1878-1879 County Events

There were 121 pupils enrolled in the public school for the 1878-79 term.

Miss Lillie Jones and John J. Rogers were married in St. Jude’s Episcopal Church Sept. 12, 1878. The ceremony was Performed by the Rev. H. B. Scheetz. 

Miss Mattie E. Pierceall and Samuel C. Fields were married Sept.14, 1886.

Miss Alice Rubison and Dr. James Hendricks were married Sept. 14, 1886.

The Rev. W.W. Laughlin was teaching Warren School for the 1887-88 term. Capital stock totaling $25,000 had been subscribed for a new bank in Monroe City. C.P. Mccarty was slated to be president and W.R.P. Jackson, cashier.