 1862-1865 Co. H, 1st MO Infantry, served 2y 9m 18d
JONES John   Jackson Private 1862-1864  
KEELTY William   Marion Corporal 1861-1865  
KELLY Francis   Indian Creek Private 1863-1864  
KENNELLY Thomas D.   Clay Private 1863-1864  
KERNER G. W.   Woodlawn Private 1861-1861  
KING Nathan M.   Marion Private 1861-1862  
KINNER W.J.S.   Woodlawn Private 1861-1865  
KINSEY Oliver S.   Washington Private 1862-1865  
KIRKENDOLL James   Union Private 1864-1865 Co K, 62nd Ill. Inf., served 1y 5m
KNOTT John P.   Monroe City Private 1864-1865 Co F, 49th OH Inf, served 1y 8m 22d
KURTZ William H.   Madison Corporal 1861-1865 Co E, 27th KY Inf, served 3y 6m 20d
LACHMAN J. W.   Duncan's Bridge Private 1862-1862  
LANE Larkin   Ash Corporal 1862-1865  
LEGRANT W. R.   Woodlawn Private 1861-1861  
LOCK William   Duncan's Bridge Private 1863-1865  
LOKEY J. T.   Duncan's Bridge First Lieutenant 1862-1865  
LONG Albert B.   Paris      
LUDLAM Alma R.   Stoutsville Private 1861-1864  
LUTTRUL Archibald   Jackson      
MADDON J. M.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1862  
MASON William C.   Tulip Private 1862-1865  
MASSEY N. H.   Long Branch Corporal 1862-1865  
MAUPIN H. H.   Woodlawn Private 1860-1865  
MAUPIN Pete   Duncan's Bridge Private 1864-1866  
MAUPIN W. H.   Woodlawn Private 1864-1865  
MAXWELL John   Strother Private 1861-1864  
MCDERMOTT William P.   Monroe City Private 1864-1865 3rd IA Inf. Served 1y 6m, wounded at Prairie Creek, AR, malarial fever
MCGEE James W.   Holliday Private 1863-1864  
MCGEE William R.   Paris Private 1864-1865  
MCGILL John Emily Ann McGill Stoutsville Private 1862-1865  
MCKAMEY Hamilton   Paris Private 1864-1865  
MCKINNEY Charles   Madison Private 1864-1865  
MCKINNEY James W.   Preston Private 1861-1863  
MCKINNIE Charles A.   Clay Sergeant 1861-1865  
MCMANAMAY Thomas B.   Preston Private 1862-1865  
MCMURPHY David R.   Paris Corporal 1861-1864  
MEFFORD Napoleon B.   Monroe City Private 1862-1863  
MEFFORD Napoleon B.   Monroe City Private 1864-1865  
MEGOWN Robert K.   Monroe City Private 1862-1862  
MEGOWN Samuel   Monroe City Private 1861-1862  
MIDDLETON James   Clay Private 1862-1862  
MILES Thomas J.   Indian Creek Corporal 1863-1863  
MILLER Solomon W.   Marion Corporal 1862-1865  
MINOR James Martha Minor Paris Corporal    
MITCHEL John   Marion Private 1861-1863  
MITCHELL G. C.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1866  
MODEST Ben Julia Modest Jackson Private 1864  
MORANDO William H. Rowena S. Morando South Fork Private    
MOSS Martha A.   Monroe City      
NEAL George W.   Union Private 1864-1865  
OLDS Almon H.   Monroe City Private 1864-1865  
OVERFELT W. S.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1862  
OVERMAN Charles   Monroe City Private 1862-1865  
OVERSTREET Andrew Susan M. Overstreet Marion Private 1861-1865  
PALMER Jackson   Paris Corporal 1864-1866  
PARIS Wrinza Margaret Paris Jefferson Private 1864-1865  
PAST William   Jackson Private 1862-1865  
PATON Johnson   Marion Private 1861-1865  
PELSUE Orris W.   Paris Blacksmith 1862-1864  
PENNINGTON John M.   Jackson Private    
PIERCE Jameson   Clay Private 1861-1863  
PIERCEALL John D.   Indian Creek Private 1862-1862  
PIKE William J.   Indian Creek Corporal    
POAGE Levi Roy Levi Roy Paris Corporal 1864-1867  
POOR Nathaniel   Jackson Private 1862-1865  
POTTER Henry C.   Woodlawn Private 1861-1865  
PREWITT George W.   Jefferson Private 1861-1861  
PRYNE Bennet A. Mollie B. Pryne Paris Private 1862-1865  
RAIL John   Marion Private 1864-1865  
RAINES James W.   Jefferson Private 1862-1865  
RAMSEY George   Jefferson Private 1865-1865  
REARDEN Daniel   Monroe City Private 1861  
REED Harrison   Jackson Cook 1864-1865  
REED James J.   Jefferson Sergeant 1862-1863  
REMINGTON Elram B.   Preston Private 1862-1865  
RENO Thomas   Jackson Private 1864-1865  
REYNOLDS Harve   Jefferson Lieutenant 1861-1865  
RICE Marshal   Marion Private 1861-1865  
RICE Thomas C.   Monroe City Private 1864-1865  
RIGSBY J. G.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1864  
ROBERTS Eli E.   Monroe City Private 1864  
ROBERTS Joshua   Jackson Private 1865-1865  
RODGERS John P.   Clay Private 1865-1868  
ROOP John C.   Clay Private 1862-1862  
ROSE Frederick   Paris Private 1862-1865  
ROUSE Harwood   Jefferson Private 1864-1864  
ROY Elizah   Clay Private 1861-1865  
RUBEN Miles   Marion Private 1862-1863  
RUBSION William W. Elizabeth Rubison Monroe City Private    
SANDERS Nathaniel Maria Sanders Paris Corporal 1864-1865  
SCHAMBACH Herman Harriette Schambach South Fork Private 1862-1865  
SCOTT Julius L.   Marion      
SEBASTIAN Thomas H.   Clay Private 1861-1864  
SEBASTIAN William   Clay Private 1861-1864  
SECOY Henry   Jackson Private 1865-1868  
SELF John R.   Washington Second Lieutenant 1864-1865  
SEWARD Stephen W.   Indian Creek Sergeant 1864-1865  
SEWELL Thomas H. Belton   Jackson Private 1862-1865  
SHACKLEFORD James   Monroe City Private    
SHADWICK William   Monroe City Private 1862-1865  
SHALL Washington   Marion Private 1862-1864  
SHELTON John D.   Jefferson Private 1863-1865  
SHROEDER John O.   Jackson      
SHRYOCK Samuel S.   Preston Private 1862-1865  
SIDNER N. J.   Woodlawn Private 1864-1865  
SIMMS William   Jackson Private    
SIMS Henry C.   Jefferson Private 1862-1863  
SKEES James J.   Indian Creek Private 1864-1865  
SLADEK Henry   Paris First Lieutenant 1861-1865  
SMITH Richard   Marion Private 1862-1865 alias J. B. Lunsford, Co G, "3 90 Cav" or "3 OH CAV", served 3y 1m 8d, "ruptured bowels", right hand crippled"
SURRY John R.   Clay Private 1861-1862  
SWINDLE William W.   Marion Private 1864-1865  
SYKES Joseph   Monroe Private 1864-1865 Co K, 8th TN Cav., served 1 yr "bleeding piles, permanently disabled at time.
TABLER John C.   Marion Private 1862-1863  
TACKERT Alexander   Marion Private 1862-1863  
TAYLOR Burton   Woodlawn Private 1864-1865 served 3 mo
TAYLOR William   Paris 3d sargaent 1863-1866  
THOMAS Robert E.   Marion Private 1862-1865  
THOMPSON Mathew   Marion Private 1864-1865  
THOMPSON Samuel W.   Jefferson Private 1861-1864  
TODD Benjamin   Marion Private 1864-1865  
TURMAN Robert   Goss Private 1863-1864 Co. A, 1st MO State Guards, served 6m
TURNER J. N.   Woodlawn Private 1861-1865 Co. #, "PM's Bat.", served 4yrs
TUTT William   Paris 3d sargaent 1863-1866 Co. K, 56th Col. US Infantry, served 3 yrs, "malarial poison of stomach"
TYLER William M.   Union Private 1862-1865 Co., F 9th MO Cav., served 3y 4d
UMSTADDT Michael B.   Monroe Private 1861-1864 3rd Mo Cav., served 3y 8d, "Chronic diarrhea"
UPLINGER John   Jefferson Private 1862-1865 Co B, 139th PA Vol. Inf., "gunshot wound left limb, palp. Of heart, liver and kidney disease:
VANGLAHN William C.   Monroe Private 1864-1865 Co., E, 28th ILL Inf., served 1yr
VAUGHN Carry F.   Jackson Private 1864-1864 "Pennel's Sharp Shooters", served 8m 2d
VINCENT Bishop M.   Jefferson Private 1861-1866 Co C, 28th Inf
VINCENT E. G.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1865 Co., F, 2nd MO Cav., served 3 yrs
VINCENT John S.   Woodlawn     "U. Sol."
VINCENT T. E.   Woodlawn Private 1861-1865 Co J, 22nd MO Inf. Served 3y 6m 12d
VINCENT William   Paris Private 1862-1865 Co., A, 1st OH Cav, served 2y 8m 4d
WADE Henry   Marion Private 1861-1865 Co. B, 1st MO Artillery, served 4 yrs.
WAGNER George D.   Paris Private 1861-1865 Co B, 1st MD P.H.B. Inf., "Chronic diarrhea," "Re-enlisted veteran"
WALKER J. W.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1862 Co. H, 11th MO, served 6 mo
WALKER W. H.   Woodlawn Private 1862-1862 "Pondexter, Gen" served 4 mo
WALLER George W.   Marion Private 1863-1865 Co G, 6th MO Inf, served 2 yrs, "left thigh broken-crippled for life"
WALTERS Jacob S.   Jefferson Sergeant 1861-1865 Co L, 17th Ill Vol Inf., reenlisted as SGT, CoE, 8th ILL Vol Inf. "no disability whatsover"
WASHINGTON George   Jackson Private 1863-1865 Co B, 23rd Ill
WAUGH Charles R. Sarah Waugh South Fork Private 1861-1865 Co. H, 10th ILL Cav., served 2y 2m 3d, "constrictive consumption"
WEATHERSPOON John L.   Ash Private 1862-1865 Co G 3rd KY Cav., served 3 yrs, "rheumatism"
WEDDING W. W.   Duncan's Bridge Private 1863-1864 "J.B. Clark's Regt.", served 1 yr.
WEEDEN Sherwood T.   Shelbina Private 1864-1866 Co. H, 12th MO Cav., served 2y 26d, "gunshot in hip and arm"
WESTHOFF Frances W.   Monroe City Private 1862-1864 Co. E, 38th MO Inf.
WESTRY John B.   Monroe City Private   Missouri Militia
WHITE Joseph S.   Paris Private 1863-1865 Co C, 88th NY Vol., "discharge lost"
WHITE Samuel   Madison Private 1861-1865 served 4 yrs
WHITE William   Paris Private 1864-1865 "Pennel's Sharp Shooters", served 10m
WHITTAKER Amos   Jackson     "Sol."
WILLIAMS Murphy Mary A. William Jackson Sergeant    
WILLIAMS William   Jackson Private 1863-1863  
WINGATE H. J.   Woodlawn Private 1864-1865 Co., A, 9th MO Cav, served 3y 5m
WITHERUP Alexander   Monroe Private 1864-1865 Co. K, 4th PA Cav., served 9m 18d, "shot in right shoulder"
WITHERUP John   Monroe      
WOLFF Phillip   Marion Private 1863-1865 Co. A, 1st MO Inf., served 2 years
WOOD C. H.   Woodlawn Private 1863-1864 "Under Pondexter", served i6m
WOOD Winfield S.   South Fork Second Lieutenant 1862-1865 Co. F, 9th MO Militia Cav., served 3y 1m 4d
WOODS Jack   Marion Private 1862-1865 Co. E, served 3 yrs
WOODS James A.   Jackson Corporal 1862-1865 13th West Virginia Vol.
WOODS William   Marion Private 1863-1865 Co. F, 46th KS Inf, served 1y 1m 15d
WOODYARD Lewis D. Phoebe Woodyard Jefferson Private 1864-1865 West Virginia Regt.
YAGER Nicholas James   Jefferson Private   Co., A& B, 70th MO ?, "crippled in left ankle by fall of horse"